Lisa vs Father Robert Ballecer: Will the Bricks Make the Move?

Lisa Kentzell Laporte is nasty
Gorgeous Lisa Kentzell Laporte

Leo Laporte and Lisa Kentzell Laporte say they will move the bricks. Father Robert wasn’t given his talking points and isn’t so sure. He has more specifics and says only “a few choice ones” will survive the move to the TWiT Eastside Studio.

Leo says it will be a while before they’re installed, perhaps hoping #sheeplive forgets by then?

Since each person involved is a known pathological liar, who do we believe?

Unfortunately, we can only present both sides above and let you decide.

Leo Laporte Announces TWiT Eastside Studio Will Be a Literal Sweatshop

In a departure from the usual, there are two videos below.

Leo Laporte and Yoko Lisa Kentzell Laporte
The Walrus and Yoko

Leo Laporte famously cares nothing for his employees, but this may take the cake — sorry Tonya.

The new Eastside studio doesn’t have enough power to air condition the studio and the office space, forcing a Yoko’s Choice. Master planner Lisa Kentzell Laporte couldn’t manage to get appropriate facilities infrastructure in place in time for the move.

For more on the air conditioning situation, lets go straight to the walrus in suspenders’ mouth.

Sorry, TWiT employees! Sweat it out, thinking about Leo’s $22,000 cruise. I’m sure they had something better to spend their money and time on.

“Let the rest of them suffer.” Nice, Leo Laporte. Nice.

Leo Laporte Receives No Sympathy From Twitter

His dick is this long.
His dick is this long.

It wasn’t long ago that Leo Laporte suggested to Virginia Heffernan that “it’s all fabricated” and “it’s one guy” when referring to #TeamOneAss and #DvorakTrollArmy. And let us not forget that “it’s all one ass” photoshopping his dick into live video that was later poorly edited out.

He would like to pretend — he doesn’t believe it himself, right? — that only one person dislikes him and what he’s let Lisa Kentzell do to his once-acceptable tech netpodcasting network.

However, look at this sampling of his (previous?) audience’s reaction to him complaining about Twitter… on Twitter.

Reactions to Leo Laporte on Twitter

Lisa Kentzell Laporte Explains Business In Under 9 Minutes

Expert business leader, Lisa Kentzell Laporte.
Expert business leader, Lisa Kentzell Laporte.

When we heard the BeanCast — whatever the fuck that is — was having Lisa Kentzell Laporte on their show to discuss agency gender bias, we became supremely excited!

What could legendary business leader Lisa have in store?

What could we learn from her?

We knew that if Lisa was capable of tricking another podcast into believing she has an actual agency representing actual podcast networks, she is pretty much capable of anything. The podcast itself is a bit over an hour, but it’s there if you want to hear it.

Here are Lisa’s insights alone with no interruptions (8 min 37 sec). Listen — if you dare — to her dulcet tones explaining business principles, adversities she’s overcome, and definitely not sleeping her way to the top.

Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.
Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.

The credits list her as “Lisa Laporte, CEO, and Artisanal Agency”. You know, Lisa Laporte, the one with the Twitter account set to protected who runs the Art Is Anal LLC Twitter which is also protected.

That Lisa Kentzell Laporte, business expert extraordinaire.

Leo Laporte Forces Megan Morrone to Discuss Her Compensation On-Air

Update: You can view the botched edit job from Laurence Simmonds on YouTube.

Leo Laporte's feelings toward his staff and viewers.
Leo Laporte’s feelings toward his staff and viewers.

Leo Laporte is usually content to embarrass others through his own actions. From time to time, however, he requires that those he humiliates participate in their own shaming.

For example, he reveled in forcing an underage rape victim to relive the scenario. He published the ass crack of his Segway delivery man. Leo’s The Tech Guy call screeners have to sit there on camera while he insults and berates them. His depravity truly knows no bounds.

Comparison between Megan Morrone and a monkey.
Comparison between Megan and a monkey.

Yesterday, on iOS Today, Leo forced possibly-racist, non-monkey Megan Morrone to discuss her compensation and possibly lack thereof on-screen while she was visibly uncomfortable. If you can work past the cringe factor, give the video above a complete viewing.

To help cleanse the palate, here’s Megan doing her little “defuse the tension and anguish you just caused me” dance.

TWiT Solicits Strip Mall Studio Logo

Update 2: TYFYC Mike for posting it to TWiT’s Facebook page where it remains days later, unnoticed by TWiT’s crack social media team (Lisa).
Update 1: Scroll to the bottom to view Total Drama reader submissions!
TWiT Eastside Studio Logo Donated by Total Drama
TWiT Eastside Studio Logo Donated by Total Drama (click for larger version)

Leo Laporte and Lisa Kentzell Laporte have always made their living on the back of free labor, services, etc. Today’s example is no different.

Poor Anthony Nielsen had to make two example logos — at least it’s not a genital-distracting sizzle reel right Anthony? — for their Facebook post requesting that a fan make them a free logo. If your logo is selected, they will pay you an exclusive license fee of $500 plus a $0.50 royalty on each T-Shirt sold with your logo.

Haha. Just kidding. You don’t get jack shit.

Our contribution — seen above — will be hard to beat. It has all the important elements and milestones TWiT and Leo Laporte are now known for. It’s got his dick pic, cunt pic, and most importantly, Leo’s prized possession lease, the Tesla Model X. Is he compensating for something? Yes.

Be sure to put your suggestions in the comments and tweet @leolaporte, @lisadlaporte, and @artisanalllc. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, post your suggestions on that Facebook post!

Here’s what Anthony made.

twit eastside logos

Reader Submissions


drama6108's TWiT Eastside Logo Submission
drama6108’s TWiT Eastside Logo Submission


Total Drama Eastside Studio Logo on the Inside TWiT Facebook Page
Total Drama Eastside Studio Logo on the Inside TWiT Facebook Page

Leo Laporte Laments the Loss of Casual Homophobia

Guest SubmissionAn anonymous tipster sent in this video from the most recent The Tech Guy. In it, Leo appears to lament the loss of casual homophobia. At the least, he doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with it.

For a normal person in 2016, this would be surprising, but for Leo Laporte, it’s par for the course. Nathan — the iHeartMedia producer — plays a song containing the word “faggot” three times in a row during an intro to a The Tech Guy segment. Leo notes that it “used to be OK to say that.”

Leo makes insensitive gay jokes on air on a regular basis. He purged many staffers for questionable reasons. He even drove Jeff Needles away.

Will the depths to which he will sink never end?

Leo Laporte Humiliates Virginia Heffernan After Her Interview

Leo Laporte interviewed Virginia Heffernan on Triangulation last week about her new book that he hasn’t read. He made the usual excuses about how he didn’t get the book, and then it was revealed again that he did have the book and he just didn’t read it. No surprises.

Virginia was warned this was exactly how it would go down, and she in turn warned Leo not to exhibit any of his normal misogynistic tendencies against her, so the interview went better than most Triangulation interviews. This week, Leo interviewed a white man, so no racism or sexual harassment was present.

What was a surprise is that Karsten Bondy — unlike EffenDumb — doesn’t warn guests that they’re live. Virginia — unaware she was being recorded and unaware she was being live-streamed — had a candid conversation with Leo.

Leo and Karsten later conspired to use their entire pre-show conversation as a second show. Leo said he wants to get “everything but the squeal” from his guests. In other words, he will milk them for all their free labor is worth. Virginia is now helping Leo to sell ads for 2 shows while receiving no compensation, other than mentioning her book which none of his audience of twits will buy.

What came next was really surprising. Leo discussed with Megan, after the show — but before he made a handjob joke about Megan’s 13 year old daughter — Megan’s ability to get a guest when Leo was gone.

This is an actual transcript from the video above.

Leo: You know, get Terry Gross or somebody, ya know. Some, some chick.

Megan: Maybe a woman over 40.

Leo: Virginia was 46, so don't knock at that.

Megan: Maybe a woman who looks over 40.

Leo: I know... Well, you should see. Because she has the publicity photos are clearly a few years... a few years ago *knowing laugh*. She looks... a little younger! *asshole laugh* No. You know what? She was greaaaat. I really liked her. We're gonna try to get her on TWiT or TWiG or something. She's probably way too smart to do that, but maybe we can trick her.

You decide.

Leo Laporte insinuated that the left picture is not an accurate representation of Virginia's current age. Rude.
Leo Laporte insinuated that the left picture is not an accurate representation of Virginia’s current age. Rude.

In any case, it’s not nearly as egregious as Tonya Hall’s lie of a Twitter profile picture. (Archive link for when she changes it.)

Tonya Hall: Twitter vs Reality
Tonya Hall: Twitter vs Reality

Megan Morrone — the possibly racist, definitely not a monkey co-host of iOS Today — looks suspiciously like Mr. Potato Head at the exact moment Leo suggested her 13 year old daughter could learn how to give a satisfying handjob to a young man by learning to milk a cow.

Megan Morrone's face when Leo made a handjob joke about her daughter vs. Mr. Potatohead
Megan Morrone’s face when Leo made a handjob joke about her daughter vs. Mr. Potatohead

Leo Laporte Makes a Handjob Joke About Megan Morrone’s Underage Daughter

Fuck you. How do ya like that?
Fuck you. How do ya like that?

Just when you thought it’s impossible for Pig Laporke to do something that would shock us all, considering his long rap sheet of misconduct, misogyny, racism and many more. Well, he actually had done it.

Soupfuck’s tiny pecker got all too little excited, when Megan started talking about her 13 year old daughter and her road trip with a friend.Naturally, as it always happens, all leftovers of brain matter that he has left just disappeared.

Take in the view, ladies
Take in the view, ladies

Laporke not only made sexist and hugely inappropriate comment about a 13 year old kid that crossed a line in and of itself. He said it straight to kid’s mother face and just laughed it off. This is disgusting, just watching that makes me feel sick. If Megan kicked fat fuck in his nuts, we would applaud her for her bravery and not allowing him to get away with crap like that.

We feel sorry for Megan Morrone and all the shit she has to put up working around Pig Laporke and his evil toxic bitch cunt of CeHo. Don’t worry Leo, your time will come, as it only takes one to step up and finally do what needs to be done, if Roger Ailes can be taken down, you will be too.

Ron Richards Latest Victim of #TWITLive Chatroom Gestapo

TWiT chatroom is dreary place to be, even if you’re crazy devoted leo psychopants, you still need to pass 9 circles of Hell just to get there. No one is immune to this not even someone like Ron Richard, a host on twit network. Megan Morrone, a closeted racist was being total bitch about it. CAN U NOT, Morrone? Show some humility to your fellow co-host or I don’t know, protest against ceho’s nazi regime.

If you like fun and freedom of expression, come join us in TotalDrama IRC chatroom