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Leo Laporte Humiliated His Segway Delivery Man On-Air

Human wastebucket, Leo Laporte, used his troll show he co-hosts with King Troll Jeff Jarvis, This Week in Google, as a platform to absolutely humiliate an innocent person on-air whose crime was to deliver his two fatty scooters to CeHO at his mansion on Wednesday. CeHO took delight in surreptitiously taking a photo of the delivery man’s ass-crack and then sent it to #Soup who was on the air and declared the man’s naked buttocks “fair game” for all to see. #Soup even used the poor man’s anal region in the show title.

El Gordo
El Gordo
Not much else to say on this one except watch the video below. Leo Laporte crowed today about riding them to work. Leo’s house is 2.2 miles away (driving distance) from the TWiT studio, and a 15 minute bike ride. It’s intensely disgusting and disappointing how far Leo has fallen since the respectable (minus the alleged sexual harassment) TechTV days.

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