BREAKING NEWS! Leo Laporte, purported ‘Tech Guy’, is butchering a PC build

Live now. Video to follow once we stop laughing.

UPDATE 2016-03-31 – Leo has finally gotten the NVME m.2 ssd recognized.

<~Leo> I was fooled by all the people who were complaining about issues with the m2 and the z170
<~Leo> turned out it was just that the ssd wasn’t completely in
<~Leo> I installed it wrong

Tension builds as Leo, Karsten Jerry and the hated chatroom attempt the impossible.  Something that 12-year-olds 9-year-olds do every day.

“Can we use either USB connector?”


“What is the LITTLE ONE for?”

“It sucked it right in” Leo referring to a cable? Or a hard drive? Or maybe a close personal friend.

“Which one is the boot drive?”

“How tight do I need to make this” Leo says as he reefs down the cpu cooler screws.

“The Arctic Silver is already on it”  No it’s not Arctic Silver. Conductive pad.  But that’s only tech talk.

“It’s loose”
“Is there a hole?” Leo looking for standoff hole.
“Is it spinning?” Leo stripping threads in case

“Is it important to glue fans to the hard drives” Leo feeling that renowned system builder Steve Gibson is one-upping him.

There was much discussion about how to connect fan connectors to the motherboard. The verbatim will have to wait.

“Time for the cooker”   Leo trying to confuse us.

“I guess they didn’t think I would try to put such a big thing in there” Leo talking about what we know not. And as we have photographic evidence that it’s not very big we are really confused.

“Not as good as the 69 club”  We all want in to that club.

“You can see the hole. And you can see all the metal filings” Leo wondering why cross threaded screws are bad.

“A massively flatulent GUI” Leo Laporte referring to Windows. Poor Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley.

“I forgot there’s USB on the front to. That should work.”

Tension builds as the moment approaches. BOOT TIME!


“00 means it’s not getting power”
“Where is that cable?”
“There’s two connectors for the cpu?”

Ok, power now connected to motherboard. One more time!


Installing Windows on the Samsung NVME drive will be left as an exercise for the reader.  Or a future call for help?

Leo Laporte Admits He Has to Buy Friends

See below the video for an important message.

In the video above, you will witness Leo Laporte admit that he has no friends and that he started TWiT as a way to surround himself by people who he can claim to be his “good friend” so and so. It’s just another in a long line of sad admissions made by Leo Laporte.

Many people have asked why we do this. Why do we watch Leo Laporte run what was once a great podcast network into the ground? Why do we collect, edit, and post proof of him showing dick pics, cunt pics, porn he browses, terrible things he says about cohosts, terrible things he does to cohosts, banning, insulting/erasing and dismissing old friends, erasing shows of those he no longer likes, and even possibly driving a man to commit suicide?

I don’t have a good answer anymore. It used to be for the truth, the lulz, and a hope that TWiT would get back on the right track.

TWiT is never going to get back on the right track.

I have made many videos, but in truth, many of the latest ones have come from tips from readers, because I can’t watch TWiT anymore. It’s unbearable. I’m also now tired of expending my mental energy writing stories and making videos.

Can you imagine editing together videos of TWiT and Leo? Having to listen to him say things over and over, cutting out the unimportant parts to leave in what is funny, relevant, and interesting? It’s the worst “job” in the world.

Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.
Hilton A. Goring could not be reached for comment.

Total Drama is an altruistic effort. We have no ads, and the infrastructure is donated by those who believe in the effort. No money is made of any kind, and in fact is lost, in the pursuit of the truth regarding TWiT.

I have several posts in the queue including never-before-seen videos, and I may publish those, perhaps without extra commentary. But, for now it seems, the road comes to an end for me.

The New Jeff Jarvis won’t be writing any new posts unless something major or terribly interesting happens. For example, posts like this one with the video above will not be created.

We have lost many writers, and I believe I am the first to say goodbye. I hope that by doing this, other writers may join, and perhaps some of those we lost may come back.

It’s all #OneAss, after all. TYFYC.

FrogPants Podcasters Joke About Leo Laporte’s Dick Pic

Update: Scott Johnson weighed in.

Video Link

Hypothetical Help Frogpants Cover
A very funny podcast.

Scott Johnson and Mark Turpin have a podcast on the FrogPants network named Hypothetical Help in which they provide “help” in a humorous manner to those requesting it. It’s a much funnier Dear Abby for the digital age.

Thanks to a tip from a reader, we learned that in Episode 38 of Hypothetical Help, they made a joke regarding Leo Laporte’s dick pic.


Leo Laporte is a joke in the podcasting and technology circles. How funny is that? Every guest that comes on one of the TWiT shows has seen Leo’s dick pic and cunt pic. If you’re an invited guest, how hard is it to keep his dick pic off your mind?

If you’d like to listen to the full episode, the clip above starts at 16:17. They are responding to a question from “William” that begins at 09:25.

Leo Laporte Says John C. Dvorak “Used to Be a Very Well-Respected Tech Writer”

The dumb, fat one on the left seems to hate the journalistic god on the right.
The dumb, fat one on the left seems to hate the journalistic god on the right.

Leo Laporte used to be a somewhat-respected, mostly-incorrect tech grandpa on a failure of a cable network. Now, he’s a disgusting imbecile masquerading as a tech mogul.

Since the original banning of John C. Dvorak and the follow-up insults, he’s been continuously dissing JCD and Adam Curry on a regular basis. He makes snide comments regarding John, especially when asked about him, but there’s usually not enough material for a post on Total Drama.

However, in the video above, you can hear him really lay into John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry again. Even his sycophant chat room was shocked. When you lose <Mike_B>, you know you’ve got problems, Leo.

<triplead> dvorak!
<MrMxyzptlk> ouch
<ToiLeTBuG> No agenda isnt that at all
<Web7991> hes the Man !!!
<Mike_B> Leo:  That was a bit harsh regarding JCD, wasn't it?
<User9468> leo - dont go there.
<User9468> leo--- just move on..
<plus4db> You should have Dvorak on your show sometime.

Dvorak doesn’t seem to understand Leo’s current attitude either.

Leo Laporte Flushes $60,000 Down the Toilet on Vaporware TWiT Apps

Expert business leader, Lisa Kentzell Laporte.
Expert business leader, Lisa Kentzell Laporte.

Leo Laporte got taken to the cleaners again. This time, not by Four Kitchens, but by Indians he hired to write native first-party apps for TWiT.

He has now realized that they “had no idea what they were doing.” After pissing away $60,000 on his first attempt, Soup is simply giving up because there are “great apps” on every platform, including Android where no apps have been updated for 2 years. Developers, like everyone else, are tired of Leo.

Why would a developer choose to work for free, knowing Leo spent $60,000 in an attempt to undermine and eliminate them?

Leo completely wasting $60,000 is unconscionable! That’s almost 3 luxury cruises four Soup and CeHO!.

Leo’s gorgeous wife and CEO, Lisa Kentzell Laporte, is an expert business leader who will shepherd TWiT through its coming expansion contraction into its new office space.

Leo Laporte Turns Off Chat Because He’s Shamed by a Chatter While Discussing His Tesla

Leo is a proud member of the One Comma Club.
Leo is a proud member of the One Comma Club.

Leo was doing his This Week in Tesla show when a chatter complained about his ostentatious show of wealth — even though he leases everything and isn’t actually wealthy like Jason Calacanis.

Leo didn’t appreciate this and shut off the chat, causing the sheep to descend on <Eddy> like rabid wolves when Uncle Leo could no longer see their input. How many more were shouting into the void is unknown.

Leo Laporte Has a Bad Morning (Live Stream Fail)

Leo Laporte’s TWiT network is well-known for its epic live stream fails, ranging from dick pics, vagina pics, and possibly career-ending interviews.

This morning’s live stream attempt — seen above — is five minutes of pure bliss. Watch Leo try to manage a live stream through various fuckups.

It gets so bad that, on his family-friendly network, Leo says:

“Fuuuuuuuuck. I have explained this about a thousand times.”

— Leo Laporte

Leo Laporte Discusses His Expensive Meat and Beef Anuses

Trigger Warning: Watching more than 10 seconds of this video may cause you to experience strong feelings of hatred.

Fat man on a regular-sized couch.
Fat man on a regular-sized couch.

Leo Laporte loves only one thing more than himself and cruises, and that’s eating.

You can listen to him describe his $75/oz steaks and hot dog preferences in the video above.

He apparently strokes out about halfway through, but he makes a full recovery. Thank God.

Is Leo Laporte Describing Himself or Donald Trump?

Leo having a realization.
Leo having a realization.

Leo Laporte described himself for several minutes while intending to describe Donald Trump, as you can see in the video above.

Perhaps he’s going to make TWiT great again by building a wall between him and Total Drama, and he’ll make Andrew Zarian pay for it.

Leo Laporte Complains About Costs for Shows While Bragging About Buying Scalped Broadway Tickets

Fuck you. How do ya like that?
Fuck you. How do ya like that?

#Soup says he can’t afford Windows Weekly coverage from Moscone due to union workers, but he can afford last minute plane tickets and scalped show tickets to see Hamilton in New York.

These two things are said mere minutes apart. Watch his clock.

Mary Jo Foley is unimpressed.