I Say Spit… You Say Semen

Leo Laporte apologizes again

Megan Morrone continues to be on the receiving end of Leo Laporte’s sick perverted mind. From the time he offered to smear shit on her face  — to the time he suggested her underage daughter should practice milking cows because it will be a “very useful skill” going forward. There was also the time he ridiculed her in front of others by commanding her to speak.

Lisa Laporte’s blind eye

We’re completely dumbfounded how this continues to happen at a company which is run by a woman who regularly champions her female employees — but then turns a blind eye to this sort of disgusting behavior.

Original working title of Russ Pitt’s e-book

The latest incident happened on last Saturday’s The New Screensavers. TechTV employee #1 (and major creeper) Russ Pitts skyped in to plug his new e-book Eagle Semen. The title must have sent Leo Laporte’s mind into a perverted spit-swallow frenzy because he proceeded to dish out more improper sexual innuendo at Megan Morrone.

Artist rendering of #twitlive coward Mike_B

Even Leo Laporte’s chief sycophant and Tech Guy chatroom braintrust Mike_B was quick to speak out saying “Leo: People record these and put them on bad web sites”.  Amazing… Mike_B chose not to admonish the behavior but instead to warn him. This guy deserves cancer.

Part of me wants to remain sympathetic to Megan Morrone. But why this woman has not consulted with an employment lawyer or simply found another job is baffling. There is literally an employment lawyer within a 3-minute walk from the shoebox studios. I hate to be the one that says this but maybe the mortgage has nothing to do with this… Megan Morrone secretly wants this to continue.

Leo Laporte Says TWiT is Going Down the Tubes

Rare picture depicting Lisa Laporte harvesting money in the wild.

Because he is a pathological liar, it’s hard to trust anything that comes out of Leo Laporte’s mouth.

However, we do have the evidence of rapidly decreasing viewership (see stream viewer count), the comment bots on the videos (check YouTube), and ever-decreasing number of ads per show.

I think it’s safe to say that there’s at least a kernel of truth in his statements in the video above.

Megan’s brow-merged-with-bangs stressed face at the thought of being made redundant is evident. You can hear her absolute reliance on her employment by Laporte when she says her children will be put through college with TWiT paychecks.

Good luck, Megan!

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