Leo Laporte Humiliates Virginia Heffernan After Her Interview

Leo Laporte interviewed Virginia Heffernan on Triangulation last week about her new book that he hasn’t read. He made the usual excuses about how he didn’t get the book, and then it was revealed again that he did have the book and he just didn’t read it. No surprises.

Virginia was warned this was exactly how it would go down, and she in turn warned Leo not to exhibit any of his normal misogynistic tendencies against her, so the interview went better than most Triangulation interviews. This week, Leo interviewed a white man, so no racism or sexual harassment was present.

What was a surprise is that Karsten Bondy — unlike EffenDumb — doesn’t warn guests that they’re live. Virginia — unaware she was being recorded and unaware she was being live-streamed — had a candid conversation with Leo.

Leo and Karsten later conspired to use their entire pre-show conversation as a second show. Leo said he wants to get “everything but the squeal” from his guests. In other words, he will milk them for all their free labor is worth. Virginia is now helping Leo to sell ads for 2 shows while receiving no compensation, other than mentioning her book which none of his audience of twits will buy.

What came next was really surprising. Leo discussed with Megan, after the show — but before he made a handjob joke about Megan’s 13 year old daughter — Megan’s ability to get a guest when Leo was gone.

This is an actual transcript from the video above.

Leo: You know, get Terry Gross or somebody, ya know. Some, some chick.

Megan: Maybe a woman over 40.

Leo: Virginia was 46, so don't knock at that.

Megan: Maybe a woman who looks over 40.

Leo: I know... Well, you should see. Because she has the publicity photos are clearly a few years... a few years ago *knowing laugh*. She looks... a little younger! *asshole laugh* No. You know what? She was greaaaat. I really liked her. We're gonna try to get her on TWiT or TWiG or something. She's probably way too smart to do that, but maybe we can trick her.

You decide.

Leo Laporte insinuated that the left picture is not an accurate representation of Virginia's current age. Rude.
Leo Laporte insinuated that the left picture is not an accurate representation of Virginia’s current age. Rude.

In any case, it’s not nearly as egregious as Tonya Hall’s lie of a Twitter profile picture. (Archive link for when she changes it.)

Tonya Hall: Twitter vs Reality
Tonya Hall: Twitter vs Reality

Megan Morrone — the possibly racist, definitely not a monkey co-host of iOS Today — looks suspiciously like Mr. Potato Head at the exact moment Leo suggested her 13 year old daughter could learn how to give a satisfying handjob to a young man by learning to milk a cow.

Megan Morrone's face when Leo made a handjob joke about her daughter vs. Mr. Potatohead
Megan Morrone’s face when Leo made a handjob joke about her daughter vs. Mr. Potatohead

Leo Laporte Makes a Handjob Joke About Megan Morrone’s Underage Daughter

Fuck you. How do ya like that?
Fuck you. How do ya like that?

Just when you thought it’s impossible for Pig Laporke to do something that would shock us all, considering his long rap sheet of misconduct, misogyny, racism and many more. Well, he actually had done it.

Soupfuck’s tiny pecker got all too little excited, when Megan started talking about her 13 year old daughter and her road trip with a friend.Naturally, as it always happens, all leftovers of brain matter that he has left just disappeared.

Take in the view, ladies
Take in the view, ladies

Laporke not only made sexist and hugely inappropriate comment about a 13 year old kid that crossed a line in and of itself. He said it straight to kid’s mother face and just laughed it off. This is disgusting, just watching that makes me feel sick. If Megan kicked fat fuck in his nuts, we would applaud her for her bravery and not allowing him to get away with crap like that.

We feel sorry for Megan Morrone and all the shit she has to put up working around Pig Laporke and his evil toxic bitch cunt of CeHo. Don’t worry Leo, your time will come, as it only takes one to step up and finally do what needs to be done, if Roger Ailes can be taken down, you will be too.

Ron Richards Latest Victim of #TWITLive Chatroom Gestapo

TWiT chatroom is dreary place to be, even if you’re crazy devoted leo psychopants, you still need to pass 9 circles of Hell just to get there. No one is immune to this not even someone like Ron Richard, a host on twit network. Megan Morrone, a closeted racist was being total bitch about it. CAN U NOT, Morrone? Show some humility to your fellow co-host or I don’t know, protest against ceho’s nazi regime.

If you like fun and freedom of expression, come join us in TotalDrama IRC chatroom

Leo Laporte Late Again Because He Had to Play Pokémon Go

Guest Submission

Leo Laporte just can’t get to work on time. Time and time again, he shows his disrespect for his guests and staff. Once, even Jason Howell had to pay the price with his own embarrassment.

Yet again, we see Leo Laporte’s seething contempt for Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley on Windows Weekly. There they are — with a live fucking audience and Microsoft staff — waiting for the fat man to finish playing Pokémon Go and come sit on his inflatable ball where he will spew inane inaccuracies and non sequiturs for the two-plus hour period.

But, he gets away with it, because people don’t unsubscribe. Please unsubscribe from all TWiT shows if you haven’t already. Subscribing keeps his download numbers up, even if you don’t listen or watch, which lets him sell more ads.

Thanks again to our anonymous contributor for this video.

Leo Laporte Disgusted with Padre’s Coverage of Live Events

There is no man or woman in the universe who likes FMCP aka Robert “PadreSJ” Ballecer. Notorious liar, possible criminal and just all around garbage.

Father Robert Ballecer
Fr. Robert Ballecer

TWiT is bad at doing live events, conference coverage and Padre is no exception to this. FMCP was sent by CeHo to some random event to do a wonderful job of covering it, as part of her continuous desperate attempts to shill sponsors for more money. Guess what? He failed, using his 1920’s radio announcer voice, he stood in the middle of show floor mumbling nonsense for 10 minutes on twit’s live stream. We will spare you with showing entire footage, instead we will share Leo’s thoughts on this matter.

As you can imagine, Leo wasn’t thrilled with the dressed clown job. He showed his continued distaste for Padre and complained to CeHo that he needs more control over planning and doing live coverage. Knowing TWiT’s past history, we can only hope that Padre soon will be an off-site producer.

Is Andrew Zarian a Bearded Terrorist?

Left: Media mogul Andrew Zarian. Right: Fat washed up DJ pretending to be computer expert.
Left: Media mogul Andrew Zarian. Right: Fat washed up DJ pretending to be computer expert.

No, but Leo Laporte thinks so.

Or at least he feels it’s an appropriate joke to make at Andrew’s expense, while Andrew is busy making Windows Weekly possible on a regular basis.

Out of the kindness of his heart, Andrew Zarian provides technical assistance and sets up the show in the Microsoft store in NYC. He creates a feed back to TWiT with multiple cameras, audio sources, etc.

Andrew Zarian is a one-man network team and donates his efforts to help his friends Paul and Mary Jo, while the jealous Leo Laporte makes fun of Zarian for being a “bearded terrorist” and “wearing a tight t-shirt.”

Leo always wears tight shirts, but they’re the same ones that didn’t used to be as tight when he wore them in 1998.

Stay classy, Leo.

Side note: Andrew Zarian created GFQ Network, a tech podcast network that actually produces quality content — unlike Leo Laporte’s unwatchable SHiT.

Be sure to check out some of his shows, including:

He also provides a live stream and chat when shows are being recorded.

Leo Laporte Agrees: TWiT is Absolute Shit

Guest Submission

There’s not much to say here. Leo Laporte reiterated that nothing of value was in the past week’s coverage, nor was there any interesting content in the week ahead. It’s rare that we agree with #Soup.

Leo seemed visibly angry when the editors included the clip of him being mercilessly trolled on his nationally syndicated radio show. Someone may be about to become an offsite editor.

This clip came to us courtesy of an anonymous contributor again. Thank you for your courage.

Leo Laporte Exposes His Porn Habits Live, Again

Take in the view, ladies
Take in the view, ladies

Leo Laporte has never been shy about his porn habits. He’s told everyone about how he wants to watch VR porn.

Soup shared his JamesDeen.com habit.

He’s even complained that his Samsung phone heats up while he watches porn.

A YouTuber — unrelated to Total Drama — pointed out Leo viewing YouPorn live during TWiT. The dearly departed HelloWorld once postulated that the TWiT Brickhouse is built on a porn star burial ground, so perhaps these issues will go away in June, or is it August 6, or is it August 28th, or is it September.

Leo Laporte shows on-air that he likes viewing Redditors naked and/or having sex. Think about that during his next AMA.
Leo Laporte shows on-air that he likes viewing Redditors naked and/or having sex. Think about that during his next AMA.

Leo must visit r/gonewild pretty frequently for it to show up in his autocomplete for “red” at the top. He spends his spare time creating self-shot pornography with his wife, but strangely he doesn’t post in the community he so often frequents. Unless he uses a throwaway, but that’s unlikely since he can’t even figure out Incognito Mode.