Megan Morrone Perturbs Pepcom Participants

Dear God. Why?
Dear God. Why?

TWiT has exactly two hosts on staff now: Megan and Jason. After the abortion of a presentation that Tonya delivered — where is she? — only Megan and Jason are available.

With the extremely obese fake priest trotting around Rome, Megan was sent to cover Pepcom. No, we don’t know what that is either. Perhaps an ulcer medicine.

During her idiotic “coverage” — most of which went unused in the actual “Live Special” — Megan took time out to admit that she actually is a monkey, despite her prior denials. She additionally confided in the live audience, telling them she feels dumb, but that wasn’t really a secret. Perhaps she’s not a 100% Dunning-Kruger case after all?

Enjoy the sweet sounds of Enya while watching Megan Morrone meditate.

Comparison between Megan and a monkey.
Comparison between Megan and a monkey.

Is Jon Kalish Infatuated With Father Robert Ballecer?

Jon Kalish: Author, not the GNU foot eating guy
Jon Kalish: Author, not the GNU foot eating guy

Father Robert Ballecer does a great job on the TWiT TV Network making LEDs blink, making LEDs blink, making LEDs blink, and also making LEDs blink. Editor’s note: Jimmy Jam pointed out that FMCP also talks about drones incessantly and does native ads for Acer.

But, what some may not know is his storied history at the TWiT TV Network. Never fear; the creepy Jon Kalish, who may or may not be gay for Father Robert Ballecer — not that there’s anything wrong with that — is on the case. The very same Kalish who has a long history of slobbing TWiT’s knob (example 2010, example 2014, example 2016).

Father Robert Ballecer
Fr. Robert Ballecer

In his latest long, sloppy blowjob of an article (archive link), he chronicles the rise of the morbidly obese fake priest from a dumpster diving — that happened — computer builder to a TWiT TV Network personality that makes LEDs blink.

The article also makes the claim that Tom Merritt is to blame for the existence of FMCP on the TWiT TV Network.

And, last but not least, in the article’s introductory section, Jon Kalish quotes an accurate YouTube commenter stating:

“A priest is doing ads? This is the end times.”


Leo Laporte Insults John C. Dvorak’s Writing on Windows Weekly

The wiser, more distinguished gentleman.
The wiser, more distinguished gentleman.

Leo Laporte can’t seem to keep his trap shut about John C. Dvorak.

The wise Dvorak hasn’t been back to TWiT since the banning, and he hasn’t been happy about all the insults (example, example, example, example). Always a man of class, Dvorak never responds in kind.

That doesn’t stop Leo Laporte from mentioning Dvorak at least once a week, however, almost always in a negative light.

In the video above, Leo makes fun of John again, doing his rude impression, and then makes fun of John’s headlines at PCMagazine. Paul Thurrott jokes that all of Dvorak’s current articles are rehashed content from the 1980’s with new product names inserted, and the portly Laporte agrees.

Just get over him, Leo!

Leo Laporte Discusses Dumping More TWiT Shows

Chins for days.
Chins for days.

Leo Laporte lives a pretty tough life. In between $22,000 cruises complaining about rancid food and getting butlers to serve CeHO for the next cruise, he has to occasionally show up to the Shoebox Studios to interrupt his guests/cohosts and say incorrect things on camera.

It takes a lot out of the poor guy, so he’s looking to drop more shows, reducing his “work” week to 4 days. He tried to rope Megan into hosting more shows, as you can see in the video above, and then ponders dropping Windows Weekly.

Look out Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley! Your shared hairdresser has to get paid somehow.

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Megan Morrone Plans Her Escape from Leo Laporte

Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.
Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.

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Can you just imagine Leo and Lisa using this thing?
Can you just imagine Leo and Lisa using this thing?

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TD loves that smile.
TD loves that smile.

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PCMag Native Ad: TWiT’s Chat Room is a “Global Braintrust”

Update 2: Shannon Morse’s — aka Snubs — picture has been removed from the original article by her own request. See the archive link for the original article.
Update 1: Shannon Morse — aka Snubshas responded to her corpse being trotted out for PadreSJ and Leo’s benefit.
Jon Kalish: Author, not the GNU foot eating guy
Jon Kalish: Author, not the GNU foot eating guy


Prior Leo Laporte scrot-licker Jon Kalish (2010, 2014, etc) wrote another fluff piece/native ad for TWiT’s benefit, and it’s a really funny piece this time.

PCMag’s headline is funny enough: Geek Squad? Nah, Try TWIT’s Chat Rooms (Archive link)

Subtitle: “TWIT can be accessed by anyone with a Web browser, and once you log in, you’ve tapped into a global braintrust.”

LOL again.

We don’t want to ruin the rest of the article, but it appears to have been ghostwritten by Father Robert Ballecer. There is lots of puffing up (get it?) of FMCP, including two pictures of him.

Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.
Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.

In the first picture, Jon Kalish shows a smiling Snubs (fired), Dale Chase (black, so also fired, of course), and FMCP starring in Coding 101 (cancelled).

In the latter picture, it appears Fr. Ballecer is proud of being squeezed to death by his priest costume.

The TWIT chat room does have its down side. In recent years, trolls have been so unpleasant that Laporte considered ending chat. Many moderators quit.

“These trolls are really vicious, horrible people,” Laporte told me.

How horrible? Someone recently made fun of the fact that a chat room regular known as Tater passed away.

Is this real life?

John C. Dvorak is similarly bemused.

Shannon Morse’s (Snubs) response to her corpse being trotted out for PadreSJ and Leo’s benefit

Additionally, she replied in the source article’s comments.

Shannon Morse PCMag Response Article Comments

Leo Laporte Says He Will Never Have an App and Wasted $85,000

What a douche.
Time capsule of the last time Leo learned something new about technology.

Leo Laporte measures things in tens of thousands of dollars. Some examples: $22,000 cruises. $350,000 website.

Previously, he claimed they had spent $60,000 on apps and had nothing to show for it.

Leo now claims they’re $15,000 or $25,000 — because who can be sure about a $10,000 price difference — further in the hole, still with nothing to show for it. The claimed total is now up to $85,000.

Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.
Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.

Perhaps CeHO Yoko just needs to allocate her time to it.

Why can third party developers make apps for free, but Leo Laporte and Lisa Laporte can’t even get a product they pay for? Are they that big of a joke and that big of a mark?