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Leo Laporte Late for Work Again

Editor’s Note: This article is not a repeat. He is just late for his job all the time.

I need more soup for my jowls, please.
I need more soup for my jowls, please.
Leo Laporte only has one job for which he he has to be on-time. Sure, he’d be on time for all his podcasts if he respected his viewers, guests, and employees, but we know he doesn’t give a shit about any of them.

You’d think he’d respect his golden goose and show up for The Tech Guy on-time twice a week. But, you would be wrong.

THEEEEEEEEEEEE Soup Guy loves tormenting his slaves/employees every weekend, as they nervously look outside to look for any sign of the waddling fat man heading for the emergency exit door.

Did he stop at the Petaluma Market to get some soup? Probably not. He makes jammerb fetch his food for him. Was Lisa keeping him home by being in bed naked? We don’t know.