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TWiT can no longer claim to be “family-friendly”

We must apologize. We recently learned many of our readers are intellectually challenged and are unable to distinguish the satirical articles (such as this one) from the news articles. We apologize for the contents of the comments on this article due to their disability.

TWiT can no longer claim to be “family-friendly” after a German guest, Rolf Claessen, appeared on the August 21 edition of “This Week in Law” with the absolutely, horrendously inappropriate plug for his website: ipfridays.com.

He Pees Fridays
He Pees Fridays

One can only imagine what must have been going through Rolf’s head when he declared it OK to have the TWiT staff type that website in under his name. The editorial board at TotalDrama is questioning their judgment when children are watching in the middle of the day.

We can only hope that this was allowed to happen because regular host and wig-wearing weirdo Denise Howell wasn’t there to crack the whip. She skipped this episode and thank God she did. “I Pee Fridays” is so far out in the field as to be laughable if it weren’t so obscene. Maybe there should indeed be the “right to be forgotten” because by unanimous vote of the editorial board at TotalDrama, we wish we could forget “I Pee Friday” and flush this entire TWiT enterprise down the shitter.