Katie Benner tells the truth about NatureBox

The ever-amazing Katie Benner is a new hero here at #TotalDrama when she told the truth about the disgusting box of gravel that is NatureBox. Watch the stunning video where Katie tells the truth about just how non-appetizing the snack company’s offerings really are.

11 thoughts on “Katie Benner tells the truth about NatureBox”

  1. They are a paying advertizement, so the regular twit hosts suck up to whom ever is the sponsor. And when the sponsor drops out, watch them get ousted by Leo. that was a hint 😉 lol

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  2. He is such a liar in this clip. The world’s dumbest person would know he’s lying through his teeth as he says “We absolutely love it here.”

    If TWiT sold rat poison, he’d be saying it’s the best rat poison ever and everyone should buy a box or three.

    These are absolutely horrible advertisers. It’s just embarrassing, and makes the entire company look desperate for cash when they take any and every advertisers product(s).

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    1. If they were selling Rat poison he’d say that it is “Super Super Great” and does a “Super and just Amazing at killing Rats”.

      Though it would scare them all, especially ratboy Jeff Needles and Leo wouldn’t want it in the building in case his CeHo uses the poison on him.

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  3. There was an even better catch on the live stream of Padre at CES – he does a live read for Gazelle… And the girl standing next to him says “my sister sold her phone to gazelle and it took forever to get her money” if you can find that one it’s a real gem

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