Alternatives to TWiT

We are often asked “Fine. You hate #Soup. But what else can I listen to?”

If you want tech-related podcasts and live streams, we’ve got you covered. Leave us a note in the comments for items to add!

Live Streams:

Unless otherwise stated, each live stream has a Roku channel as well.


13 thoughts on “Alternatives to TWiT”

  1. For fans of Microsoft’s products, the Windows Central podcast ( is good. Each episode is shorter than TWiT’s Windows Weekly, and though I don’t watch or listen to every episode, it seems to have a stronger consumer angle, and less of an enterprise angle, than Windows Weekly. In addition, see –> that is where they livestream their podcast as they record it, with a chatroom.

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  2. most of these shows suck even worse than twit, and the rest have broken links. “for fans of microsoft” – – are you fucking kidding me? for fans of microsoft, just go ahead and stick your head in a dirty toilet and flush, if you can figure out which button to click.

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