Can You Care a Little Bit?

This shot scream, "I don't give a shit"
This shot screams, “I don’t give a shit!”

Jesus Christ, could you straighten the shot out, the table is completely crooked. Nothing is centered and everything looks ridiculous. It appears as if no one even moved the screens to even them out, one is behind the table and the other is floating outside the table. I get it, it’s about the content but could you please put in minimal effort?  My mom would yell at me in high school if I left my room like that.
It’s not like the staff was rushed:

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And why do you need two coffee cups?

2 thoughts on “Can You Care a Little Bit?”

  1. Leo was still complaining that he never received his invitation for the Apple event. He didn’t even know it came via email and not by snail mail. Maybe if he checks his email he might find he did receive one for the last 5 events.

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    1. Leo can’t admit his foolish live streaming of the iPad event forever banished him from apple events. He claims he has ADD and can’t be held accountable for his childish actions, that’s bull shit( sorry # drama), if he worked for any other company or person, he’d be shit(sorry again # drama) canned in a heartbeat , notwithstanding his overworked routound is about to blow… Liza’s end plan !!!

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