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War Against Us

Telling #Truth is not popular in all quarters. To see just to which length some sick individual will go, you don’t have to look much further than Robert Ballecer’s twitter account. Our previous article documents his lies and intimidation attempts where he mistakenly thinks that photoshopping my face out of a picture (although very creepy) would prevent us from exposing his perverted ways.

Others tried more direct approach. This is an email that has been sent to our hosting provider in an apparent attempt to take #TotalDrama down:

I stumbled upon this post when looking up a colleague: 
Get yourself together, girl
I clicked around the website and noticed some posts were harassing:
Lisa wears a skirt for one reason only
Others are defaming.
Lights Curiously Out on One Particular Dropcam
Petaluma is not the picturesque paradise that Laporte purports
The WHOIS shows the site hosted on a Digital Ocean server at Is this allowed? Concerned, Susan Peterson

Good thing our hosting provider values free speech more than an attempted by a random internet troll to shut us down.

More Allegations by Roberto 3X

The father of hate’s original attempt to stir the community did not rile them to his crusade against the free speech advocates of TotalDrama.org

So he made up a story that [name redacted] was ddosed even though [name redacted] was simultaneously in six irc rooms and on twitter. Failed again.

In his latest attempt, he is actually going so far as to accuse total drama of interfering with suicide prevention. Are accusations of murder far behind?

He then did another veiled doxing threat against a charter member of td.o. (It is this websites policy not to post doxings so we will not post it, seems nothing is sacred to Padre, #JarvisLogic)
Whats next, expose that richardya is a Brony? Not gonna happen, that closeted passion of his, is well covered under multiple layers of VPN and TOR.

Robert Ballecer Issuing Twitter Threats Now

A regular #TotalDrama reader alerted us to the following tweet by Robert Ballecer:

First, lets clarify some of the language here. At TWiT “troll” means “person who disagrees with us in public”. This according to the company owner and soup connoisseur – Leo Laporte.

Ballecer should know that some employers can be very  tolerant, so his attempt at extorting the truth teller in question might not work. He is working for one of them. At his workplace child abuse and pedophilia is dealt with by protecting the offenders, moving them around to new safe locations, where other children are in jeopardy of being abused.

For someone who as a priest has jizz more often on his lips than Jesus, Ballecer should really be careful about throwing stones in his glass house. Upcoming “Pervert Robert” Youtube supercut will document the sick things this tormented soul has said live on air, and in various IRC chatrooms, over the past couple of years.