Leo Laporte, master of spin

Leo gives Chad the big "fuck you."
Leo gives Chad the big “fuck you.”

In the post-show to “MacBreak Weekly,” Leo Laporte just responded to chatroom queries about the demise of Chad Johnson’s employment at TWiT as Chad’s opportunity to “take OMGCraft to the next level.” Leo then added that he “loves and supports Chad.” He then quickly went on to say that he hoped to make Chad an “off-site producer.” We here at #TotalDrama have no idea what that means; and we suspect that Leo doesn’t either.

One wonders if Leo would have told the suffering victims of Nagasaki after the Americans dropped the bomb on them, that this was their “opportunity to rebuild a great Japanese city.”

For Leo and Lisa, “positive” news turns out to be exactly not that.

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  1. Cost-cutting. Things are going get rapidly smaller. Think about Game On, which Chad did ALL of the hard work on, they got an extension before the show was shut down within a week. When TWiT cuts down it happens fast and messy. Start a countdown on the Brick House… as soon as they can downsize they are GONE.

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  2. I stated from the beginning that Chad would be used as a scapegoat to finally axe the tedious Giz Wiz. That aspect of the plan will be executed within the next week. I suppose I feel sorry for Chad on a human level, but to me he was always a dense mimbo undeserving of his position and once he got that trendy haircut he really amped up the obnoxious queen attitude. I couldn’t watch anything he was on.

    His youth really shows today as he rashly starts a Patreon campaign to fund “whatever’s next”. It’s called unemployment, Chad. Only a fool would support this, particularly when he’s promising absolutely nothing. Why not just hop over to San Francisco and join the horde of beggars?

    I guess playing video games and entertaining autistic 12 year olds on YouTube isn’t as lucrative as one might think.

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    1. Go find one of those video game You Tube videos. Find a a handful of them. Look at them views. Now, think about if each 1000 views, give or take, was equivalent to about $8. That’s about what I get on mine. So unless you’re making $200,000 US you probably shouldn’t be making fun of his plans. A studio takes a little time and set up capital, so his patreon might help with that.

      There are people on TWITCH earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, playing video games.

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  3. @MarkByrn I noticed that too, I honestly keep trying to like Leo as he can be entertaining to watch and funny sometimes.
    But he more and more just comes across as a has been buffoon and a slob, stuffing his mouth while talking trash about people who are working hard for his ‘network’.
    Sad really!
    I enjoy MBWeekly, TWiG, WWeekly and Security Now is a pulse of my week, Steve Gibson should be applauded for his constant patience with Leo’s obnoxious behavior during that show!
    Times move on, plenty of other quality content to enjoy…

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