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Leo Laporte Doesn’t Give a Fuck About Rehearsing, Uses Racist “Gypsy” Slur Again

Yes, it happened again.

When Leo Laporte and co-host Florence Ion are being asked to do a rehearsal for the upcoming The New Screen Savers episode, the “Cheif TWiT” doesn’t seem to give a fuck and instead decides it would be funnier to ask Ion what her middle name’s initial is. ‘Cause that’s absolutely part of the rehearsal, right? Right.

But, of course, it just goes downhill from here. Next, Laporte got the idea that Ion’s first book should be called “My Life as a Romani”, because he got told not to call her a gypsy back in March, remember?

Florence Ion’s reaction when asked if her father “thinks of himself as a gypsy”

Then, he promptly asks if her father “thinks of himself as a gypsy”, which she denies with a “Noooo”. Not only can you hear, but also see that his behaviour and this stupid, insulting comment makes her very uncomfortable.

It seems our favourite, wonderfully disgusting, racist Cheif TWaT Leo Laperve will never learn, no matter how often he’s being told not to use that word.

As a bonus, here’s a video of another instance where, during that very same TNSS episode, he decided it would be funny to make fun of a black guy during a Call For Help segment. Of course he used the term “gypsy” again.

This was actually removed in the final podcast/YouTube version of the show, but luckily I caught it on our DVR.

Fuck you, Leo Laperve.

Leo Laporte Late for Work Again

Editor’s Note: This article is not a repeat. He is just late for his job all the time.

I need more soup for my jowls, please.
I need more soup for my jowls, please.
Leo Laporte only has one job for which he he has to be on-time. Sure, he’d be on time for all his podcasts if he respected his viewers, guests, and employees, but we know he doesn’t give a shit about any of them.

You’d think he’d respect his golden goose and show up for The Tech Guy on-time twice a week. But, you would be wrong.

THEEEEEEEEEEEE Soup Guy loves tormenting his slaves/employees every weekend, as they nervously look outside to look for any sign of the waddling fat man heading for the emergency exit door.

Did he stop at the Petaluma Market to get some soup? Probably not. He makes jammerb fetch his food for him. Was Lisa keeping him home by being in bed naked? We don’t know.

Can You Care a Little Bit?

This shot scream, "I don't give a shit"
This shot screams, “I don’t give a shit!”

Jesus Christ, could you straighten the shot out, the table is completely crooked. Nothing is centered and everything looks ridiculous. It appears as if no one even moved the screens to even them out, one is behind the table and the other is floating outside the table. I get it, it’s about the content but could you please put in minimal effort?  My mom would yell at me in high school if I left my room like that.
It’s not like the staff was rushed:

For a list of other optical illusions, click here

And why do you need two coffee cups?

Leo Laporte Forbids ‘Inside TWiT’ Publishing

Based on anonymous sources, the bone-idle blockhead, known affectionately as #soup around these parts, has once again lost his mind. “His infatuation with totaldrama.net and Captain Juno videos is out of control,” said someone. He seems to be of the opinion that most of the material for the aforementioned website and videos comes from his propaganda show Inside Twit. Hence the forbidding of publishing and possibly airing, the abortion of honesty, in the future.

No More Propaganda for Fans
No one gets Inside TWiT but me

A quick surveying of the Inside Twit YouTube page shows the last posting was 07/26/14 and the only remnant of the monotonous 08/20/14 performance is on Capt’n Juno’s web page. It’s an unusual delay, since the dysfunctional duo of Leo ‘n’ Lisa decreed no more delays in publishing podcasts and the editors know that they can lose water privileges if they don’t obey. This news is troubling for fans but Pinkie Pie wouldn’t let it get her down. So chin up, fans!

This is a good strategy, chubby but as Sting once sang:

Every breath you take, Every move you make, Every bond you break, Every step you take, I’ll be watching you
Every single day, Every word you say, Every game you play, Every night you stay, I’ll be watching you
O can’t you see, You belong to me…

More Allegations by Roberto 3X

The father of hate’s original attempt to stir the community did not rile them to his crusade against the free speech advocates of TotalDrama.org

So he made up a story that [name redacted] was ddosed even though [name redacted] was simultaneously in six irc rooms and on twitter. Failed again.

In his latest attempt, he is actually going so far as to accuse total drama of interfering with suicide prevention. Are accusations of murder far behind?

He then did another veiled doxing threat against a charter member of td.o. (It is this websites policy not to post doxings so we will not post it, seems nothing is sacred to Padre, #JarvisLogic)
Whats next, expose that richardya is a Brony? Not gonna happen, that closeted passion of his, is well covered under multiple layers of VPN and TOR.

All in a Day’s Work

Hey, look at the pretty trees and feel that wonderful sunshine! Well, on an otherwise lovely Wednesday afternoon, it looks as if Leo and CEO/GF Lisa Kentzell have taken once again to ruining the lives of TWiT program editors. Thinking it could help stave off dwindling profits, and on a whim over three hamburgers with fries—Leo and his gal Lisa, the dysfunctional management team, decided to upend a few young lives and make all the peons work late as a permanent schedule change. The sound was muffled (see video below) by pieces of hamburger and fries, but Leo was heard to say, “It’s just a scheduling thing.” Why not?

The lovely and talented Sarah Lane

An unnamed and clearly distraught employee said, after learning of the change in late-night work schedules, “I wouldn’t care, but the only time I am not miserable at work is when Sarah [Lane] walks by [be]cause she smells like flowers. Now I may never see her again.”

Thems the breaks, kids!


The #TotalDrama reporting team has been researching the hours worked by the beloved CEO/GF. In a preliminary investigation, it appears that she arrives at work by 11 a.m. and has been spotted scooting out the door as early as 4:20 p.m. But hey, there’s not that much to do at TWiT HQ in these stressful times. Is there?

The laziness of “Triangulation”

Tom Merritt is not the co-host of “Triangulation” any more. But the Twit Wiki insists otherwise.

“Triangulation” is an interview show that started out with much promise a few years back.
In a supreme example of Leo’s laziness, the official Twit Wiki STILL lists Tom Merritt as a co-host. Ha! Twit wishes.

Now the show is pretty much just Leo waddling in outrageously late and being completely unprepared to interview their own network contributors. Imagine NBC’s Brian Williams stumbling into the studio of “Nightly News” and asking his producers, “Well, which one of the camera operators am I talking to tonight?”

In one classic and widely-embarassing episode, Leo showed up 15 minutes late to interview Vint Cerf, the father of the Internet. THE FATHER OF THE INTERNET. Can you imagine?

Here’s an incomplete list of recent lame-ass “Triangulation” guests:

  • Steve Gibson, host of the Twit’s “Security Now”
  • Mary Jo Foley, hostess of the Twit show “Windows Weekly”
  • Kevin Rose, former “The Screensavers” midget
  • Jeff Jarvis, purple-faced paid spokesyeller for Google, and co-host of Twit’s “This Week in Google”

Who will be next, Dan the Nazi Mod? Padre the Large Priest? Ozzie the Ugly Dog? Come on Leo, step up your game. We are already familiar with your own hosts. We don’t need a “deep dive” into their history. It’s just lazy programming.

TNT’s lack of professional broadcast color standards

A typical screen grab of TNT with Elgum appearing with an unnatural hue the color of a Florida orange and the guest showing up as an afterthought in the color balance game.

Since the dawn of color television in the early 1950s, continuing through the late 1960s with the wide adoption of color televisions in American homes, broadcast network engineers have taken pride in presenting a vibrant and dazzling world of color. Professional broadcasters pay special attention to proper color balancing, constantly adjusting for subtle differences in shade and tone.

Jeff Jarvis appears purple on “This Week in Google.”

At Twit, however, exactly the opposite seems to be the order of the day. For reasons that have yet to be addressed, it is impossible for Twit to present the show hosts and guests in consistent and realistic color. From episode to episode of “This Week in Google,” for example, co-host Jeff Jarvis appears as either purple, light purple, pink, or dark pink and rotates from one moment to the next in a never-ending merry-go-round of washed out or sickly underexposed positions.

To further the unpleasant color viewing experience, Elgum can do nothing else than appear as an orange-faced monkey. In stark contrast, his guests can be relied upon to appear as either too dark, too light, too blue or in some cases barely even visible. (See photo above.)

So one would think that with a near total domination of white men showing up on every show, it should be easy for TNT to get the color balance right. Just imagine how the brains would be melting in Petaluma if staff were called upon to actually color balance an African-American woman’s skin tone with the putrid orange of Elgum’s face.

Come on, Leo. Take a little pride in your company and demand better of your engineering staff. Viewers deserve it and I’m certain the advertisers would appreciate being part of a more professional network.

Seriously? Elgum is an orange. And the co-host is a white sheet, slightly tinged with purple. Nice.
Seriously? Elgum is an orange. And the co-host is a white sheet, slightly tinged with purple. Nice.

Reporters reporting on other reporter’s reportings

bTyEB98TLThe TNT Way: Have a reporter on to talk about a story they’ve written. Fair enough. Not as good as having the actual newsmaker to tell their side of the story. But I’ll go along with it for now.

However, why would TNT host Mike Elgan have a reporter on to talk about what other reporters have reported? Is this like some kind of Inception joke? How about this: Engage in ORIGINAL REPORTING and broadcast it to your audience. This six degrees of separaton-style show is just not compelling enough to ever garner a real audience.