Gina Trapani is Out

The hits just keep on coming: It seems that Gina honored the agreement to wait until the new year to announce that she has quit TWiT.  Now L&L can announce the continuation of the never-ending gushing exit of all talent at once. They still have Jarvis and Scott Wilkinson.

Standing up Women, finally
Standing up for Women, finally

See you at the next Global Meetup!

5 thoughts on “Gina Trapani is Out”

  1. You know, I never liked this lady – she reminded me of a girl I went to college with years ago and her personality was always “off” and “kind of in la la land” to me.

    That said, Gina’s departure means that she’s tired of TWiT and has better things to do with her time.

    This is not good, only because hosts generally don’t voluntary leave unless there’s a real problem with someone personally. And my guess is Leo. (You usually don’t quit jobs, you quit managers)

    So while I will not be sad Gina is gone (she always seemed like a phony – and a faux developer at best), she did do a good deal of PR damage to complement what Sarah did today as well. And for that, I say good job Gina!

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    1. Whatever about your other opinions, ‘a faux developer’, do you have any basis for this ?

      I always liked that she was balanced, fair, un-sensational. She resisted jumping on whatever was the topic-du-jour band wagon that Leo and Jeff were ranting on. IMO, and writing as a developer, she brought a technical credibility to the content so often lacking in TWIT programming.

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  2. I sort of enjoyed listening to Gina, but she isn’t a draw for me to download a podcast. I liked her on all about android. I must say tho that her plugs were almost entirely twit podcasts which made me wonder a few months ago , “doesn’t she have anything else going on?” I suspect if td digs around we will find she was asked to leave.

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