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Leo Laporte drags Megan Morrone into his vile world

Tech commentator and shitty-looking blog owner Leo Laporte—long known for being a vile and disgusting pig who regularly sexually harasses his employees—has taken his lecherous ways to a whole new level.

Laporte, a formerly-beloved tech talker now resorts to spreading the verbal equivalent of his legs and proceeds to squat right on the head of mother of three Megan Morrone during a recent taping of “iOS Today.” Morrone does her best to hide her shame with a forced laugh and a somewhat clever misdirection. But the video doesn’t lie.

Leo’s “I get penetrated, sometimes daily” joke falls like a dirty brick in her lap and there’s nothing she can do but play along. One can only imagine that she needs the money, otherwise why would a decent mother of three young children sit there and take this abuse from an old man?