Leo Laporte Insults John C. Dvorak Again and Blames Him for the Schism

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The dumb, fat one on the left seems to hate the journalistic god on the right.
The dumb, fat one on the left seems to hate the journalistic god on the right.

Leo Laporte simply can’t help himself, as if banning of John C. Dvorak and insulting him was not enough. Member of twit chatroom asked Leo when John C. Dvorak will be invited back but he dismissed the notion that it’s his fault putting all of it on JCD.

He thinks saying “we’re inviting him all the time” negates all the bad insults he’s thrown at John publicly. He continues by insulting John and his journalistic credibility, a well-respected figure in the field, as if John C. Dvorak never written for publications like PC Magazine, New York Times, InfoWorld, MacUsers, Forbes etc.

Later Leo aka Jiggly Piece of Lard who never done anything in his life besides eating soup on camera tries to make whole thing into a joke, like it was nothing but a silly play and and calls JCD cheese of the show, who only there to shill for his podcast No Agenda Show with Adam Curry (now 2x weekly, Thursdays & Sundays). Leaving us all flabbergasted by his attempts to ruin farther any kind of relationship with the man he was friends for a long time.

PS: On Behalf of Total Drama Editorial Board we would like to congratulate John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry on winning Podcast Award for No Agenda Show.

Leo Laporte’s Sexual Harassment of Megan Morrone Continues

Guest Submission

Our anonymous video contributor sent us another great video.

We wondered, when possibly-racist, non-monkey Megan Morrone assumed the goddess Sarah Lane’s identity, if Leo Laporte would stoop to sexually harassing her as well. He has answered that question many times over.

Jupiter Broadcasting Proves Leo Laporte is a Joke in His Industry

Penis seen round the world. Pixelated for your protection.
Penis seen round the world. Pixelated for your protection.

Leo Laporte’s dick pic has long been great fun for us to cover. We know Leo is a joke, and as Frogpants podcasters Scott Johnson and Turpster proved before, he is a joke in his own industry.

Here is another example from Jupiter Broadcasting’s Unfiltered episode 192. The relevant content begins at 05:37 and is embedded below. Click here if the embed doesn’t work.


How long until another podcast comes out with another Leo Laporte dick pic reference?

Leo Laporte: Joke in his own industry. It’s sad to see how far he’s fallen.

Previous Humiliating Audio

From: FrogPants Podcasters Joke About Leo Laporte’s Dick Pic

Thanks to a tip from a reader for sending in the podcast with the timecode link.

Leo Laporte Regrets Thinking About Dick Pics

Perhaps more accurately, Leo Laporte’s editors and technical directors regret him mentioning dick pics.

During one of his regularly scheduled copyright infringement sessions, he made a crass joke relating to sending sexually explicit text messages to others using new features of iOS 10’s iMessage.

The editors poorly removed the mention by blurring his mouth and silencing the audio, but left in Megan Morrone’s juvenile laugh.

Thanks to a tip from a reader for sending in the clip for this video.

Leo Laporte Shits on Patrick Norton During Triangulation

Guest Submission

Thanks again to an anonymous contributor, we have a video of Leo insulting his This Week in Computer Hardware host Patrick Norton.

Patrick Norton looks like hell. Nice runny nose, Patrick.
Admittedly, Patrick Norton is a shitty host.

The slimy owner of TWiT can’t even stand up for the hosts he recruited for his shows. He just throws Patrick under the snot-covered, sniffly-nosed bus.

We previously received a tip, but there’s nobody around here making many videos anymore, so please continue sending in videos!

lkalif Has Gone to the Great Cruise Ship in the Sky

lkalif's avatar
Dearly departed lkalif

The founder of Total Drama, lkalif, is no longer with us. He lost a long battle with a terrible disease.

Although Leo — with knowledge of lkalif’s dire situation — once crassly expressed surprise that lkalif was still alive, lkalif can now rest in peace.

He will be missed. So say we all.

Megan Morrone Pleads with Leo Laporte Not to Be Sexist

From the unpublished archives, circa January 2016.

Leo Laporte is a disgusting monster to his employees. He sexually harrasses them constantly. Watching any episode of any show with Leo on it is an experience in constant sexual innuendo.

Finally, someone has called Leo to task on his deviancy on the live stream. We didn’t expect it to come from the definitely-not-racist, definitely-not-a-monkey Megan Morrone. But, then again, she was able to trick Mike Elgan with a wearable banana.

Good job, Megan.

Leo Laporte Delays iOS Today and Disgusts Viewers

From the unpublished archives, circa January 2016.

Dance, you glorious monkey.
Dance, you glorious monkey.
Leo Laporte is chronically late for every show, including the only one where someone else is his boss. Seething disrespect for his audience comes through quite clearly in the clip above.

Even though his “interview” show Triangulation finished on-time and he was already in the studio, he didn’t want to set a precedent and have people start expecting him to be on-time for any shows.

Leo Laporte, one minute before his next show was scheduled to start, left the studio, claiming to be back in 10 minutes. You can find out for yourself in the video above if that happened. You can also judge his sense of urgency and respect for his viewers.

In addition to being late for iOS Today on purpose, he made more inappropriate sexual jokes in front of and to his employee Megan Morrone, saying “a man would just stick it in.” Disgusting, Leo. Disgusting.