The laziness of “Triangulation”

Tom Merritt is not the co-host of “Triangulation” any more. But the Twit Wiki insists otherwise.

“Triangulation” is an interview show that started out with much promise a few years back.
In a supreme example of Leo’s laziness, the official Twit Wiki STILL lists Tom Merritt as a co-host. Ha! Twit wishes.

Now the show is pretty much just Leo waddling in outrageously late and being completely unprepared to interview their own network contributors. Imagine NBC’s Brian Williams stumbling into the studio of “Nightly News” and asking his producers, “Well, which one of the camera operators am I talking to tonight?”

In one classic and widely-embarassing episode, Leo showed up 15 minutes late to interview Vint Cerf, the father of the Internet. THE FATHER OF THE INTERNET. Can you imagine?

Here’s an incomplete list of recent lame-ass “Triangulation” guests:

  • Steve Gibson, host of the Twit’s “Security Now”
  • Mary Jo Foley, hostess of the Twit show “Windows Weekly”
  • Kevin Rose, former “The Screensavers” midget
  • Jeff Jarvis, purple-faced paid spokesyeller for Google, and co-host of Twit’s “This Week in Google”

Who will be next, Dan the Nazi Mod? Padre the Large Priest? Ozzie the Ugly Dog? Come on Leo, step up your game. We are already familiar with your own hosts. We don’t need a “deep dive” into their history. It’s just lazy programming.

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