Leo Laporte Discusses His Failing Health on Security Now

Eating himself into an early grave

Leo Laporte can’t stop eating himself into an early grave. That is apparent to any live watcher, certainly, but increasingly even download viewers. From eating extra cupcakes “for” Georgia Dow to inhaling mass quantities of food during his office studio shows (Windows Weekly, Security Now), #Soup eats and eats and eats.

He thinks that his salads are healthy, but the forensics team at Total Drama has concluded the salads are likely drenched in massive amounts of calorie-rich dressings.

It seems to have caught up to Leo.

Soup has been worried about meeting with his doctor for weeks and dreading the lab results. We’ve heard this interspersed between different shows across the network, but he laid it out for us on Security Now.

Leo desperately searching for a way to lose weight without eating less
Leo desperately searching for a way to lose weight without eating less
Here are the high points from the discussion. The takeaway is: Leo Laporte has diabetes (or pre-diabetes) now from years of stuffing food in his fat face.

  • Soup jokes that he might faint from eating too little and Steve jokes about Soup having low blood suguar. Ha!
  • Soup is on a “serious diet” now.
  • His fasting blood glucose levels are “like 150” (possibly higher?). This level should be less than 100. His blood glucose level indicates diabetes already. He admits “That’s diabetes level.”
  • His liver “is shedding alt cells. It’s self-destructing. It’s what they call non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It’s from being fat!”
  • His LDL “is a little elevated”, putting him at risk for cardiac arrest, but his HDL is “above… you know, is good, so…”
  • The doctor “put [Soup] on a little drug”. He is now on medicines to reduce his blood pressure and now Metformin for diabetes.

    “It is the first-line drug of choice for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, in particular, in overweight and obese people and those with normal kidney function.”

  • He admits “Mostly, I need to exercise and diet a lot more.”
  • Steve tells him that it’s mostly his diet and to stop shoving food in his face constantly. Steve neglects to call him a giant land whale who is killing himself slowly by being a gluttonous piece of shit.
  • Leo gets defensive and acts like exercise should fix all his diet problems.
  • He makes a “sex toys” joke at 2:20.
  • Leo says “[The doctor] scared the hell out of me, so uhhhhhh, Imma be gudd. Imma be guuuudddddddddd.

Every single one of Leo Laporte’s current health problems are from the food he stuffed his his fatass pie hole. Look how “thin” by comparison he looked just 4 years ago when he hadn’t moved into the Shithouse, TWiT was still good, and he’d just started fucking the CeHO. He was able to climb stairs, walk without gasping for air, and even move around without the aid of Segways. He was still fat, but managed all those things he’s lost now.

Put the fork down, Leo. Out of respect for you viewers, your guests, and most importantly, your own health and longevity, put down the goddamn fork.


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75 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Discusses His Failing Health on Security Now”

  1. He’s not on cholesterol lowering medication. Metformin is for diabetics. He’s on the first line of treatment for diabetes when diet and exercise have failed.

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    1. Apparently the main line of treatment is the lard-ass mitigation through diet and exercise. So clearly the endgame here can only be gastroplasty.

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  2. While we are on the subject, his liver is also not “shedding” ALT cells. ALT is an enzyme. At some point, also says that it can be from alcoholism. It’s not: the AST rises from alcohol not the ALT.

    And for the record, he is diabetic. You don’t get metformin for pre-diabetes. Also, chances are he will be on this for life.

    Finally, what’s this thing about eating dicks?

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    1. I don’t understand the ALT part so I’m not sure how to clarify the article like you helped us do with the Metformin drug. If you could clarify a bit we could update the article or at least link to something.

      We said diabetes (or pre-diabetes) because he says “that’s diabetes level” and never specifically said the doctor diagnosed diabetes. He is on a drug for treating diabetes or pre-diabetes according to the linked article.

      We don’t want to assert that he has diabetes when we don’t have direct proof that he does. Unlike Soup, we try to stay on the right side of the truth and qualify things when necessary like we did with the pre-diabetes.

      We tell trolls we don’t like to “Eat a dick.” on the blog. It’s become so widespread that even the trolls preemptively say they’ll go eat a dick or tell us to eat a dick. You’re a good person it seems, so I was telling you that you don’t need to eat a dick, since usually when I chime in, it’s to tell people to “eat a dick” and that’s what people would expect.

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      1. Leo Laporte has diabetes mellitus type II . Diabetes is diagnosed with a fasting blood sugar over 126 (he mentioned 150).

        Again, Leo Laporte is a diabetic fat fuck.

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  3. Type 2 diabeetus is initially treated by diet and exercise – welllp, we’re going straight to the prescription drug treatments, no point in fucking around with Porky here.

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  4. Wow as everyone here at TD
    I’m shocked Leo’s health is failing
    who would have guessed it!!!

    Fucking idiot

    For an guy who reminds us dailey during everyone of his lame podcasts how much smarter he is than the rest of us , he’s the stupidest laziest fattest bullShiter I’ve run across .

    The fat fuck shows up for work for less than a 1/2 hour and seems more concerned what’s on the takeout menu and what poor schmuck is going to get it for him than the podcast he’s about
    to adlib his way through, didn’t he put two and two together ,lots of take out
    Food = health issues??

    What a cunt

    For a “Yale guy” oops a dropout Yale guy, you would think he had enough smarts to figure out the cause of his demise .

    Can’t feel sorry for an arrogant asswipe like Leo.

    Like his NewYears eve countdown party , his hour is coming quick and a party will follow

    Before Molly comes on here to call us names etc

    Eat a dick Molly!!!!!!!

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      1. Totally agree. If it’s time to eat, he HAS TO pound down more food. Porkie can’t even wait a hour or two to finish a show and then eat. He’s the most unprofessional “broadcaster ” I’ve ever known.

        Maybe he should shove one of his “family friendly” sex toys down his throat to keep more food from going into his mouth and save the viewers/listeners from having to listen to him digest?

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    1. Don’t the eastern medicine docs say something about excessively ejaculating and “life force”? If your’re in good health, strong and fit have at it – party on (it can healthy for you)…but if your’e confronted with serious health issues you should consider curtailing things a bit. Perhaps she’s draining the life force out of him and encouraging bad dietary habits? =P

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      1. Digital,
        Hate is a very strong word. Personnaly I dislike him intensly. I want him to fail. He’s a jerk and needs to be knocked down a notch. I wish him no harm.

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  5. Diabetes and high blood pressure can lead to Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), which is irreversible though it can be slowed. Listen for Leo to mention “GFR” or “Creatinine” levels.

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  6. I like how Leo throws Gibson under a bus in the latest Windows Weekly. Between diabeetus, assembling his buttsex harness and planning his next vacation, what’s a porkster to do?

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  7. I personally don’t think Lisa is “fattening him up” like many claim on this site. I am not defending Leo’s actions by any means, but I think there’s a direct correlation between how much he’s been eating over the last year or two and the decline in the network’s financial stability. If you go back to the good old days he didn’t eat nearly as much on air as he does now.

    He’s simply stress eating.

    The faster Twit declines, the more he’s eating. I know this because I am unfortunately going through the same thing in my own life so I can tell the signs.

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    1. I get that…

      TWIT is a sinking ship and everyone on it is rearranging deck chairs.

      If there’s something wrong inside it always finds a way to show up on the outside.

      I do believe that Leo started out with the best of intentions but he’s naive which was evident once he let his so-called “CEO” take the reigns. They’re not complementary people and she easily manipulates him.

      I know what it’s like to let my genitals do the thinking and it never works out well. I think Leo is aware of it but he’s in too deep and he’s surrounded himself with a lot of Yes men to keep feeding the delusion…and him.

      Honestly, the best thing he could do is get divorced at this point. He knows Lisa’s at the core of TWIT’s demise but he’s still thinking below the belt because it’s the only happiness he has left.

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    2. “Lady Bird Johnson” wrote above: “We tell trolls … to “Eat a dick.” on the blog. It’s become so widespread that even the trolls preemptively say they’ll go eat a dick or tell us to eat a dick.”

      Total Drama definition of “troll:”

      1) A person, assumed to be a TWiT employee, who dissents (often respectfully) from any Total Drama opinion or “fact.”

      2) The Total Drama analogue to Leo Laporte’s belief that his trolling emanates from one person (BruceS) using 50 aliases.

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      1. I used to watch a couple of shows TTG and WW. Trolls sure on both sites. I have been to twit chat but have never commented.
        Leo can’t tell me anything anymore. Anybody can look stuff up.
        He is the tube radio of todays modern technology.
        I could care less what or who he eats.
        Sad in a way, someone I admired now I am apathetic towards.

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          1. Wrong, sport.

            Idiomatic expressions often have a common, usual, and accepted meaning that differs from their literal one.

            “Tell me about it,” for example, doesn’t mean “I want to hear more.” It means “I don’t want to hear more.” Same with “I could care less.”

            Correcting minor or common grammatical errors (especially in Internet discussion) when one knows exactly what the writer meant is trolling, because it’s annoying and serves no useful purpose. It’s just a pathetic attempt to boost the troll’s own low self-esteem by exhibiting “superior knowledge” while simultaneously trying to make someone else feel or look stupid.

            It’s particularly pathetic when the troll is wrong, and the trollee had it right all along!!

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        1. Sorry, Quayle, you are dead wrong. Stick your tiny dick up Leo’s ass and eat a dick, asswipe.

          I’ll correct whomever the fuck I want. You don’t like it here? Leave!

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          1. Holden must have a very small penis. I certainly have no personal experience, but Glen Rubenstein told me when he sucked it, it made Leo’s seem ‘average’. (Fake Molly is not a lawyer).

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          2. Holden: “Sorry, Quayle, you are dead wrong. [etc.]”

            I wish Holden had explained HOW I was wrong instead of “shooting the messenger” or “pounding the table,” the lawyer tactic used when the facts are not on their side.

            Holden: “You don’t like it here? Leave!”

            DanQuayle was kicked from TotalDrama by Holden (Reason: You don’t like it here? Leave! )

            Holden sounds like ScooterX. Dissent, criticism, and negativity are not “conducive to the desired environment.” Holden’s policy on dissent is exactly the same as Leo ‘s and #twitlive’s: Forbidden. I hope he doesn’t speak for TD.

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  8. @mike ellman, I’d agree with you if comments were deleted but if Leo fans have a voice here, I disagree.

    Leo can easily lose weight but his problem is denial. You can’t eat garbage and put it in brown box and call it a salad. IT’S NOT A SALAD. His salads are easily 1400 calories. He also skips breakfast so eats giant lunches and giant dinners with terrible snacking.

    He should not eat while working.
    He needs to sit down at a table.
    He should eat four home prepared meals a day.
    He needs to drink tons of water.
    His workouts should be mild, fast walks on tread mill (for now)
    AbsolutLy no STORE-BOUGHT-READY-MADE food.
    He needs someone to look at his ingredients and help him w estimating calories. (Not on air, he has to be honest about what is in the food.)

    Even in this video he emphasizes what is good about his health. He does this often. Ie When he talks about his stamina on New Year’s Eve, or you can see him try to move energetically on the Giza wiz set. Stop lying to yourself. You’re not healthy.

    Fix it now.
    He is going to have a difficult time admitting the trolls were right about this but I hope he can get past the trolls and take care of the larger matter.

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    1. @dogpound exec: Oh, but some posts have been deleted. I even had the text of one of my comments completely altered. The person who did it bragged and laughed about having done it in TotalDrama IRC. (He is a bona fide sociopath and not typical of TD people.) Some comments get held for approval by a filter. If the comment is very negative, it is never approved. However, it’s true that a lot of negative commenting IS permitted which is what differentiates TD from TWiT and happily so.

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      1. Comments are held for moderation if they meet certain criteria for spam control and violating certain policies (doxxing, racism, etc). They are removed if they are flooding a thread/posts with similar statements or violating those policies above.

        I think anyone can see that we let people call us douches all day long and tell us to eat dicks here in the comments as long as it doesn’t disrupt the conversation.

        I removed your other 2 comments that were this exact same comment (they were all held for moderation). You never need to post the same comment multiple times trying to get around auto-moderation. It will be moderated later.

        I don’t know what you’re specifically talking about in IRC, but each moderator is responsible for his/her actions.

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        1. @Lady Bird Johnson Understood and thank you for posting my comment.

          I didn’t see the “awaiting approval” message the first two times (I don’t think it appeared), so I reposted thinking there was a glitch. The “awaiting approval” appeared the third time, and I didn’t repost.

          “I don’t know what you’re specifically talking about in IRC”

          I posted a critical comment (I don’t remember about what). It appeared in the comments for some time, maybe a day. Then HelloWorld changed the text to something like, “HelloWorld, I liked your post …” yada yada. In TD IRC HW posted that he had changed the text of the comment I had made and LOLed about it.

          “I think anyone can see that we let people call us douches all day long …”

          That’s easy. The harder comments to allow are ones that are not just name-calling but well thought out criticisms that make strong, logical arguments against TD blogpost opinions or corrections of TD factual errors. It’s relativley rare, but it has happened that some comments apparently have made TD bloggers so uncomfortable that they deleted the comments or didn’t allow them to be posted. I doubt that you were one of those bloggers.

          (There’s no need to post this comment if it is held for approval or keep it in the comments if it has already appeared.)

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        2. I’ve never had any problems on this version of the site but I appeared to have been permabanned on the last one.

          I’m not behaving any differently, so I’d venture whoever blocked me has a tummy full of dicks.

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        3. If we truly deleted or not approved posts as a practice, you would never see Molly’s posts or for that matter those by Jason whatever and the rest of the TWIT suckups.

          I’ve been insulted repeatedly by TWIT apologists here and I have never asked anyone to delete even one. I couldn’t care less.

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    2. That fucking Steve Gibson. He almost had Leo hooked on the idea of eating healthy. Nearly ruined my plan.

      I will kill him and feed him to LaPork.

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  9. How did the human race make it this far without all these blood tests and drugs ?

    Less preservatives sugars and for lots not being able to afford so much store bought foods.

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  10. People with a exorbitant mindset just figure they can buy their way out of an early grave while smearing their faces with greasy excess and drowning in their own piss and shit-stained blubber.

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  11. People of TWiT land; this is what Nature Box (as advertised by Leo) does to you.

    All products which are “endorsed” by Laporte & Co should come with a health warning!!! Do not trust them if you value your lives or want to avoid any diseases.

    I wonder if Leo is going to sue Nature Box for causing him to get Diabetes. They need to by contacted urgently.

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  12. Great to see the trolling fan boys are so concerned about Leo’s health. Perhaps not helping to raise his blood pressure with your antics would be appreciated by many .

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  13. StevieD
    We aren’t contributing to Leo’s declining health, we are just reporting on something we Trolls knew was the only logical outcome from binge eating

    His stress eating was self induced when he bought into the CeHo’s Twit expansion program & fucked around with her 4-5 years ago

    If Leo wasn’t such an arrogant perv a nd an asshole
    a few of us Trolls may have been
    a bit more sympathic toward the fat fuck.
    Actually had the fat fuck listened to our “continual ” don’t eat so much
    advice we offered up in his chatroom, we may not be having this conversation , instead we we’re banned and labeled as Trolls and the rest is history. So who ended up being the smarter one? Not fat ass Leo…

    You get what you reap in life,if your greedy and wasteful and fat and don’t give a fuck about no one except your self, then that’s how people around you are going to act

    The End!!!!

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    1. Honestly, what would it have cost to keep Tom, Sarah, et al? Would it have cost a million more each year? I think less than that. Tom only wanted a $100K raise.

      What if Leo just took 10% of the profit and distributed it among his in-house hosts so they too would be invested in growing TWiT?

      Lisa was right about one thing when she stated her intention to start moving Leo off of shows. I know you guys hate FRB, but having him co-host SN with Steve was much better than Leo., if only because Leo doesn’t understand the material as well. And Jason Snell hosting MBW was much more enjoyable than Leo.

      Moving Leo to fewer shows IS possible, you just have to be content with having fewer millions in your pocket in the short-term.

      I’m amazed that Leo and Lisa are so greedy that they can’t see this.

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      1. It still annoys me that people believe Tom asked for a 100K raise. That was adamantly denied by Tom. It away a Leo lie. Tom asked to keep the same agreement as before except to be paid as an independent contractor and not as an employee.

        Who do you trust, Tom or Leo?

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        1. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle – haha who am I kidding, Leo Laporte is a lying sack of donkey semen.

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        2. I trust Tom more than Leo, but whether or not it was true, so what? Tom was doing a ton of work, and a lot of preparation, and he’s a solid professional. I really don’t think another $100K would be too much to ask.

          Remember: Leo’s a MILLIONAIRE…unless you listened to him this weekend, when he claimed he wasn’t. Hard to keep your stories straight, Leo?

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  14. I’m also worried about the troll fanboys watching so much of the live stream trying to catch what they perceive as “problems” within TWiT They are in line to catch a bad case of hyphema..

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    1. Quit worrying – Leo announced Sunday night that he’s planning TWaT as his next network. Porn star reality TV.

      Ys can’t make this shit up.

      A fuckin pervert is Leo LaDick.

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      1. I herd that exchange between Leo and CoHoe, she was having nothing of it, except she did mention all it would take is a one letter exchange to get the rebranded TWaT network up, so to speak, and running, hell, with Leo going off on pretty in studio female guests, TWiT might as well be the TWaT network now

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