Massive changes hit TWiT schedule

Sarah, Chad and Amber have had their shows axed.
Sarah, Chad and Amber have had their shows axed.

Massive changes have hit the TWiT schedule—and they have hit hard. Lisa’s memo was posted here, but it’s repeated below just in case the a-holes at TWiT HQ take it down. (We are very thorough here at #TotalDrama.) Many avid TWiT hate-watchers are scratching their heads in absolute disbelief that Two Ton Tonya’s bullshit marketing show “Marketing Mavericks” didn’t get the ax. As a result, Sarah Lane is hanging by a thread and Chad Johnson should be looking for other work. The flame-headed freak has had his network presence slashed to the bone.

Here’s Lisa’s memo in all its “You’re Fired” glory:

As we head into October, there will be a few changes on TWiT.
Starting next week, OMGcraft will be leaving our network. Chad “OMGchad” Johnson will continue his show independently, and new episodes will be posted on the OMGcraft YouTube channel.
We are also retiring The Social Hour. Originally called net@night, it is one of our longest-running netcasts, starting when “social media” was still in its infancy. As the landscape has matured and trends have shifted towards apps, we feel that social media coverage is now a part of almost every show on our network.
For similar reasons, redditUP will also be going on hiatus. It may return in a revamped form at some point.
Chad will continue to co-host The Giz Wiz, and you’ll still see him at the Tricaster throughout the week. Sarah Lane will continue to host Tech News 2Night and iFive for the iPhone, in addition to co-hosting iPad Today. You can keep up with Amber MacArthur’s latest projects by following @ambermac on Twitter.
Marketing Mavericks will be moving to Thursdays at 12 noon, starting on October 2.
As always, we appreciate your support as we go through these changes. Leo and I continuously strive to make TWiT the best it can be and we couldn’t do it without you.

In a possibly related move, it appears that Sarah Lane’s Wikipedia entry has been deleted.

31 thoughts on “Massive changes hit TWiT schedule”

  1. Congratulations to for giving voice and breaking the news on this platform.

    I understand that the TWiT IRC was silent when the cancellation notification was posted with no comments from its participants whatsoever.

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    1. Well…. IRC is going to be quite. There is nobody left to be outspoken. It is all the people with Glazed Donut eyes looking at the screen and chanting LEO LEO LEO!

      I am shocked! Stunned! unbelievable!

      Couldn’t give a crap about Chad, but Sarah Come’on! She is the bright part of the day seeing her reading the news in the Afternoon!

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  2. OMGCraft died the moment is hit the water and I have nothing against Two Ton Tonya but how in the heck does Mike Elgum still have a job at TWiT?

    The guy has the IQ of a fish.

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  3. How much long does iFive have? Or Sarah Lane? Soon she will be down to a few hours at TWiT, Lisa will plug that into her spreadsheet and boom. No more Sarah.

    Also expect editor hours to be cut or layoffs to extend there.

    Why is Tonya still there?

    I expect TNT to die soon as well. A deserved death.

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    1. What do you expect. They did this so that there would be a week for the dust to settle and for others to get the ire of the viewers.

      Why wasn’t Padre’s corner cut! It has no advertising and therefore costs money to make. It is strange that OMGCraft got cancelled after all the ‘glowing’ reviews by Lardass Leporte.

      I guess that Sarah and Chad upset someone? I know that Chad screwed something up during one of Leo’s shows and maybe Sarah is in trouble for ignoring his sleazy advances!

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  4. Thanks TotalDrama – I truly appreciate your coverage of everything!

    As for TWiT….wow…I mean, axing shows is never a good sign, especially a long-running one like The Social Hour/net@night. As for OMGCraft, my guess is that the Minecraft enthusiast exodus has begun after the Microsoft purchase and TWiT doesn’t see a future in it, so kill it now.

    I don’t think the company has produced one good new thing since Leo’s gal pal was introduced, and all they seem to do is a shotgun blast approach to seeing “what sticks.” That’s a terrible way of doing business for an established company.

    Long story short – you want a good show and devoted audience? You need talent. And if you get good talent, you gotta pay for good talent. I know Leo likes to be involved in all the major shows, but I listen to Windows Weekly and that dude seriously holds the show back. It’s obvious he outright hates Windows (and let’s be fair, there’s plenty to dislike) and he CONSTANTLY eats (chews and slurps!) during that one show.

    And HE is TWiT’s best talent? Eat off the clock, buddy.

    TWiT’s doing terribly, and you can tell by their pithy advertisers now and attitude towards to scaling down (which used to not even be discussed).

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  5. Sarah only survives because Leo likes her. Lisa doesn’t like her. Although the stupid fucking gold digging former bookkeeper whore runs twit, Leo, incredibly, still has final veto power. Like some kind of oafish security council member.

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    1. But Lisa ultimately decides everything because Leo will do anything to please her and keep her from leaving him. It’s sick how desperate for love he is that he’ll let that bitch destroy TWiT.

      I feel like ever since their relationship started, Leo has gotten worse as a person. I get the impression that he was always kind of a douche at heart, but Lisa has made him 10x more arrogant and 10x more of a douche.

      It’s sad that this podcast network, which was a “labor of love” about 6 years ago, is now a ruthless business that operates by “old media” strategies. As recently as two years ago, TWiT would openly share with the public all of their behind-the-scene stuff and all of their future plans, but now every single thing (even something as simple as a studio equipment upgrade) is a complete secret, and now they’re cancelling shows without notice and not even letting them say goodbye. I’m sorry, but I didn’t start watching TWiT because I wanted to watch “old media”, and they’re certainly starting to act more and more like “old media”.

      Remember 3 years ago when all of the employees were beaming from ear to ear as they were happily setting up the new Brickhouse studio? Now, half of that crew is gone, and the other half that’s left seems to be stressed out all the time as they slave away trying to meet deadlines lest the wrath of Lisa be cast upon them. TWiT is now run like any other “old media” network – fueled by the greed of its owner/CEO who look at their employees as disposable slaves (See Stewart, Jeff and Lanigan, Erik and even Merritt, Tom). Actually, it’s worse than a normal corporation because it’s a small business, and Leo clearly knows all of his employees, yet the only employees he values are those that kiss his ass by waiting on him hand and foot, serving him coffee, salad, and #soup at the snap of a finger. If you refuse to do these things for the #soupguzzler, you’re on the shitlist, and you might as well start putting those resumes out there because your time at TWiT won’t last much longer.

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      1. Didn’t Leo make some snarky remarks recently about Revision 3…how it copied them…and then got sold to Discovery for $30 million? He’s just mad he couldn’t sell TWiT at any point — and he actually could have, but since he refused to let other hosts prop up the shows without him, no company wanted to buy TWiT…because company wanted to buy Leo.

        So yeah, maybe Leo is a better “host” than the average person doing podcasts…but the TWiT brand is worthless, unlike Revision 3 which sold for tens of millions of dollars.

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        1. ‘Was’ a better host than most podcasters. Now he just says random bullshit that other hosts have to correct. Horrible conversation. When you spend all your time defending why you had to get back on facebook so you can ‘keep up’ with things then trip over Mindcraft no wait mind-Minecraft, I don’t know its a thing kids are into kids, whatever, when Minecraft is kind of a HUGE thing, go fuck yourself when fucking Mary Jo, the NON GAMER has to explain its a total thing. And don’t get me started on throwing away Crunchyroll like that’s not a thing either, guess what, there’s also a thing called the Internet and TWiT is becoming a much smaller piece of it. At least when Marc Maron doesn’t know shit about World of Tanks he gives a damn fine sponsor read about it. Almost made me want to game in some tanks. But Minecraft, that’s going away soon, right? That’s not anything important in the world of technology, maybe because no one gives a fuck about buying TWiT cuz he ran the mindshare into the fucking ground? Mineshare? Nevermind…

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          1. Leo gets upset when there is not an argumentative angle to his shows because he thinks he makes the shows “Better watching”. That’s why he likes to have Jeff Angry Jarvis that is angry at the world around him on TWIG and That’s also why he likes to have JC DVorak on TWiT, it’s because he makes statements that can incite argument.

            It does amaze me the way that Elgum can make Tech Reporters that he has as ‘guest co-hosts’ suddenly decide that they can no longer do it or literally give up reporting Tech and move to a field so far from Tech it is unbelievable.

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  6. It actually makes sense to dump OMGcraft. Twit is mainly a podcast network. And what Chad is doing is more of a visual medium. Look at the respective views for OMGcraft vs TWIT, and OMGcraft blows it away. But I bet it gets 1/100 of the downloads.

    And with YouTube, you can’t monetize your videos if you have instream sponsorship. So it is probably in Chad’s best financial interest to take it off the network.

    But I agree that Leo holds a lot of shows back with his buffoonery.

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  7. Do you like misogyny?

    Do you like creepy stalker posts?

    Do you like disgusting insults?

    Do you like pots calling kettles black?

    Do you like poorly written “comedy” posts?

    Then you will LOVE

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  8. For the live stream this is a mistake, dead air/repeats are a switch off.

    I’m not really sure what they’re up to, if they had ideas for hit shows they would have put them into production. Instead we’re left with holes in the schedule while the management disappear off to London for a week.

    Amber Mac says she only found out this morning (after 8 years), either TWiT management are completely incompetent or assholes.

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    1. I think they got a larger than usual Flosoft bill for the month and had to cut costs so that they can live the high life while visiting the UK and when they get back and start packing up and moving into the Bedroom at Laporte Towers for the three remaining shows a week with Chad dancing around in a flap TD’ing those few remaining shows.

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  9. Looks like TWiT will go from barely watchable to unbearable to watch!

    At least the IRC will be lively with the constant kicking and banning to make it Leo Friendly.

    I remember getting a shitty layoff. I was actually working for a company overseas and they sent an email to a fellow worker who also being given the push asking if he would tell me while I was sent one telling me that he was being dumped and asking if I would inform him!

    We were then left in a foreign country and told to find our own ways home!

    Did I would for Skeletor Kentzell or Laporte and didn’t know about it??

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  10. I wonder what the network would look like if Leo did really just broadcast from his house. How soon do you think that could happen? Unless there are new shows under development, I can’t imagine being interested in tuning in all that often.

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    1. Can you just imagine ” Live from Master Bedroom…” or worse still but more appropriate “Live from the Robotic Crapper…”

      I don’t think there are new shows this is the collapse in progress. Same way as TechTV slide down the pan. Presenters just vanished and were replaced by other employee’s and then whole shows vanished without warning. Leo copied the TechTV playbook and he’s copying it right up to the end.

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      1. Yep, notice how there seems to be nothing new in the works, and they’re not even doing Inside TWiTs all that often anymore (just when they want to sell t-shirts). The rare times they do an Inside TWiT, and Lisa gets asked a question about the business, she gets really defensive and goes into damage control mode.

        Notice how hard it is to fill the panel on the TWiT podcast now? They used to only have problems on holiday weekends and would be fine every normal weekend, but now they’re struggling on a weekly basis just to find people.

        The ship is sinking.

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  11. maybe Leo is moving the studio back to his house because he would have to drive less thereby decreasing the chance of a car accident where his nuts are found falling out of Lisa’s mouth, 6 yards away

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