Leo Laporte Forbids ‘Inside TWiT’ Publishing

Based on anonymous sources, the bone-idle blockhead, known affectionately as #soup around these parts, has once again lost his mind. “His infatuation with totaldrama.net and Captain Juno videos is out of control,” said someone. He seems to be of the opinion that most of the material for the aforementioned website and videos comes from his propaganda show Inside Twit. Hence the forbidding of publishing and possibly airing, the abortion of honesty, in the future.

No More Propaganda for Fans
No one gets Inside TWiT but me

A quick surveying of the Inside Twit YouTube page shows the last posting was 07/26/14 and the only remnant of the monotonous 08/20/14 performance is on Capt’n Juno’s web page. It’s an unusual delay, since the dysfunctional duo of Leo ‘n’ Lisa decreed no more delays in publishing podcasts and the editors know that they can lose water privileges if they don’t obey. This news is troubling for fans but Pinkie Pie wouldn’t let it get her down. So chin up, fans!

This is a good strategy, chubby but as Sting once sang:

Every breath you take, Every move you make, Every bond you break, Every step you take, I’ll be watching you
Every single day, Every word you say, Every game you play, Every night you stay, I’ll be watching you
O can’t you see, You belong to me…

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  1. Wouldn’t you love to see me in a catsuit? Wouldn’t you love to see me at home with Leo?

    Haha that fat fuck is pathetic , thank god for his money.

    I wish chat was there to tell me how hot I am.

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