Gum and PadreSJ are banned from hosting “This Week in Tech”

Where are my facts?  Where is my proof? This is pure speculation!

My facts are my eyes and my proof is my reason. Here’s the facts, Jack:

  • For a decade now, #Soupguzzler has taken multiple vacations.
  • Spare TWiT hosts always fill in (Merritt, Lane, Padre, Gum etc.).
  • All of a sudden, outsiders are substitute hosting the weekly TWiT.
  • PadreSJ would do anything, even help the wretched poor, to host. We know he wasn’t busy.
Would you rather a unrelated pic of Shannon Morse or another Padre pic.
Would you rather see an unrelated pic of Shannon Morse or another Padre pic? I made my choice.

So use your brain…what happened? What changed? Why all of a sudden are they begging Becky and Kevin Rose to host? Maybe the TD premise is accurate. Maybe ratings are down. Maybe they are getting desperate. If you disagree, then buy another TWiT shirt.

Wake up kids, Rome is burning.

*Note: In the interest of saving space “the lovely and talented Sarah Lane” was referred to as “Lane” in paragraph 2 line 2. God forgive me but format matters

Where’s the proof that Leo Laporte’s wife is not trying to murder him with food?

Lisa Kentzell appears remarkably relaxed for somebody who is quite possibly thinking of murdering her husband with food.
Lisa Kentzell appears remarkably relaxed for somebody who is quite possibly thinking of murdering her husband with food.

The editorial board at TotalDrama is looking for proof that Lisa Kentzell is not trying to murder her husband, Leo Laporte, with food. Up until this point, we’ve been able to monitor Leo’s health on the TWiT livestream. But now that the pair is allegedly on vacation, we can no longer see that Leo is alive. We have no solid evidence that Lisa Kentzell has not, in fact, succeeded in murdering Leo by feeding him to death.

Please, we are reaching out to the TWiT viewing public and are desperate for any “proof of life” for Leo Laporte. If you have any information that his wife has not killed him, then you must come forward—either by leaving a comment or by contacting local authorities.

Crazy eyes, threatening smile...we fear the worst
Crazy eyes, threatening smile…we fear the worst.

Is this the face of a loving wife?

Leo’s “Million Dollar” Studio May Soon Be Priced Beyond His Reach

Update: Leo has now confirmed he is losing the studio.

Major, major props to the reader who sent this #scoup in. This slipped by the editorial board and regulars in our chatroom, but it was sent in as a tip. Please continue to send in tips to keep the site full of great news.

Leo flips off the audience
Right back at ya.
Leo “Dick Pic” Laporte can’t stop showing his private chats and other information on the screen. He has no self control. Here’s another in a long line of “whoops” and “oops”.

We first reported on TWiT’s lease information when the building was put up for sale. Take a look at the raw PDF (bottom of page 4) for the details. The original lease expired 3/31/2015 and was renewed. The information in the PDF shows it’s at $1.50 per square foot.

Lease Expiration Monthly Lease Amount
3/31/2015 $13,160
3/31/2016 $14,100
3/31/2017 FMV $???

We now have new information, courtesy of the CeHO, from a Google Hangout #Soup was so kind to display for us.

Our transcript (possible errors)

“… restaurant “The Patio” who is buying the building. Warren just responded that he cannot extend us beyond a year next year because of the LOI. The realtor said they would be interested in extending us beyond a year but we will be paying for the basement. Let’s see if the deal goes through.”

Lease Expiration Monthly Lease Amount
3/31/2018 FMV + Basement Rent $$$$ ???

Hilton A. Goring is wondering if he should still come in to work tomorrow.
Hilton A. Goring is wondering if he should still come in to work tomorrow.
So we now know that if they extend their lease again, they will be paying fair market value in addition to paying for their very large basement they use for the business. This might come close to doubling their square footage. Might this more than double their rent with fair market value plus the large amount of extra square footage?

One of our editors previously made a video of Leo’s terrible fears that the Shithouse might soon have to close.

Video discussing the restaurant moving in

Cropped image #Soup displayed

Help us transcribe if you think we made mistakes.
Help us transcribe if you think we made mistakes.

Raw video

This is here because Leo “Dick Pic” Laporte accuses Total Drama of “photoshopping” as if we’d ever need to.

Does Leo Encourage Defrauding Advertisers?

Something is rotten in Petaluma. An eagle-eared IRC commenter noticed that Leo may have a motive for his crap website. There is a suspected plot that has been offered up for review: It seems a certain pot-bellied, overly-sleepy, article-reading slob may have a reason for asking for people to get the API key and develop, develop, develop.

How About This For a BUssiness
How About This For a Business?

What does he have in mind? What doesn’t his audience have?  It seems kinda weird to want all these mobile applications and websites with redundant purposes. Could he be looking for someone to program applications to auto-download all his podcasts? Maybe that is where the mass exodus of Mods went? They code? This is easier money than making good shows!

More Powerful That Padres Anti-Troll Program
More Powerful That Padre’s Anti-Troll Program

Fret not, drama people. We may have an API key and are possibly developing an app that downloads the episodes to a server of our own that you can re-download. The #guzzler won’t get to chow down on those extra-large buckets of #soup. We may even have a way to reverse the download numbers thereby effectively shoving the podcast back up Leo’s ass.

Tom Merritt betrays his Patreon supporters with return to TWiT

Why has Tom Merritt decided now to return to TWiT after a nearly two-year absence?
Why has Tom Merritt decided now to return to TWiT after a nearly two-year absence?

UPDATE: Tom is indeed getting some pushback about this on his Patreon page. And he’s said himself in the comments that his Patreon is down by six supporters.

UPDATE 2: If you think that we’re over exaggerating the bizarre nature of Tom appearing again on TWiT, please remember this little gem of an e-mail message that Leo sent.

Tom Merritt—his career nearly destroyed by a vengeful Leo Laporte—is returning as a guest this Sunday to “This Week in Tech,” effectively plunging a dagger into the backs of his Patreon supporters. Tom, of course, has been making a name for himself as the host of the “Daily Tech News Show” after leaving TWiT. The ever-greedy Leo denied Tom’s deserved salary increase so Lisa could continue her penny-pinching assault on the entire TWiT staff.

Many are dumbfounded with Tom’s intention to help bolster Leo’s sagging ratings and view his return to the Brickhouse as a slap in the face to their financial support of Tom’s quest for independence.

Sarah Lane is thrilled to be on "The New Screen Savers."
Sarah Lane is thrilled to be on “The New Screen Savers.”

Rumors are swirling that Leo softened his stance relative to the departed TNT star because his network is floundering. Hot on the heels of Sarah Lane’s appearance on “The New Screen Savers,” one can only imagine that Iyaz Akhtar will appear on “Before You Buy” next week.

So if you haven’t already withdrawn your support from Tom Merritt’s Patreon, you can click here to show your displeasure and keep your hard-earned money.

The back-and-forth is getting interesting:


Scott Wilkinson is full of shit

Do not adjust your set. Scott Wilkinson seems to prefer looking like he just walked off the surface of the sun.
Do not adjust your set. Scott Wilkinson seems to prefer looking like he just walked off the surface of the sun.

Self-proclaimed video expert Scott Wilkinson is full of shit. The fat old Santa Claus impersonator and host of the AVS Forum (whatever the fuck that is) likes to go on and on about how important calibrating your video monitors is. In fact, he’s dedicated a whole show, “Home Theater Geeks” to talking about how vital his services are.

But the man with the world’s scariest laugh appears regularly on TWiT shows looking like a ragged orange with a beard. So just exactly how are we expected to trust anything this guy has to say about video quality when he looks like he just stepped off the surface of the sun?

And just as a reminder, he’s been a kook for quite some time:

Almost nothing Leo Laporte claims about his network is true

A search for "This Week in Tech" reveals nothing on the music-streaming service Spotify.
A search for “This Week in Tech” reveals nothing on the music-streaming service Spotify.

As the minutes turn into hours and the hours give way to months, the flowing sands of the hourglass serve as a reminder that change is constant and the world is forever evolving—but not so Leo Laporte.

His delusions and lies stand as firm as the foundational stones of the ancient pyramids. It was trumpeted on nearly every TWiT show that Spotify would be featuring “This Week in Tech” in their new podcast section on the music-streaming service. But a recent search on Spotify reveals nothing: No “TWiT,” no “TNT,” certainly no “Marketing Mavericks.”

So thanks for nothin’, Leo. You got us again with another one of your classic boastful exaggerations. “We looooooooooove Spotify.”

Well, apparently Spotify doesn’t love you.

Leo Laporte drags Megan Morrone into his vile world

Tech commentator and shitty-looking blog owner Leo Laporte—long known for being a vile and disgusting pig who regularly sexually harasses his employees—has taken his lecherous ways to a whole new level.

Laporte, a formerly-beloved tech talker now resorts to spreading the verbal equivalent of his legs and proceeds to squat right on the head of mother of three Megan Morrone during a recent taping of “iOS Today.” Morrone does her best to hide her shame with a forced laugh and a somewhat clever misdirection. But the video doesn’t lie.

Leo’s “I get penetrated, sometimes daily” joke falls like a dirty brick in her lap and there’s nothing she can do but play along. One can only imagine that she needs the money, otherwise why would a decent mother of three young children sit there and take this abuse from an old man?

TN2 posts cock pic during live show

The TWiT network is basically just 24 hours of pure filth these days.
The TWiT network is basically just 24 hours of pure filth these days.

Last week, during “Tech News 2Night” caterpillar-eyebrowed host Megan Morrone allowed a cock pic (seen above) to be posted live on-air during her evening news show. The Italian mother of three has obviously been influenced by Leo’s flashing of his own flaccid and tiny member. No word yet on whether Megan’s faux pas will result in the shutting down of the chatroom as Leo vowed during his #DickGate adventure in smut.

And for all your TWiT apologists out there who think that this image was Photoshopped, here’s the video proof from TWiT’s very own YouTube channel: