TWiT’s Attention to Detail is Stunning

“FredtheDorfman” pointed out that this exact misspelling happened before. We can’t even keep up. Thanks Fred!
Cheif TWiT Leo Laporte, before the move to the shoebox
Cheif TWiT Leo Laporte, before the move to the shoebox, 02:10 from TNSS 67

Guest Submission

An eagle-eyed reader — who can still manage to watch The New Screen Savers — wrote in to make us aware that TWiT misspelled Leo’s “title” in the last episode in the Brickhouse.

They are big fans of misspelling lower-thirds on landmark episodes. Bryan Burnett — aka Male Snubs — managed to misspell Peatluma on the first episode of The New Screen Savers, and they previously misspelled this same word.

Maybe Yoko needs to allocate her resources toward correct spelling?

“That’s great, but who are the Chefs?”

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32 thoughts on “TWiT’s Attention to Detail is Stunning”

      1. Jimmy Jam said:
        Kiki Stockhammer is that you?

        Or is it Dr. Kiki? Shut up already, it’s science.

        Speaking of Kiki Stockhammer, I remember Leo going crazy when she was dressed in rubber.


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  1. Speaking of stunning attention to detail, does everyone at the brick house not see that weird shadow under gear behind the roundtable set? It’s been that way since they moved… add a light or something. It looks awful!

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      1. Soupslurper said: What If it was CeHobehind the tricaster whomade the misspelling ?

        Lisa is too dumb to use the TriCaster.

        It’s also a shame we can’t blame EffenDumb since he’s EffenDunn at TWiT.

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  2. Did anyone catch Jason and Megan snicker and giggle at the “twit YouTube community” yesterday any the end of tnt? Like they both knew the “community” is non-existent and a total joke and they both had a good sarcastic laugh, lol. Anyway the new east side studios is just one big dumpster fire, no wonder LL is losing his marbles fast, and now he is going on a 4 week lavish cruise vacation wich includes the services of a 24hr butler?! He must be burning thru cash fast thanks to his new trophy wife? Aka ceo? The twit turd is circling the toilet bowl, talk about a boring network always just regurgitating other people’s articles. The so called network is just one big waste of time now. Just my opinion…

    ITM everybody!

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      1. JAS said:
        Is hisvacation really 4 weeks? That seems especially long, even for the fabulous Laporte lifestyle!

        If it’s true then it seems the vacations are getting longer and longer. May be another sign that they are winding down things.

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  3. I’m waiting for someone in the comments to change their name to Cheif TWiT.

    Didn’t the TD’s get the old “I before E, accept after C” at school?

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    1. Fuck you, how do you like that? said:
      I’m waiting for someone in the comments to change their name to Cheif TWiT.

      Didn’t the TD’s get the old “I before E, accept after C” at school?

      Lecia, your identities, un-fucken-believable
      There is only one person who enjoys the way you end your videos, and it is you. No one else besides you and your pseudonyms likes it. This reminds me of when you used to comment “brilliant” all the time to your own garbage. You finally stopped thanks to me.

      We know it is you! fucking douchebag!

      ITM, thank you for your courage, and more no agenda references from a fake no agenda fan.

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    1. Cheif TWiT said:
      I want Your cock inside me. Wanna fuck?

      My kid read this LEO. I thought your shows were “Family Friendly”?

      FUCK YOU LAPORKE! How do you like that?

      leolaportesucks dot com

      My 12 year old daughter directed my attention to the whole “Leo exposes his penis” fiasco. Thanks to sites like TD and leolaportesucks dot com I’ve now pulled the plug on all TWiT programs. Family friendly my ass. This guy Leo is the biggest narcissistic sleazeball in pod-casting. There are a hundred “Tech Podcasts” out there far superior to TWiT. Bye Bye TWiT.

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