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Say it ain’t so, Leo


25% to charity, no way
25% to charity, no way, I refuse to believe this libel.
Well deserved 60K spent on a car
Well deserved 60K spent on a car

I do not believe this image and neither should you. There is no way the #soupguzzler is keeping 75% of the proceeds for recording a greeting. No one would keep money intended for starving children. I just do not believe it.
Food? Maybe. Money? No.
The guy has plenty of money. If you want to donate to UNICEF click here. Send me the receipt and I’ll record you a voice mail. And please whoever photo-shopped this, turn yourself in. There are people working overtime in the factory to make a donation and they deserve to know where the funds go?

Idle Talk about Drama

Problem s0lved
Problem s0lved
Leo: At this point I can actually recognize them. There are two guys, with a third who chimes in periodically.

and we recognize you, that is you on the right

Leo: I think they actually feel like jilted lovers

Wowzers, slow down lover, TWiT used to be good but “lovers” is extreme

Leo: it's kind of sad

kind of sad, kind of funny, like Obi-Wan said, it depends on point of view

Leo: They each have their odd obsessions

and Steve Gibson takes breaths mid-sentence

Leo: well also he has the week off from mom's business so, more time to troll

Moms was nice to give the whole week off

Leo: it's terribly sad

you have no idea

Blame Canada

*Editors Post*

    .eu 4ever
.eu 4ever

We have left totaldrama.ORG and moved to totaldrama.EU. Look at your URL if you do not believe me. And…. we will be moving IRC servers too. Everything you love will still be here, just Europeanish to fit in with the other .EU’s. No longer will we be harassed by the freedom-loving Americans and their cowboy boots. Leo, Sarah and Burke have already updated their bookmarks—and so should you. (IRC info)

America was cool but if Gum won’t move away on his own, we will be forced to lead as role models. Maybe one day he will follow our example. And I don’t mean travel to Shenzhen China to cover stories about hard drive manufacturing. Do not worry, the whole team acted as one and all your favorite writers are on board, everyone from Helloworld to Captain Juno to Emojit3ch. Thank you, on behalf of everyone, to the team who worked day and night on this noble task. It was so moving to see everyone chipping in with their expertise.

I am looking forward to a 2015 filled with real journalism and no ad hominem attacks. Welcome to Canada!

*A percentage of some proceeds from site will be donated to Unicef (.0000001 like TWiT)

No Ethics

Everyone at TWiT said it was wrong to look at the hacked (stolen) nude celebrity pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, so I didn’t.

Can someone explain to me how this is any different? Why is #Soupguzzler taking pleasure in exposing hacked (stolen)secret information about celebrities? Jezuz, I guess the trend started by the news director has permeated the building.
Is TD.N the only ethical place left?

For the record, James Franco is a good guy who did not want to be chauffeured around in a limo, so his agent did his job, and got James the money he was entitled to. It’s standard practice that at a certain level of movie celebrity, the star gets limo service, James preferred to drive so he took the cash in leu. So would I.

Gum Loves G+

Editor’s Post

Gum can write article after article about how great G+ is, but all he does is mock himself when he does this. Personally, I hate Facebook and think G+ is a very attractive platform. But, and this is a big but, like Kim Kadashian big, no one is on G+. Only Gum can miss the point that people are kind of important to a social network. Google hyped up charlatans like Gum himself and ruined the network.

The guy has almost four million followers and posts his shows on G+ and TNT ratings dropped when he took over?
Explain that someone.

Sick Maniac
Sick Maniac, is that Chickenhead21????????????

There’s not a single thing featurewise that I can think of that’s better on Facebook than it is on Google+. (Facebook has everybody, but that’s not a feature. It’s a catastrophic accident of history.) The Gum

Gumbot, people are kind of an important part of a social network. Take that sentence out of the parenthesis and think about it a bit longer.

Tom Hanks, what a guy

Loves Elgum
Loves Elgum

So douchebags always start sentences with the word “so.” A few years ago I was home alone watching the Oscars. Jon Stewart was hosting, and at that time Jon was not such a big shot. Tom Hanks, one of the true nice guys of Hollywood is set to come on stage. Jon Stewart begins the segment with Tom’s introduction, they play some music, massive curtains give way and Hanks starts to walk out in front of everyone in Hollywood and the television audience. I think I see Tom yelling something angrily for a half second but the camera cuts away from him. Did I imagine it? I rewind it over and over (yay cable tv DVR $4.99) and I was right. He was pissed as hell.

Hear me roar
Hear me roar

The next day I come to work and of course people are discussing the Oscars. That reminds me of what I saw and I am amazed that no one else noticed it. I check the internet to find out what happened and it is no where on the internet. Was it a dream? I scour the internet and finally find it mentioned on some forsaken forum.  Apparently he was upset that they played him out to music (Forrest Gump I think) that he did not want. What an asshole. I thought he was such a great guy, he seemed so nice on Ellen or some such show.

Slave Owner
Slave Owner

Low and behold a year or two later they are shooting a movie (a very common occurrence on the streets of NYC) of Mr. Hanks’ on some Avenue in Manhattan. Some cretin with a clipboard and a lot of keys is waving everyone across the street. (Usually they are set up for hours with celebs in trailers and only shoot for like 15 minutes) So, Tom is there and I start screaming, “Tom, Tom, Tom!” at the top of my lungs. He ignores me so I scream louder and he looks at me all agitated. So I scream, “Tom wave! Tom Wave!” and he finally rushes an insincere wave. What a fuckhead. He waved like I was annoying him, meanwhile I was nice and crossed the street instead of walking right past the clipboard wielding  freak on a headset, even though I know the permit doesn’t preclude me from walking right through their precious setup. Bottom line, celebrities are like U.S. Presidents, they are all assholes or they wouldn’t be President.

Who We Is

Just because I retired, doesn’t mean I can’t tell the world…

who we are!


Happy #totaldrama day everyone!!!
It is customary to get kicked from TWiTlive IRC at least once on October 23rd in observance of this day. And thank you to the lovely and talented Sarah Lane for giving us our daily tech news on this holy of holy days.
Amen and may god bless you all.

Giving Up

I am giving up on the crusade. (Just me, not others at the blog) It is important to tear through the propaganda and lies and a lot of that is being done here. Hopefully people will think before accepting everything they hear.  To me, it seems none of the  good goals will be reached, some people will just not admit mistakes and change ain’t gonna come.

In the end, if people are apparently getting hurt, then I have to take responsibility for my part. I do still believe their chat room should be fair game until they stop their insults on kicks.  I am also happy having our alternative chatroom where anything can be said. But if this tiny blog of jokes is hurting people somehow, what can I do. I also have an anti-Redsox blog I guess I should take down too. I am only one guy so the blog will continue, so stay plugged in to all the other great artists and writers here.
And so it goes.

I Give Up
I Give Up, Thank You All for Your Support and May God Bless the Lovely & Talented Sarah Lane.