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Leo Laporte Doesn’t Give a Fuck About Rehearsing, Uses Racist “Gypsy” Slur Again

Yes, it happened again.

When Leo Laporte and co-host Florence Ion are being asked to do a rehearsal for the upcoming The New Screen Savers episode, the “Cheif TWiT” doesn’t seem to give a fuck and instead decides it would be funnier to ask Ion what her middle name’s initial is. ‘Cause that’s absolutely part of the rehearsal, right? Right.

But, of course, it just goes downhill from here. Next, Laporte got the idea that Ion’s first book should be called “My Life as a Romani”, because he got told not to call her a gypsy back in March, remember?

Florence Ion’s reaction when asked if her father “thinks of himself as a gypsy”

Then, he promptly asks if her father “thinks of himself as a gypsy”, which she denies with a “Noooo”. Not only can you hear, but also see that his behaviour and this stupid, insulting comment makes her very uncomfortable.

It seems our favourite, wonderfully disgusting, racist Cheif TWaT Leo Laperve will never learn, no matter how often he’s being told not to use that word.

As a bonus, here’s a video of another instance where, during that very same TNSS episode, he decided it would be funny to make fun of a black guy during a Call For Help segment. Of course he used the term “gypsy” again.

This was actually removed in the final podcast/YouTube version of the show, but luckily I caught it on our DVR.

Fuck you, Leo Laperve.

Leo Laporte disrespects Steve Gibson

Bored tech scion Leo Laporte finally has dropped all pretense of caring one tiny fuck about his once-informative podcasting empire and instead has resorted to making fun of his hosts. Watch here as blabbering fraud Steve Gibson blah-blah-blahs his way through uninterrupted paragraph after mind-numbing paragraph of fakeness during a recent incomprehensible “Security Now” appearance. I hope Steve watches this to see just how much of a fool Leo makes him out to be.

I must respond

The failing sales team is directly under CEo, a woman with no sales experience who insists on selling her boyfriends shows first because then they can screw over hosts when it’s time to negotiate salaries. And #soupguzzler can continue his fantasy that he is 90% of revenue.

A huge failing of the dysfunctional management team is that they are morons. Specifically they are completely unaware that the reason the big shows at twit grow numbers is precisely because the smaller shows have loyal audiences and likewise bring in new listeners. Amber had an audience, Tom and his guests such as, Scott Johnson and Veronica Belmont had huge audiences. But the egomaniac gives out no credit, it’s all him. (My first twit show was iPad today) When someone discovers a TWiT show they generally explore more shows. This is known as The Network Effect.


Can You Care a Little Bit?

This shot scream, "I don't give a shit"
This shot screams, “I don’t give a shit!”

Jesus Christ, could you straighten the shot out, the table is completely crooked. Nothing is centered and everything looks ridiculous. It appears as if no one even moved the screens to even them out, one is behind the table and the other is floating outside the table. I get it, it’s about the content but could you please put in minimal effort?  My mom would yell at me in high school if I left my room like that.
It’s not like the staff was rushed:

For a list of other optical illusions, click here

And why do you need two coffee cups?

In the Wake of Nudes

We don't support hacking
#TotalDrama stands united with naked celebrities

There was a horrible tragedy this past weekend. Many female celebrities’ online accounts were hacked and nude photos (selfies etc) were released to the public. Many of our fellow news outlets have taken it upon themselves to refrain from publishing the photos. #TotalDrama is a respectable site and, we too, will not show the photos except of the girl from Downtown Abbey if anybody can find those.                                           (Please link in comment section or email me directly)

Recently, many of the best looking looking internet celebrities have undertaken  a campaign to support the hacked celebrities and hopefully stymie cyber crime. Veronica Belmont, Mark Milan, Tom Merritt, Shannon Morse, iJustine,  Psy and others have voluntarily released nude selfies in solidarity….

Leo, this article is satire. You’re not funny bro. Seriously, please don’t. There is a time and place for jokes but please don’t. Leo, Veronica did not release photos, no one did, knock it off, #soup there are children on the internet. It was a joke Leo. Dude, you are crossing a line you can not uncross, DUDE. OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG  OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG

Is this enough?
Is this enough?

I can not un-see what I just saw. Nice knowing you all.
All the best, tell my wife I love her.

Update: Do not send pictures of Downtown Abbey girl, it is wrong and I  got them myself (finally.)

Gumbot fans rejoice:


Many of the kids out there are dreaming of one day becoming a Gumbot. But..it’s hard to know where to start. We at #TotalDrama care about the kids so we put this guide together:

  • Always speak in one tone and never show any inflection in your voice
  • Make jokes nobody gets, are not funny and make no sense to anyone but Joe Panetierri
  • Always wear black high crew neck undershirts. If they come in style just switch to white or try a V-neck
  • Pre Show interaction with fans should consist of saying “Whaddup chickenhead”
  • Post Show interaction with fans should last for no more than 20 seconds after picking a title
  • Segue into every ad read with:  ……In a sec …..but first
  • Never say ‘a lot’ or ‘many’ you will say bazilion or gazillion
  • Never say ‘funny’ you will say ‘hilarious,’
  • Start every new thought with; “well”
  • Use only the following six adjectives: Astonishing, Awesome, Important, Creepy, Scary and Cool, If you need more you can amend like so:
    1.Really (ie) Awesome
    2.Really really (ie) Awesome
    3.Super (ie) Awesome
  • Call people by their first and last name; Good morning Jason Howell. What do you think Don Reisinger?
  • Go on for 5 to 10 minutes with any thought and allow guests to do likewise, babel away, do not get to the point
  • The proper amount of time to spend on a dumb theory of yours is 20 minutes per half hour
  • The show length is irrelevant. Listeners will adjust their commutes, you’re an important news man.
  • Any press release from Google Inc. related to G+ or Google Glass, is a lead story
  • App updates in IOS are a #scoup
  • Ask bloggers how to run major corporations and countries regardless of their education or intelligence
  • Disparage Supreme Court Justices, CEOs and heads of state as “not knowing what they are doing”
  • Drum dat table

Sarah Silbert disrespected on the livestream by Mike Elgan

Noted tech journalist Sarah Silbert was disrespected the other day on the TWiT network livestream by host Mike Elgan. Silbert subsequently announced that she was leaving the technology press and some at #TotalDrama suspect that Mike Elgan’s abhorrent conduct may have been the last straw for her appearing on the TWiT network ever again.

Bless you Sarah, and we are sorry for your pain.

The video to the exact moment when Mike Elgan refers to “turd-flavored PopTarts” is below and is most likely the reason why Silbert is exiting her career.

Please tweet Sarah your condolences here: https://twitter.com/sarahsilbert