Leo Laporte drags Megan Morrone into his vile world

Tech commentator and shitty-looking blog owner Leo Laporte—long known for being a vile and disgusting pig who regularly sexually harasses his employees—has taken his lecherous ways to a whole new level.

Laporte, a formerly-beloved tech talker now resorts to spreading the verbal equivalent of his legs and proceeds to squat right on the head of mother of three Megan Morrone during a recent taping of “iOS Today.” Morrone does her best to hide her shame with a forced laugh and a somewhat clever misdirection. But the video doesn’t lie.

Leo’s “I get penetrated, sometimes daily” joke falls like a dirty brick in her lap and there’s nothing she can do but play along. One can only imagine that she needs the money, otherwise why would a decent mother of three young children sit there and take this abuse from an old man?

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  1. Sooooo… Jolie ODell’s husband treks up to the Shit House and can’t keep Leo’s porno paws of of his wife. Megan will have to put up with Leo’s verbal abuse too. I’m thinking the guard Lisa hired is armed and none of the husbands will chance getting shot protecting their wives, just a guess.

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  2. Are we picking on Megan now? She’s a decent human being with good intentions, intelligent, and genuinely enjoys her work. She’s also guaranteed not to allow her genitals to be streamed live on a tech show. Cut her some slack.

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    1. She’s a mother who has brought all of her children to the Twit Shithouse. She should be ashamed of not calling Leo on the carpet for his disgusting behavior.

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      1. It is not her responsibility to change Leo’s behavior. The power differential between Megan and Leo is huge; to express dissatisfaction with her response shows immense ignorance of sexism and social justice issues.

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    2. No slack, Jack. She chooses to stay there, knowing full well of #dick gate and Leo’s cover up of lies and deceit. In fact, any woman appearing on TWIT in my view supports sexual harassment of young females and misogyny. Megan is no exception.

      No sympathy here at all.

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        1. Jimmy Jam: You would think that for the sake of her children she would try and set a better example. I guess they’ll grow up to be just as big a douchebag as Leo if she’s not careful.

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        2. But her putting up with her sleazy, sexual harassing boss clearly states that she has no problem with him. She should never again talk about her kids, since obviously she supports that douchebag’s behavior through her continued employment at #shit

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  3. Think what happens if you say to your boss, “Hey this makes me uncomfortable.” ….It will hurt you professionally.

    Personally, I do not think Leo would fire her, he would apologize profusely and stop this behavior, if she objected. But, and here is the catch, he would think less of her. ‘She is not hip like Sarah. She is not able to roll with it like Jolie. She is too sensitive unlike Catherine Hall.’ His opinion of her abilities would drop and that is wrong. As a friend you can like modesty or immodesty and you can dislike prudishness or frivolity. As a boss, you don’t get to choose.

    Let’s say a female employee is prudish or modest, she has a right to be. Leo can’t force woman to behave scandalously so he can have fun in preshow. Megan has three wonderful children and maybe she doesn’t want them to be exposed to “penetrated daily” jokes. Can you imagine if her children were watching their mom and they see this atrocious behavior? She should not have to explain (lie) to them why this is OK.

    This is precisely why the law has strict liability that makes this behavior illegal regardless of his intent. An employee should not have to worry about if it will affect his or her employment.

    This is why TWiT needs a real CEO and Leo should not just make his galpal CEO. This is serious. They shouldn’t leave it to Megan to speak up. Everyone who works there has a responsibility to speak up. No woman or man should have to feel like they are tough and can handle it. If I was CEO and even if the founder did this I would stop the show live and yell at him on air. And if I lost my job, so be it. I guess I’m a hero, /whatever.

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    1. Great points, but I question Megan’s morality since she continues to work for someone who not only showed a dicpick, but lied about it?

      What if her kids saw that?

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        1. DTO: Sarah was definitely sexually harassed, but was no longer there after #dickgate. Different situation. Sexual harassment may be nebulous to prove, but certainly the dic pick sticks up (sorry) for itself as a hostile work environment.

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        2. I think there was more base “loyalty” in Sarah to erode away which eventually Leo wiped his ass with thoroughly.

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  4. Can someone explain to me who Catherine Hall is and why she’s being brought up so much lately? I know she did a show (maybe?) with Leo but not much past that.

    Thank you!

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    1. I would be curious to know what Leo did or said to her if there’s any video evidence. I do find it suspicious that her show didn’t last long and there wasn’t much said about the cancellation of the show besides the usual “it didn’t get enough views or ads.”

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    2. I don’t notice her getting mentioned particularly often, but she is yet another talent squandered by Leo Laporte. She was also blonde and remarkably attractive which means cohosting with Leo was consistently cringeworthy and could probably serve as a journal of evidence of harrassment. She was trooper putting up with that piece of shit Laporte, I’m the last thing from a white knight but Leo needed to be punched in the face often during that show.

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  5. Hi all,

    I agree with most here about this article. Megan isn’t the target here, Leo is. Leo does this to every female working there. He sees what he can get away with and presses his luck to even further. She doesn’t deserve the abuse from Leo. No one does.

    I think everyone working for him is on egg shells so to speak because they won’t confront him about it. Look at Sarah when she got yelled at on live camera when they brought in Gum. Leo runs the show and if you don’t like working in his perverted clubhouse and by his rules, you are canned or you quit.

    The more annoying aspect of this is that he blames it on his age, an illness he has, other people aka trolls. Everyone and everything but himself.

    Don’t get me wrong everyone has a dirty side, but we all know when to filter ourselves and keep our thoughts to ourselves. So does that soup guzzling fat man. I don’t buy his excuses!!!


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    1. Just look at the smug look on this fuckface. “Oh, aren’t I naughty? Tee hee!” Leo is fully aware of what he’s doing, it’s tantamount to Harvey Keitel working those two underage girls in “Bad Lieutenant”.

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  6. Well written Richard Yes!!!!

    Leo is a predator , he’s no different than a creepy uncle hanging around a kids playground with candy in his pockets.
    he will continue to push his sexual perverse on any female he hires/works for him , he won’t stop until all the past and present ladies that have been abused verbally or I’m guessing physically as well, get together and formally lodge or file a complaint or press charges against him.
    If his past and present confronts him collectively and charge him with multiple accounts of harassment /sexual misconduct and whatever else Leo’s done that hasn’t surfaced yet , maybe just maybe that asswipe of a man may have to ease up his actions,
    be nice if he lost everything in a lawsuit brought on by all the ladies he’s degraded throughout his life/career

    Maybe TotalDrama can start contacting Leo’s past and present co-hosts etc , I’m pretty sure a few would love to disclose some juicy info

    My wife thinks we won’t have to wait too long for the next major screwup
    from Leo

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  7. I thought a lot of the “predator” and similar descriptions of Leo’s behavior was hyperbolic. But something about the looks on their faces in that screenshot…

    He..actually IS a power-mad pervert. Reading this site I’ve slowly been shifting from merely being disappointed in a formerly likeable on-air personality, to horrified by what seems to be a miserable workshop where desperate former micro-celebs kneel to a base, grinning god just to try to recapture past success.

    So sad.

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