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Media Superstar Howard Stern Belittles TWiT and Questions Revenue Numbers

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A Real Talent Howard Stern
A Real Talent: Howard Stern

Jeff Jarvis, CUNY adjunct professor of something, telephoned in to the Howard Stern radio program to kiss Howard’s ass. Between kisses, Google’s #1 fan tried to get in a plug for his other love; Leo Laporte.

Howard would have none of it and laid down the truth.

Howard openly called in to question the revenue numbers publicly given out by TWiT and Leo’s wife turned CEO. He went on to mock the chosen name of the network.
Howard; we loved you before and we love you more now, you have always been an inspiration to those of us tirelessly working at TotalDrama HQ. Babbooey dear friend.
Hey Jeff, thanks for helping out, we owe you one!

Longer Audio Clip

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Special thanks to long-time member of TotalDrama koolaide from our chat room and comments for the audio contributions. Team #OneAss.

Lisa Laporte [CEO] Creeping Her Way Across Europe

Guest SubmissionWe all know that legally it is permissible to photograph people in public (in the U.S.) but apparently Lisa Laporte thinks it is A.O.K. to take pictures of innocent strangers and post them on the internet. This from the bogus celebrity couple who can’t even stand to be questioned by the public without going after those inquisitive citizens. Hypocrisy, have you no limit?


It’s the targeting of teenagers that I can’t stomach, Lisa. You know?

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PadreSJ to help the poor!

PadreSJ is expected to spend time caring for the poor. He will console those in need. He will provide comfort to those who find themselves in dire straits. He will shelter those without homes. He will offer care to those who have no one to look out for them.

F the Poor
F the Poor

On second thought, he will continue using the money donated to the church by hardworking Catholics to supply slave labor to a man who hates Catholicism. A man who needs more commandments from god to make it a challenge to violate all ten decrees on a daily basis.

Gum and PadreSJ are banned from hosting “This Week in Tech”

Where are my facts?  Where is my proof? This is pure speculation!

My facts are my eyes and my proof is my reason. Here’s the facts, Jack:

  • For a decade now, #Soupguzzler has taken multiple vacations.
  • Spare TWiT hosts always fill in (Merritt, Lane, Padre, Gum etc.).
  • All of a sudden, outsiders are substitute hosting the weekly TWiT.
  • PadreSJ would do anything, even help the wretched poor, to host. We know he wasn’t busy.
Would you rather a unrelated pic of Shannon Morse or another Padre pic.
Would you rather see an unrelated pic of Shannon Morse or another Padre pic? I made my choice.

So use your brain…what happened? What changed? Why all of a sudden are they begging Becky and Kevin Rose to host? Maybe the TD premise is accurate. Maybe ratings are down. Maybe they are getting desperate. If you disagree, then buy another TWiT shirt.

Wake up kids, Rome is burning.

*Note: In the interest of saving space “the lovely and talented Sarah Lane” was referred to as “Lane” in paragraph 2 line 2. God forgive me but format matters

How to and How not to

From the ack it looks like...
From the back she looks like… Could it be….

Ignore the picture.
This morning I was on the subway and since I had woken a bit earlier than usual there was a new crop of fellow commuters whom I was not familiar with on my train. The car was not shoulder to shoulder packed but was moderately full.

I stood near the door and leaning with her back against the door in a belted A-line blue dress that fell just above her knees was a very attractive ring-less young woman.  Her coloring was magnificent, she must have had Middle Eastern or Spanish blood because her skin was a healthy olive tone. Her eyes were the perfect shade of green and she had those pale shaded lips, I am not sure what you call that color.

As fate would have it I had my most expensive jeans on along with a good pair of shoes and my greatest button-down shirt and of course my Beats-by-Dre headphones with a leather satchel bag. Urban-chic.


So I was spending this commute alternating between looking at her and playing with my iPhone and she was (I say this in all modesty) doing the same. When she looked up and caught my eyes on her, I did not do what you nerds would do. I did not look away, I held my gaze until she looked away with humility. At the next stop an empty seat opened up right in front of where I stood. All the nearby eyes of standing passengers flocked to the seat but it was mine, if I wanted it. I moved toward the seat but remained standing (like boxing-out for a rebound) and left a path for only her to sit. She accepted and only succeeded in half-hiding her smile. The rest of the ride was a joyful sparring match played with our eyes and I will not divulge the ending to this tale. I relay this story only to let people know how to treat a princess. And of course the one man who does the opposite.

Have you no shame LaPorte? You make her walk around without an ipad, where is your humanity? Whats is next, killing all the starving kids in Africa? Where does it end?

Watch Leo Laporte Grill Cali Lewis on Her Underage Relationship

This pleases him.
This pleases him.
Leo Laporte crossed an ethical and moral boundary on “Triangulation” as he grilled Cali Lewis on her underage relationship with a man she met when she was 12.

Live viewers were treated to a veritable horror show as the lecherous Laporte dragged the story out of Cali, now known as Luria Petrucci. Luria appeared visibly uncomfortable and laughed nervously as Laporte teased the details of her underage seduction by a man 10 years her senior.

Triangulation iTunes Information: Suitable for very young children.
“Triangulation” iTunes Information: Suitable for very young children.

As a network, TWiT has trumpeted for years its “family-friendly” nature. A keen observer alerted us that the RSS tags for the show indicated that the show was indeed safe for children, but we don’t know of any mother in the country that would be happy to have her child hear the lurid details that Laporte practically demanded that Luria divulge.

TWiT’s “Triangulation” is hosted solely by Leo Laporte, THEEEEEEEEE tech guy, and the show’s page describes it this way:

“Every week Leo talks to the smartest people in the world about the most important topics in technology.”

Poor Luria.
Poor Luria.
Watch his perverted glee below when delving into what is certainly not a technology topic, after being given multiple chances to stop. Our thoughts are with Luria and her family, and we are very sorry Leo Laporte treated her this way.

Funky Smell Causes Shut-Ins to Revolt

Love me or I kill you
Love me or I kill you

It was announced last night that the GizWiz was cancelled. Or, if you speak TWiT; GizWiz is transitioning into an expansion off the network.

Chad had a lovely dinner with Leo and ceO but we can not confirm what was discussed. What we do know  is that Gizwiz is moving to an independent model with  help from TWiT.

“Help from TWiT”

What is going on? Surely Chad knows how to set-up a Patreon on his own. Is TWiT chipping in cash,  out of the goodness of their heart? Is TWiT getting a cut of the profits? [speculation] More likely this is an experiment to help determine if TWiT can combine the Patreon model into the TWiT network somehow. Imagine if MBW got money from fans, in addition to advertising, under the illusion of paying the hosts more and then subsequently guess-who keeps the bulk of the contributions! Patreon will be soiled and made unpure.

Obviously #totaldrama is unable to throw our support at this Patreon without the murky details.

Padre was on hand for the taping of Chad’s final appearance on GizWiz to supply fake laughter and help control the sheep.

<+PadreSJ> eric######, do you even read what you write? Chad wasn't fired. The show wasn't cancelled. Nobody is upset... but you want it to seem as if Chad was canned, DickyD was forced out and there's bad blood. -- I'm just tired of the constant negativity.

Also, Sarah wasn’t fired from IPT & they’re working on a show for Shannon

[21:35] <eric#####> congrats, never /ignored a host before

Look at this, a member of TWITLIVE has a spine, congrats to you sir

 <&Dan> eric##### you may want to consider getting a life someday.  i let you troll in here for a good 2+ hours

He let you speak and talk and even emoji, how bout thanking him, Eric

 <@ScooterX> Cere####: FYI: thegizwiz is NOT off the network, he will be featured on The New Screen Savers and the Giz Fiz is not gone. <@ScooterX> as well as TTG weekly

Translation: You stupid fan, get with the program

 <&Dan> you don't think i'm reading what you're writing, holmes? :) <&Dan> i left, went somewhere, come back, and you're still taking little 3rd grade girl potshots

Sexist? Insults? Family friendly? Where did he go? Bathroom? 

Thank god for Instagram. The only place I can go to be free of trolls.

This post is brought to you by our new sponsor who we loooove. They’re so great. Offercode:Drama I got 2 wives from them:

Even a broken clock is right twice a day

The mic was accidentally left on and some details about the inner workings of TWiT came out. It seems they gave the WW hosts a raise and MJ thanked TWiT and made a lighthearted comment comparing the show’s pay to what she gets per article. The comment was relayed to #Soup and this is what was overheard.

TWiT Employee Hilton's  salary was not disclosed
TWiT Employee Hilton’s salary was not disclosed

Here comes the shocking part. This is the craziest thing I have ever seen or heard. I think Leo told the truth. WW gets about 60,000 DL and at 70CPM that is $4,200 per ad. They average about two ads per show so they make a about $8,400 a show. Paul and MJ get about $420 an episode (each) which is about 10%.

I do not have the where-with-all to go into if 10% of gross is fair or if this is true regarding other shows. Nor will I delve into what happened when Gina quit, did Jeff get a raise? I do not know how they handle three hosts vs two host split. Nor did I compare it to the quote that IPT costs 400K over 3 years.

I am in shock.