Get Ready for Dick!

Update: Chad has stated unequivocally now that not a dime from the Patreon campaign goes to Soup or CeHO. Click here to read more.

Rest in peace, idealistic Chad.
Rest in peace, idealistic Chad.
Giz Wiz is gone from TWiT. That much we all know. Some readers may not know the back story. We are here to inform the masses.

Famed soup-slurper Leo Laporte used to employ Chad full-time as a TD and host of various shows. He first axed Chad’s shows and then later spun this as a good thing. #Soup just loooooooooooooooooooooooooves Chad.

They loooooooove Chad.
They loooooooove Chad.
Chad, much like Erik (peace be upon him), couldn’t really grasp the concept being fired, and still stuck around for the pittance that #Soup offered him weekly for the Giz Wiz. Having lost his job, Chad had little choice, so for this, we cannot blame him, and we still supported him. We knew he was on the way way out; that’s the way Leo operates. Leo never outright fires anyone. He prefers to cut off most of their money in an attempt to make them quit on their own and he hopes no one will notice the cause and call him on it (chat mods are there to enforce the silence). See: JRY, Snubs, Erik, Chad, etc.

The very insightful Richard Yes found the evidence and brought to light the fact that the cancellation of The Giz Wiz was imminent. Unfortunately, we were correct, but Leo Laporte couldn’t even be a man and tell Chad and Dick they were fired. Leo gave Chad and Dick the cold shoulder until after the Sunday TWiT when he announced The New Screen Savers. This was news to Dick and Chad. They found out via a phone call after he publicly announced it to everyone.

#Soup, never one to outright fire anyone, pushed them onto Patreon, since he saw that worked well to get rid of Chad once before.

For continuing coverage of the situation, also read’s coverage of the matter.

We wish Chad well, but we will not give one single dime to him until he explicitly states that #Soup and TWiT get no money from the Patreon operation. This is very concerning to us, because Leo said he is giving technical assistance to the fledgling podcast. We encourage Chad to clarify this matter as soon as possible in order to release the contributions from the Total Drama faithful. See the latest post regarding this matter where Chad clarifies that #Soup gets no money from this Patreon campaign.

27 thoughts on “Get Ready for Dick!”

  1. Give a had a break….oh wait, you guys hate Chad. You dint want to see him succeed since he’s still getting help from Leo and Lisa. Oh and quit making sexist remarks about Lisa, Jimmy Jam. You must be a woman hater, like a lot of you idiot trolls here.

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  2. Hey Molly cuntface – you’re trolling us. If you don’t like our site, then get the fuck out of the room!

    Lisa is fucking ugly and looks like a man in drag. She’s probably the ugliest person I’ve ever seen . But my guess is that you are:


    and compared to you, the CEHo looks like Angelina Jolie!

    Fuck off, you smelly cunt. Get your over-the-hill, expired ass out of here.

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  3. Leo outright fired me. In his office. Which has glass wall so the entire studio could see what was happening. On my way out I mentioned that I had to walk past everyone through the studio and how awkward that would be. He just laughed.

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  4. Unfortunately, Clad has never filled Leo’s shoes as the host of The Giz Wiz. He is basically just doing the same shtick as Leo did, just not as good. I like Chad but he isn’t a great host for the show.

    Leo and Lisa still suck btw. When Leo was host he was buying expensive Skymail crap. Now, Clad gets sh*t from the dollar store? Oh coarse it sucks, it’s from the dollar store.

    The fact is Lisa hates dick.

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  5. The fact that they’re letting The Giz Wiz go shows that they have lost the respect for anybody; doesn’t matter who they were or what kind of friendship status they have. The new rules of TWiT go like this.

    1. Friends don’t mean anything.
    2. Money means something.
    3. Relevancy means everything.

    That and the fact that Chad (despite doing the same stuff as Leo) has youth, can think outside the box and has managed to stabalize the Giz Wiz audience; Leo realized if they put Padre or Needles on then it would jeapordize the show and would cause further harm.

    In fact, what better way to kill it than to move the timeslot around, purposefully destroy it’s ratings and move it to lower-teir status on TWiT? Yoko Kuntzell you are brilliant.

    It gives the justification for them to go independent while getting rid of the old and bringing in the new, the boring, the sheep, the people who manipulate everything and of course, the gold-digger.

    Glad to see you back TotalDrama, here’s to 2 years of existence and many more after that.

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      1. LOL, for 500,000 dollars, it has HTML errors! Not just that, but inline script tags. This is not 2005, this is 2015. Scripts stay in the header or before closing tags, it’s really not that hard. I don’t know why people insist that it is. And also to wrap each episode in a div? really?

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  6. Did you ever look at the engagement on the Tech Guy website? It’s sad. For all the work that goes into documenting every call, no one ever comments to correct Leo’s bad advice. The guy doing it (he’s also the GW TD I think) better have some back up employment plans.

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  7. The issue with Jeff was threefold:
    One: it showed the insecurity of Lisa that she could not deal with Leo overruling her and keeping Jeff when she wanted him out.
    Two: it showed why it is unfair to have your GF be CEO. Leo had to listen to her whine in bed and on-line at the movies and at breakfast. Anyone else he could just say, shut up I made my decision
    Three: it was really what started twit on the path of low quality, low talent as long as they save money.

    Cheaper editors, cheaper TDs, cheaper hosts. Both Gum and effendumb were hired for important jobs with ABSOLUTE-ZERO experience. They were leo fans who worked cheap. It shows.

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