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Leo Laporte blames all crime on Blacks and Hispanics

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Leo Laporte has made an illustrious career of being a subtle and not-so-subtle racist from the time he couldn’t tell asians apart to the time he said all black people looked the same.

There was also that time he used a racist slur to describe Florence Ion (@Ohthatflo), not just once but twice. If there was a special league for racists, Leo Laporte would be batting a thousand and be the team MVP by now.

Petaluma demographics/crime piechart (2016 data)

But Leo Laporte isn’t happy with merely being the top racist in Petaluma (where he moved to to escape minorities) he clearly has bigger aspirations. On this past Sunday’s This Week in Tech Leo Laporte decided to show his further disdain for blacks and hispanics.

Leo Laporte seen here building energy so he can spew racist remarks.

When given the opportunity to explain why Japan has a low crime rate, he surmised it might be related to its homogeneous population and history of public shaming. An intelligent racist would have stopped there. What came from his diseased mouth next was completely disgusting, but it came as no shock to regular viewers of this network.

We’ll give Leo Laporte the benefit of the doubt that he simply “forgot” to mention that white people also commit crimes. Yeas™Leo Laporte is definitely not a racist /s.

Thank you to the user thoughtpolyp who notified us about this incident in the comment section of our last article #fistbump. If you see anything newsworthy please (1) visit our chat room, or (2) leave an anonymous comment below, or (3) submit a tip by clicking on “Feedback & Tips” to the right.

Leo Laporte Marks Charlottesville Tragedy With His Own Racism

Did Leo Laporte just find out Daily Stormer is only accessible on the Dark Web?

Leo Laporte has a long and storied history of casually racist statements on the air. He once said “they all look alike” and said “nigras” while sitting next to a black man — who he later fired and cancelled his show.

He called Flo a gypsy not once, but twice.

And then we come to his most recent, egregious example of racism. He used a photo of another random Asian woman to represent Katie Benner — who is not a fan of NatureBox — a woman he supposedly knows well, for the duration of a show.

Despite trying to walk back Megan Morrone’s casual racism, he continues to dig his own deeper, racist holes.

Leo Laporte literally cannot tell non-white people apart.

The latest example is Leo Laporte trying to dig himself out of a hole, live on The Tech Guy radio show, broadcast to an ever-shrinking live radio audience, subjected now to his casual racism. Nathan tries to save him repeatedly, but he won’t stop talking.

These two legendary artists are not actually twins.

We find it incredibly painful that Leo Laporte can’t even keep his racism under control after the events of this past weekend in Charlottesville. Disgusting.

TWiT can no longer claim to be “family-friendly”

We must apologize. We recently learned many of our readers are intellectually challenged and are unable to distinguish the satirical articles (such as this one) from the news articles. We apologize for the contents of the comments on this article due to their disability.

TWiT can no longer claim to be “family-friendly” after a German guest, Rolf Claessen, appeared on the August 21 edition of “This Week in Law” with the absolutely, horrendously inappropriate plug for his website: ipfridays.com.

He Pees Fridays
He Pees Fridays

One can only imagine what must have been going through Rolf’s head when he declared it OK to have the TWiT staff type that website in under his name. The editorial board at TotalDrama is questioning their judgment when children are watching in the middle of the day.

We can only hope that this was allowed to happen because regular host and wig-wearing weirdo Denise Howell wasn’t there to crack the whip. She skipped this episode and thank God she did. “I Pee Fridays” is so far out in the field as to be laughable if it weren’t so obscene. Maybe there should indeed be the “right to be forgotten” because by unanimous vote of the editorial board at TotalDrama, we wish we could forget “I Pee Friday” and flush this entire TWiT enterprise down the shitter.

Leo Laporte drags Megan Morrone into his vile world

Tech commentator and shitty-looking blog owner Leo Laporte—long known for being a vile and disgusting pig who regularly sexually harasses his employees—has taken his lecherous ways to a whole new level.

Laporte, a formerly-beloved tech talker now resorts to spreading the verbal equivalent of his legs and proceeds to squat right on the head of mother of three Megan Morrone during a recent taping of “iOS Today.” Morrone does her best to hide her shame with a forced laugh and a somewhat clever misdirection. But the video doesn’t lie.

Leo’s “I get penetrated, sometimes daily” joke falls like a dirty brick in her lap and there’s nothing she can do but play along. One can only imagine that she needs the money, otherwise why would a decent mother of three young children sit there and take this abuse from an old man?

Leo Laporte Humiliated His Segway Delivery Man On-Air

Human wastebucket, Leo Laporte, used his troll show he co-hosts with King Troll Jeff Jarvis, This Week in Google, as a platform to absolutely humiliate an innocent person on-air whose crime was to deliver his two fatty scooters to CeHO at his mansion on Wednesday. CeHO took delight in surreptitiously taking a photo of the delivery man’s ass-crack and then sent it to #Soup who was on the air and declared the man’s naked buttocks “fair game” for all to see. #Soup even used the poor man’s anal region in the show title.

El Gordo
El Gordo
Not much else to say on this one except watch the video below. Leo Laporte crowed today about riding them to work. Leo’s house is 2.2 miles away (driving distance) from the TWiT studio, and a 15 minute bike ride. It’s intensely disgusting and disappointing how far Leo has fallen since the respectable (minus the alleged sexual harassment) TechTV days.

Visit us in our live chat room during The Tech Guy and The New Screen Savers to discuss this and other moral failings of Leo Laporte.

Watch Leo Laporte Grill Cali Lewis on Her Underage Relationship

This pleases him.
This pleases him.
Leo Laporte crossed an ethical and moral boundary on “Triangulation” as he grilled Cali Lewis on her underage relationship with a man she met when she was 12.

Live viewers were treated to a veritable horror show as the lecherous Laporte dragged the story out of Cali, now known as Luria Petrucci. Luria appeared visibly uncomfortable and laughed nervously as Laporte teased the details of her underage seduction by a man 10 years her senior.

Triangulation iTunes Information: Suitable for very young children.
“Triangulation” iTunes Information: Suitable for very young children.

As a network, TWiT has trumpeted for years its “family-friendly” nature. A keen observer alerted us that the RSS tags for the show indicated that the show was indeed safe for children, but we don’t know of any mother in the country that would be happy to have her child hear the lurid details that Laporte practically demanded that Luria divulge.

TWiT’s “Triangulation” is hosted solely by Leo Laporte, THEEEEEEEEE tech guy, and the show’s page describes it this way:

“Every week Leo talks to the smartest people in the world about the most important topics in technology.”

Poor Luria.
Poor Luria.
Watch his perverted glee below when delving into what is certainly not a technology topic, after being given multiple chances to stop. Our thoughts are with Luria and her family, and we are very sorry Leo Laporte treated her this way.

Get Ready for Dick!

Update: Chad has stated unequivocally now that not a dime from the Patreon campaign goes to Soup or CeHO. Click here to read more.

Rest in peace, idealistic Chad.
Rest in peace, idealistic Chad.
Giz Wiz is gone from TWiT. That much we all know. Some readers may not know the back story. We are here to inform the masses.

Famed soup-slurper Leo Laporte used to employ Chad full-time as a TD and host of various shows. He first axed Chad’s shows and then later spun this as a good thing. #Soup just loooooooooooooooooooooooooves Chad.

They loooooooove Chad.
They loooooooove Chad.
Chad, much like Erik (peace be upon him), couldn’t really grasp the concept being fired, and still stuck around for the pittance that #Soup offered him weekly for the Giz Wiz. Having lost his job, Chad had little choice, so for this, we cannot blame him, and we still supported him. We knew he was on the way way out; that’s the way Leo operates. Leo never outright fires anyone. He prefers to cut off most of their money in an attempt to make them quit on their own and he hopes no one will notice the cause and call him on it (chat mods are there to enforce the silence). See: JRY, Snubs, Erik, Chad, etc.

The very insightful Richard Yes found the evidence and brought to light the fact that the cancellation of The Giz Wiz was imminent. Unfortunately, we were correct, but Leo Laporte couldn’t even be a man and tell Chad and Dick they were fired. Leo gave Chad and Dick the cold shoulder until after the Sunday TWiT when he announced The New Screen Savers. This was news to Dick and Chad. They found out via a phone call after he publicly announced it to everyone.

#Soup, never one to outright fire anyone, pushed them onto Patreon, since he saw that worked well to get rid of Chad once before.

For continuing coverage of the situation, also read SavingTWiT.org’s coverage of the matter.

We wish Chad well, but we will not give one single dime to him until he explicitly states that #Soup and TWiT get no money from the Patreon operation. This is very concerning to us, because Leo said he is giving technical assistance to the fledgling podcast. We encourage Chad to clarify this matter as soon as possible in order to release the contributions from the Total Drama faithful. See the latest post regarding this matter where Chad clarifies that #Soup gets no money from this Patreon campaign.

Can You Care a Little Bit?

This shot scream, "I don't give a shit"
This shot screams, “I don’t give a shit!”

Jesus Christ, could you straighten the shot out, the table is completely crooked. Nothing is centered and everything looks ridiculous. It appears as if no one even moved the screens to even them out, one is behind the table and the other is floating outside the table. I get it, it’s about the content but could you please put in minimal effort?  My mom would yell at me in high school if I left my room like that.
It’s not like the staff was rushed:

For a list of other optical illusions, click here

And why do you need two coffee cups?