Are you a disgruntled TWiT employee?

Are you a disgruntled former (or current) employee at TWiT? Do you want the #truth to come out? Well then, here’s your chance to have your side of the story told—anonymously. Are you tired of the damaging spin that Leo ‘n’ Lisa put on all the firings and layoffs? Are you currently an “off-site producer” for TWiT and just want to clear the air?

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Get the truth out, click on the "Feedback & Tips" button.
Get the truth out, click on the “Feedback & Tips” button.

Consider your safe-zone for free speech. We will take your story tip and weave it into a tale of such devastating truth, that Lisa’s tits will rattle and Leo will drop his soup spoon.

Just use the little button on the right of the screen labeled “Feedback & Tips” or click here. We look forward to hearing from you Sarah, Chad, Shwood and the hundreds of others…

58 thoughts on “Are you a disgruntled TWiT employee?”

    1. Hey you’re supposed to be studying! Can we please distinguish between HATE and agitating /instigating & simply pulling a person’s appendage / there’s some vile banter and jousting here, as on Fox news, TMZ, Huff Post etc – you seem to have a vested interest in Lisa & Leo and continually overreact. Not unlike Lisa comparing herself to the women going through the hideous GamerGate experiences – you need to relax and get back to your Anthropology or Chemistry books

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    2. If you’re posting here…
      Wow, that’s a really recursive loop-back statement. So Molly, I guess I have to respect you for the ability to see that you yourself don’t have a life and enjoy stalking those you hate, and that you need to get out and get a job or back school.

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  1. I will offer 4 cans of Spam as well as a family sized bag of Cheetos to come forth. It will be shipped you in a plain Jack Irwin shoebox wrapped in plain brown paper. This is the best I can do. Contact TD for the tranfer. Come into the light from the darkside of the force.

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  2. So you have enough disgruntled TWIT viewers?

    Good thing to hear. I’m not quit finished scratching my eyes out (and still thinking about what to do with my ears). What is once seen can’t be unseen.

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  3. It seems to me that we know who Sarah, Chad Shwood are because Leo sought them out, hired them, paid them, supported them and promoted them for years.

    Why would they be disgruntled if Leo made their careers possible?

    And why would anyone care about any of this? TWiT is just some little podcast company. Who cares?

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  4. All I can say is poor Sarah Lane seemed to be disgruntled as hell on iPad Today. Her and Scrotum Head were shooting verbal barbs back and forth the whole show. I set the over/under before Sarah takes back her Saturday’s at 3 shows. Scrotum Head is about to flush his network down the crapper over some CEHO with a set of Moe bangs. Unbelievable!

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    1. sarah is done now. I think after this weekend it will be she’s “too busy”. Then Leo doing little snarky jabs at her just like Tom, Erik. Amber, Chad and so on you know the list.

      Kirk out!!

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  5. Jesus, two of the three TWIT guests tonight are disgusting. We have Christina Warren who can’t be bothered to comb her hair and look presentable for air. She also can’t shut up! Then you have that lame loser, Ben Thompson, who gave JCD a hard time on not siding with feminists like he did on a previous TWIT topic. Thompson is such a feminist he should wear a dress! Probably moved to Taiwan, in my view, since he couldn’t get an American woman to date his bone ugly face. This is the best talent #soupguzzler can wrangle?

    However, the chick from Business Insider has possibilities, if those two other morons shut up and let her talk!

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  6. Leo is such a moron because he regularly publishes on his website when and where he and Lisa go on vacation (He’s going on a French River Cruise in September 2017) He might as well put a giant sign on his house saying Rob Me! Rob Me! No one’s home.

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  7. Listen, you clearly have an axe to grind of some kind. I took a trip down the rabbit hole and ended up here but I honestly watched the video I clicked on and then read a bunch of your posts. They make no sense and the “wrong doing” you mention just isn’t there. I hope you find a way to work out whatever issues you have because you’ve clearly been hurt by something. However, you really need to stop this. Those are real human beings.

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  8. John C talked about Leo on No Agenda September 10th show during their second break. They mentioned Chris Pirillo and Jerry Pournelle . I edited the audio down to a one minute( 1k).
    If you want, send me an email address and I will send it to the group.

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    1. Dave:
      John C talked about Leo on No Agenda September 10th show during their second break.They mentioned ChrisPirillo and Jerry Pournelle. I edited the audio down toa one minute( 1k).If you want, send me an email address and I will send it to the group.

      1. No one is going to email you, who knows who you are, if you really have the audio – or if it even happened

      2. You didn’t even include your email on the post. I’m sure you are an idiot.

      3. If you had something, you can upload it to a plethora of services and part the link. All anonymously .

      Go away, you’re either really dumb, a fake, or work for the other team.

      P.S. I barely click links in this site. Especially your profile .

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  9. Pervo-Leo reveals in a subtle way sexual tendencies to his daughter — in the latest TWIG (0422) starting around the 1 hour, 9 minute mark while Leo is arguing in defense of Ted Cruz and his Twitter porn revelation, Leo also claims he also uses Twitter for porn, including ‘INCEST’ vids.

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    1. Oh my.

      I teach freshman composition at a university, and my worst students are better writers than that. I was also a technology reporter for a few big tech sites before I went to grad school. This type of content would never have been OK’d by an editor. It’s so generic and unfocused (check out the other things she’s written on her blog).

      I don’t think every writer needs to have taken a writing class. There are many uneducated authors, writers, and journalists who are fantastic at their jobs. Some just have an innate talent for telling stories or conveying ideas, and the rest is handled by their editors. But if CEO really wants to move into the blogging space in a professional way, I’d suggest she enroll herself in a writing course at the local community college. Learn how to convey ideas, maintain a natural flow that guides your reader through the piece, etc. Heck, I’d even just suggest she read some blogs. Good readers generally make good writers. It’s just very clear she doesn’t understand the genre in which she’s writing.

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    2. Twit Insider:
      HasANYONE looked at this piece of shot?

      now she’s a tech writer?

      So… it appears as if Lisa(I’m a CEO) Laporte is writing for her sons HS journalism class. Are Driverless Cars Safe??? How the fuck would Lisa’s level of education qualify her to answer this …. as I see things, her skill set only covers opening Leo’s porn pictures then opening her legs to receive Leo’s micro penis, that’s it!!!

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  10. I’m a little disappointed that you guys didn’t report on this one already…
    TWIT 653, 2/11/18, at 1:26 , Leo says we have salaries of more than $1M per year and then goes on to say I’m not going to give up my life to have more shows. (Uncomfortable silence from guests)

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  11. iHeartMedia poised to file for bankruptcy!

    Leo’s real cash cow – his “The Tech Guy” radio broadcast segment – looks to be on shaky ground as iHeartMedia, owner of KFI (Leo’s home station) as well as over 850 other stations, is circling the drain.
    “Since 2008, iHeartMedia, Inc., has struggled to pay down more than $20 billion in debt the company acquired from its leveraged buyout

    Last April, the San Antonio-based iHeartMedia warned investors it might not survive the next 10 months.

    Despite a year of negotiations on a restructuring plan, a formal support agreement still isn’t in place with the most-senior lenders, making a bankruptcy filing all but certain, Bloomberg News reported on Thursday.”

    Could Leo’s recent Twitter lawsuit be a result of a warning from iHeartMedia that his services may no longer be required? A desperate attempt to find another revenue source to cover the declining TWiT network?

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  12. With twits whole silly Twitter lawsuit, I find this ad-read by Leo kinda funny on this week’s TWiT. (Episode name: Bankwupt) starting at 35:50.

    ” Our show brought to You by; I think they’ll be in the show next week I think; Tim & Don’t from ITprotv. Love these guys. They came to me some years ago. They were IT trainers. And they had been at a panel I was on at NAB. In which I’m kind of promoting the idea of TWit and what we do; And there should be lots of “neich”, you know, internet bassed; basically TV stations. And they came up and said “Would you mind if we basically did what You Do for I.T. Training?” I said “Mind? I think that’d Be Awesome!” Itprotv was born and man has it affective now 90k members strong. Not just individuals but teams as well….”

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  13. Maybe you guys can figure out why their new show “Hands On Tech” already has 49,036 subscribers, but only 2700 views for their promo video. Makes you want to go hmmmmmm…

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  14. This Week In Tech (TWIT) on Sunday March 3rd, 2019, really pissed me off. LeoLard stated that he was only voting for women in 2020. He even said, “Sorry Joe Biden.” Mainly, because Brianna Wu was on the show. It was two ladies and Lard.

    I had to explain to my pre-teen boy that you will ALWAYS have to battle sexism and racism for the foreseeable future, thanks to uber-liberal skunks that ONLY care about identity politics. That the shitbags on the airwaves and in the media. These three boobs need a dose of Jordan Peterson. I’m OK with some politics on TWIT, but try to oppose their thoughts on IRC and you will be kicked. If you are going to open it up, then let some discourse take place. Light Leo up!

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    1. Funny how quickly Leo became a political genius. It’s the reason he’s lost so many viewers. I guess having that racist bitch Christina Warren on his show was more important than having a job.

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