Leo Laporte Can’t Even Show Up to Work On Time

I'm late for a very important date.
I’m late for a very important date.
Leo Laporte only has one job where he’s not the boss, and he can’t bother to show up on time.

Watch the video below to watch everyone freak out when he doesn’t show up for The Tech Guy and it seems like Nathan starts a re-run (#Soup says the same thing at the beginning of every show so it’s hard to tell if it’s a re-run or feedback).

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29 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Can’t Even Show Up to Work On Time”

  1. Actually, I think what this actually shows it that he CAN show up, just barely, when he really want/needs to. He routinely keeps his MacBreak Weekly co-hosts waiting for 20 minutes (which I personally think is just the behavior of an insecure narcissist).

    BTW, did he mention if that butt-ugly shirt was from TrunkClub.com? It sure does not have a slimming effect on his appearance. Also, BTW, I sort of enjoyed TNSSs today – although I was Redditing at the same time and not giving it my whole attention.

    Thanks TD for all the good work you do!

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    1. No, that comic book shirt is part of his old wardrobe. It was a topic of discussion between him and HH a few months ago because it makes him look like he’s wearing half of a red bra.

      I’m surprised Loosa lets him wear that hideous thing, it’s so much worse than the LG Urbane.

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  2. I like how soup ran into his office gasping for air. No wonder he bought a expensive Segway. Maybe next time he should try to drive his Segway right into the Brickhouse then into his office studio.

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  3. You should have posted his excuse for being late which he blames traffic for his 5 minute commute from his mansion with that golddigging slut.

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  4. Maybe they could plow some bricks down in the other side of the building, and make another entrance..one that is closer, so he would not have to run when late all the time..make the door automatic with Mac, so it would read his ID and automatically open the damn door, so it would not hinder him…

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  5. Maybe it’s just my observation but Laporte just does not care. I am not sure if Leo is just a person that is always late and always will be late. He does have fans that do want to watch him. Now all I watch is MJF I like her writing and social updates. I used to be a big fan of twit.tv. I would sit and wait like every fan has.
    Sometimes it was just mindless chatter, sometimes is was funny.
    Would he be as tolerant of an employee that he wasn’t sleeping with?
    I think not. Why even have a schedule?
    Why not just say This week in tech is on sometime Sunday afternoon?

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  6. I can understand not starting at a set time like most twit shows do. Like the old days the camera would just run and a show would start but you would also see them set up the show. It as part of the network. They took the tech part out of the network and tried to make it a tv network online. But when the host comes in 20 minutes late and all your doing is just waiting that is a problem.

    But be that as it may. No normal person who has a normal job like a radio show should be that late for the show. I am sorry. Leo knows what time he needs to be in the studio to give him time to go on. It is a sad fact that he thinks he is so good he can just walk in and go. He can’t. I remember back in the old days when he gave a fuck about the radio show. Now it is something he will do the make money from the ads the podcast gets.

    I remember when he started the video part of twit. I have to say since that day he has been under most stress and the shows have gone down hill. I go back and listen to old mac breaks and twits from when they were not live and they are so much fun.

    Goodnight Dad Twit show or Chocolate rain Mac Break Weekly. Classic Shows.

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  7. If someone was paying ME $300,000/year, I’d make GD sure my ass was at work ON TIME.
    I think it speaks volumes about Leo’s ego, to think he can show up when he feels like it.

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  8. He’s been late and last minute that many times previously it doesn’t faze the producer at all and immediately started a re-run. I remember another time he was 20 or 30 minutes late and they started a re-run. Unfortunately the re-run mentioned things happening on the date it was previously broadcast so it stood out a mile. I think it was the earthquake in Japan.

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  9. Hi All

    As with one of previous videos I commented on, it’s shows volume he doesn’t care anymore no matter what he does. He should just retire if he wants to be lazy in his old age. I also can recall when he talked down about the radio show years back. He hated it because he had to help people solve problems and interact with people and act like he gave a shit and he doesn’t anymore. If I were getting paid 300k a year, I would be in that chair or ball, whatever he uses now. I do support for a living and to see him go down hill like this and not give a shit when people ask him questions is sad. He made his name from doing this. Stupid ID10T he is now.

    On the note of him thinking he is irreplaceable, he’ll eventually get a rude awaking one weekend when he gets fired because of a sexual stunt or him being late for the 1000th time. I had a family member who thought that she was irreplaceable and they eventually fired her on a technicality.

    From the financial post a week ago, I did look up LLC’s on Wikipedia and basically they are from my understanding, “An individual or persons behind a company, running a company, but in terms of money, it gets funneled to them or him and he/they have to pay taxes on that amount.” So if that’s a correct definition then he has to pay the bills and staff out of his sneaky sleazy greedy pocket.

    He should separate the two and see the LLC money has part company money, but he doesn’t and that’s why he setup an LLC so he could collect the money as a paycheck, but in the years he has taken on more employees and expenses and he doesn’t like sharing that big bank account.

    As I said before I am not 100% sure on the LLC research but that’s what I found and could grasp.

    Thanks Total Drama!!!!

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    1. An LLC is like a s-corp but less structured than a corp. Both are used primarily to protect your personal assests (house, bank accounts, et all) from being touched in the event you get sued and lose. Only assets held by the LLC or s-corp can be held accountable. The money earrned is passed through to the individual owner (s) and they are taxes as individuals on it. A real corp an individual is taxed and the corp is taxed as a separate entity .

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      1. I’m pretty sure that corporate profits/losses flow through to the owners in both a subchapter S corporation and an LLC. The owners (corporations) or principals (LLC) pay the taxes on any profits left over after expenses.

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  10. Premiere couldn’t give to fucks about his attitude to work as it’s happened numerous times. It just says more about their standards than anything. Pirate radio stations have better.

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