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Leo Laporte Deliberately Destroys Brand New $850 Phone and Cracks a Gay Joke

He really doesn't give a shit.
Who the fuck cares? I’ve got 5 more coming tomorrow.
Leo Laporte knew about the Ars Technica story explaining that if you put your stylus in backward it will get stuck and permanently damage the phone upon removal.

He did it anyway. Big surprise right? He doesn’t give a shit because he has 6 phones on 3 carriers and CeHO “makes him” buy all the new phones. We think he destroyed an $850 phone for humor’s sake, and he says he is going to try to make AT&T replace it for him for free.

This is a man who made Chad “OMGchad” Johson drive to the studio, prepare for Giz Wiz, and perform the show, all for a meager $250 weekly. Luckily, Chad is still an off-site producer.

Castro District, an icon for the gay community, and subject of ridicule for bigot Leo Laporte.
Castro District, an icon for the gay community, and subject of ridicule for bigot Leo Laporte.
As an added bonus, the piece of shit cracks a very insensitive gay joke. It’s in the video at the top, but a shorter video is below to make sharing this particular gem easier. He says that the pen sticking out of the bottom of his phone is like “the emergency room in the Castro district“.

We’re not sure that MacBreak Weekly is the best place to joke about gay people going to the emergency room to have things removed from their anuses, but maybe Total Drama is alone in that perception.

Castro photo courtesy Franco Folini on Flickr.

Leo Laporte Treated Jolie O’Dell as a Sexual Object

Leo can't help himself, even with works of art.
Leo can’t help himself, even with works of art.
This Sunday’s TWiT was the scene of an incredible display of how Leo Laporte feels women are beneath him. Most people would be ashamed if they acted this way when they were drunk.

But Leo Laporte wasn’t drunk; he was sober. He gawked and whistled at Jolie O’Dell, a reporter who happens to be a woman. This fact alone targeted her for his chauvinistic glances and glares. It allowed him to go after her with a sexual fervor unseen in the workplace since the 50s and 60s.

There’s not much more to say. Watch this video and come discuss it with us in our live chat.

Watch Leo Laporte Grill Cali Lewis on Her Underage Relationship

This pleases him.
This pleases him.
Leo Laporte crossed an ethical and moral boundary on “Triangulation” as he grilled Cali Lewis on her underage relationship with a man she met when she was 12.

Live viewers were treated to a veritable horror show as the lecherous Laporte dragged the story out of Cali, now known as Luria Petrucci. Luria appeared visibly uncomfortable and laughed nervously as Laporte teased the details of her underage seduction by a man 10 years her senior.

Triangulation iTunes Information: Suitable for very young children.
“Triangulation” iTunes Information: Suitable for very young children.

As a network, TWiT has trumpeted for years its “family-friendly” nature. A keen observer alerted us that the RSS tags for the show indicated that the show was indeed safe for children, but we don’t know of any mother in the country that would be happy to have her child hear the lurid details that Laporte practically demanded that Luria divulge.

TWiT’s “Triangulation” is hosted solely by Leo Laporte, THEEEEEEEEE tech guy, and the show’s page describes it this way:

“Every week Leo talks to the smartest people in the world about the most important topics in technology.”

Poor Luria.
Poor Luria.
Watch his perverted glee below when delving into what is certainly not a technology topic, after being given multiple chances to stop. Our thoughts are with Luria and her family, and we are very sorry Leo Laporte treated her this way.