Leo Laporte Uses Racist Slur (Gypsy) to Describe Florence Ion

Florence Ion’s reaction to being called a gypsy

It’s easy to almost feel sorry for Leo Laporte these days. Look at this crappy panel he gathered for TWiT, the show that once brought luminaries of our day:

  • Florence Ion (contract host for All About Android)
  • Alex Wilhelm (John C. Dvorak wannabe)
  • Peter Rojas (how’s GDGT going?)

What’s not so easy to forgive is his casual racism. He called Florence Ion a gypsy over and over until Peter corrected him. Leo Laporte used that learning moment to spew more stereotypes of the Romani people, asking her if she has a violin and requesting that she play it for him. He did all of this in a stupid accent, of course.

This is not the first time he’s done something like this. In previous shows and live copyright infringements, he’s stated that some black people “all look alike”, and he thought “nigras” was an acceptable term for black people as well. He didn’t really correct Megan Morrone’s racism, but it at least made him uncomfortable.

What a sick fuck.

Thanks to an anon from #drama for the video.

30 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Uses Racist Slur (Gypsy) to Describe Florence Ion”

  1. “San Francisco has fluoride in the water, you see what’s happening there, rampant homosexuality …I’m just sayin’ …I …I see it all the time. People holding hands in the streets” — Leo Laporte 11-15-2014 (The Tech Guy during commercial break)


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    1. Now that is something that should get him in hot water, he’s basically suggesting homosexuality is a symptom caused by things like fluoride.

      Did you report him to the station? I know it’s during commercial breaks but still. You should report HH for her haggard-ass laugh too, that’s just a crime against humanity.

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        1. How do I get a clue?

          Yeah the fat turd meant it as a joke but it’s not. I explained already why it’s offensive as hell… the basis of his oh so funny joke is that people are turning teh gayz because of fluoride in the water. Don’t you think someone who has struggled with their sexual identity might take offense to basically calling it w curable illness (i.e. stop drinking fluorinated water, cure your homosexuality).

          And I’m totally straight, so I think you’re the one who needs to get a clue.

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  2. Notice how he repeatedly says she is a Gypsy until he gets a reaction. Isn’t once enough? He sounds like someone who has an early onset of Alzheimer’s or is the beetus?

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    1. Narcissist. They have no self awareness, and getting that narcissistic *zing* of attention is more important than anything else happening at that moment in time.

      I grew up with long, awkward pauses at the dinner table for the exact same thing.

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    1. It’s not really a SJW thing, gypsy definitely has negative connotations such as ‘being gypped’ meaning getting ripped off.

      Plus it’s Lay-o, we already know he’s an ignorant jackass.

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  3. Unfortunately, his foul behavior is repetitive. It almost seems like he’s trying to make a point. On the last episode of WW, he and Thurrott were laughing while making pointless insults towards JCD once again.

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    1. ManBaby:
      Guess there was a hole in my snowflake vocabulary.
      Had no idea that was an epithet.

      Nobody has gotten around to telling the TLC network yet, given they broadcast a program called My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.

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  4. Clearly racist is the wrong term here. Leo isn’t racist. Evidence suggests Leo is a bigot. He is obstinate and intolerant, devoted solely to his own prejudiced opinions.

    Racism is sometimes a product of environment. Bigots choose to so be.

    Yep, Leo the bigot.

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    1. Technically it’s not racism because the Roma aren’t a race of people, but it does demonstrate a general lack of understanding.

      Personally I always wondered where the phrase “I got gypped” came from and upon looking it up I found that the word gypsy was basically ruined by idiots using it pejoratively much like ‘retard’ got ruined by people saying things are retarded.

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      1. Lisa Laporte’s Penis:
        How can we lose Two Ton Tonya?

        Tonya is so fat she has more rolls than a bakery! Tonya is so fat, her nearest toilet is EVERYWHERE! Tonya is so fat she jumped into the ocean and made the whales sing “we are family, even though you are fatter than me.” Tonya is so fat, when she went to KFC, she ordered a bucket of chicken, and when they asked what size, she said the one on the roof.

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  5. Leo is a typical Tory supporter. I’m sure that he bashes Nicola Sturgeon but secretly imagines her naked.

    Bring on #indyref2! Vote SNP!

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  6. Gypsy isn’t on its own a bigoted term. It’s merely the English word for Romani people. Some people have used it negatively, and so some people have a problem with the term used in any context. Leo didn’t use it negatively. Leo wasn’t being bigoted in this example.

    And of course it’s not racist in any context. Does that need to be said?

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  7. Gypsies, tramps and Leica
    We’d hear it from the people of the town
    They’d call us gypsies, tramps and Leica
    But every night all the men would come around
    And lay their money down

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    1. Have we attacked Leo for being white, or being straight? We haven’t attacked him for traits he can’t change, we’ve attacked him for the things he says and the choices he makes.

      Maybe if we all did a better job of pointing out inappropriate behavior, we wouldn’t be teetering the brink of destruction?

      Fuck, I just went full SJW. Godammit.

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