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Leo Laporte Late Again Because He Had to Play Pokémon Go

Guest Submission

Leo Laporte just can’t get to work on time. Time and time again, he shows his disrespect for his guests and staff. Once, even Jason Howell had to pay the price with his own embarrassment.

Yet again, we see Leo Laporte’s seething contempt for Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley on Windows Weekly. There they are — with a live fucking audience and Microsoft staff — waiting for the fat man to finish playing Pokémon Go and come sit on his inflatable ball where he will spew inane inaccuracies and non sequiturs for the two-plus hour period.

But, he gets away with it, because people don’t unsubscribe. Please unsubscribe from all TWiT shows if you haven’t already. Subscribing keeps his download numbers up, even if you don’t listen or watch, which lets him sell more ads.

Thanks again to our anonymous contributor for this video.

Leo Laporte Late for Work Again

Editor’s Note: This article is not a repeat. He is just late for his job all the time.

I need more soup for my jowls, please.
I need more soup for my jowls, please.
Leo Laporte only has one job for which he he has to be on-time. Sure, he’d be on time for all his podcasts if he respected his viewers, guests, and employees, but we know he doesn’t give a shit about any of them.

You’d think he’d respect his golden goose and show up for The Tech Guy on-time twice a week. But, you would be wrong.

THEEEEEEEEEEEE Soup Guy loves tormenting his slaves/employees every weekend, as they nervously look outside to look for any sign of the waddling fat man heading for the emergency exit door.

Did he stop at the Petaluma Market to get some soup? Probably not. He makes jammerb fetch his food for him. Was Lisa keeping him home by being in bed naked? We don’t know.

Leo Laporte Can’t Even Show Up to Work On Time

I'm late for a very important date.
I’m late for a very important date.
Leo Laporte only has one job where he’s not the boss, and he can’t bother to show up on time.

Watch the video below to watch everyone freak out when he doesn’t show up for The Tech Guy and it seems like Nathan starts a re-run (#Soup says the same thing at the beginning of every show so it’s hard to tell if it’s a re-run or feedback).

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