Chomp chomp, or Why TWiT needs your money for new equipment

A partial day in Food with our dynamic duo, Leo & Lisa.

Our lovely couple have arrived in London, fresh off their Upper Class flight on Virgin , and have checked into their humble hotel, Claridges.

But they are famished, hungry, cannot go another inch with chowing down.


A little nap, a little trip to see Big Ben and then more food.



Now we can’t be sure if they shared or each had the same, but a brief look at Claridges menu finds that these delectable items add up to more than most would think.




So a minimum of £101.00 + gratuity (I suggest 20%, hotel staff are probably not as well paid as TWiT management). Hopefully Leo sprang for the champagne with tea.

This is really a drop in the bucket on expenses for this 5 day ‘vacay’. Flights are on the order of 7k each person, Claridges rack rate for a suite is 2k and up. Wow, guess those TWiT staff are lucky they still have a job.  They do have a job don’t they? No more shows cancelled?

Leo is lucky that a fan is lending him a mifi for this trip.  Every $ saved is another potential snack.

Maybe the future of TWiT will be free staff, paid by donations to some religious order. Skill is worth nothing, cost is all important.

Fill-In-Host for Windows Weekly Announced

Not that anyone will notice but there is a new guy filling in on Windows Weekly. The regular host will be frolicking away on the streets of London. Hopefully the replacement will not talk with his mouth full and act disrespectfully towards the stars of the show.

In an unrelated story, later that day JJ Abrams will be announcing a new character appearing in Star Wars Episode VII.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Native Advertising

I don’t know, maybe it’s me?
It just seems like the personal testaments and promises are all lies. Mike is not making money with his android watch and El Padre doesn’t have people coming up to him needing ITCproTc or whatever that thing is. If you do a live-ad then just do an ad read. It is fine, we get it. But don’t make up stories to make it not an ad, just do the damn ad read.

“I couldn’t afford Tom” Leo Laporte

ramblinrage2Many celebrities and business executives with boatloads of money refuse to fly first-class because it is such an offensive waste of money. Granted coach is painful, many wealthy people switch to business class, but first-class? Besides the cost on the environment by taking up the space of three or four people, it is such a repugnant use of money when people are starving all over the world. Yes, you can say that to anyone who goes to a restaurant but the idea of throwing thousands of dollars away to sit in a comfortable chair for a few hours should appall everyone. Let’s hear it for Padre’s vow of poverty and the firing of Amber, Jeff and Radford. Why not cut down the

Well earned 1st class trip
Well earned 1st class trip                                                                            Photo Courtesy of Bruce’S Studios

hours worked by Chad and Shannon? Let Chad get another roommate so Lisa can put her feet up for a few hours. You get a nine thousand dollar TV and a mansion and all you need to do is fire talent and hire garbage. The idiot fans fail the taste test. And, if people stop watching, just do three ads every half-hour. This man holds his fandom in contempt.

Royalty, Celebrities and High Priced Workers
Royalty, Celebrities and High Priced Workers

Can you imagine someone coming up to her asking what she does and having her say, “me, I am a CEO of an internet network.” Seriously, my skin is crawling.

A Day in Celebrities

Where is Allan Mulally?
Where is Allan Mulally?

Well, somehow the glad-handing and flesh pressing #Glutton weaseled his way into the lives of Steve Martin and Paul Simon.  He actually ate dinner with the two men who are of an era that still listens to TTG radio show. This will cause a scourge on the ears of millions as Laporte tells the same story, that actually is not a story, over and over and over and over yet again. Do you have a senile grandmother who repeats herself? Well this will be worse, much worse.

Image010Fret not, in related celebrity news, our favorite  Super Star News Director seems to be getting a run for his money on the new social network It looks like the start-up has yet to put propper anti-troll mechanics in place. Elgin may outpace Elgan in followers.
It makes me wonder? What if the troll is more popular than the trolled? Inception? Reverse the polarities? Mix 1 cup of matter with 2 cups of anti-matter?

This is unadultered unlike...
This is unadultered unlike…

Enough celebrity news to fill your coffee cup yet? Freeze mister. If an alleged surreptitious shout-out was not enough, from the douchebag-hating* Adam Curry. This very website of meager origins  now has it’s second celebrity fan after Chazz Palminteri. Try this proof-positive on for size:

But drama is not about receiving, we are about giving so here is a treat for the man whose hair is only rivaled by Flash Gordon himself. The one and only Robert Ballecer not only steals NSFW’s time slot, it seems the No Agenda slogan “Best Podcast in the Universe,” was lifted as well.

*note* Richard Yes donates monthly to No Agenda

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