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Leo Laporte Puts His Dog on Death Row

Update: Ozzy is being put down. Leo just attempted to approximate the human emotion of sadness on-air, just before launching into a Rocket Mortgage ad.

This might be the most disgusting thing Leo Laporte has ever said or done, which is saying a lot. Thanks to anon in the chat room for sending in the video.

He tried to show off to Georgia Dow by bragging about taking his lovely wife and Damien to a $1,633.50 (for three) restaurant. He expressed his desire to visit each location of the restaurant that makes up for his stub, despite only having dined at the Las Vegas, Paris, and London locations.

In the arms of an angel.

In the same conversation, telling her “don’t repeat this,” he tells Georgia Dow that he needs to find a new vet, because Ozzy’s vet will not put Ozzy down and instead insists on medical treatment.

Leo Laporte wants to find a “country vet” that understands that family pets are expendable livestock that should just be put down if minor (for him) costs arise from age-related ailments.

What a sick fuck. Hopefully the local ASPCA can get Ozzy adopted out of Laporte’s care.

They don’t deserve that little dog. Thanks to Damien, we have exclusive footage of Lisa “playing” with Ozzy while Ozzy growls. They keep trapping him in sheets and he doesn’t seem to enjoy it.


BREAKING: Jason Howell Reports: Investors Want Returns

Update: Megyn Kelly is joining NBC, leaving a spot open at Fox News for Jason Howell.

Jason Howell is normally a worthless sack of “kind of”s and “whatever”s, but in this clip, he drops a knowledge bomb on all of us. As it turns out, investors want returns on their money.

Megyn Kelly better watch out; it appears Jason Howell might actually try to escape Petaluma after all with his new journalistic muscles he’s flexing. He’s paid the price for long enough.

Transcript for the hearing-impaired

“Cuz in the kind of, I dunno, in the in the kind of institutional investment.. wuh-world… you know, they want, they put in a lot of money but they hope for quick returns. They hope for something to happen in the next couple of years… and to see kind of that return on their investment whatever.”

— Jason Howell, Host of Tech News Today

Thank you to an anonymous contributor who sent in this video.

TWiT’s Attention to Detail is Stunning

“FredtheDorfman” pointed out that this exact misspelling happened before. We can’t even keep up. Thanks Fred!
Cheif TWiT Leo Laporte, before the move to the shoebox
Cheif TWiT Leo Laporte, before the move to the shoebox, 02:10 from TNSS 67

Guest Submission

An eagle-eyed reader — who can still manage to watch The New Screen Savers — wrote in to make us aware that TWiT misspelled Leo’s “title” in the last episode in the Brickhouse.

They are big fans of misspelling lower-thirds on landmark episodes. Bryan Burnett — aka Male Snubs — managed to misspell Peatluma on the first episode of The New Screen Savers, and they previously misspelled this same word.

Maybe Yoko needs to allocate her resources toward correct spelling?

“That’s great, but who are the Chefs?”

This story was the result of a reader tip. Submit your own and join us in our chat.

Leo Laporte Laments the Loss of Casual Homophobia

Guest SubmissionAn anonymous tipster sent in this video from the most recent The Tech Guy. In it, Leo appears to lament the loss of casual homophobia. At the least, he doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with it.

For a normal person in 2016, this would be surprising, but for Leo Laporte, it’s par for the course. Nathan — the iHeartMedia producer — plays a song containing the word “faggot” three times in a row during an intro to a The Tech Guy segment. Leo notes that it “used to be OK to say that.”

Leo makes insensitive gay jokes on air on a regular basis. He purged many staffers for questionable reasons. He even drove Jeff Needles away.

Will the depths to which he will sink never end?

Leo Laporte Late Again Because He Had to Play Pokémon Go

Guest Submission

Leo Laporte just can’t get to work on time. Time and time again, he shows his disrespect for his guests and staff. Once, even Jason Howell had to pay the price with his own embarrassment.

Yet again, we see Leo Laporte’s seething contempt for Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley on Windows Weekly. There they are — with a live fucking audience and Microsoft staff — waiting for the fat man to finish playing Pokémon Go and come sit on his inflatable ball where he will spew inane inaccuracies and non sequiturs for the two-plus hour period.

But, he gets away with it, because people don’t unsubscribe. Please unsubscribe from all TWiT shows if you haven’t already. Subscribing keeps his download numbers up, even if you don’t listen or watch, which lets him sell more ads.

Thanks again to our anonymous contributor for this video.

Leo Laporte Agrees: TWiT is Absolute Shit

Guest Submission

There’s not much to say here. Leo Laporte reiterated that nothing of value was in the past week’s coverage, nor was there any interesting content in the week ahead. It’s rare that we agree with #Soup.

Leo seemed visibly angry when the editors included the clip of him being mercilessly trolled on his nationally syndicated radio show. Someone may be about to become an offsite editor.

This clip came to us courtesy of an anonymous contributor again. Thank you for your courage.

Leo Laporte’s Sexual Harassment of Megan Morrone Continues

Guest Submission

Our anonymous video contributor sent us another great video.

We wondered, when possibly-racist, non-monkey Megan Morrone assumed the goddess Sarah Lane’s identity, if Leo Laporte would stoop to sexually harassing her as well. He has answered that question many times over.

Leo Laporte Shits on Patrick Norton During Triangulation

Guest Submission

Thanks again to an anonymous contributor, we have a video of Leo insulting his This Week in Computer Hardware host Patrick Norton.

Patrick Norton looks like hell. Nice runny nose, Patrick.
Admittedly, Patrick Norton is a shitty host.

The slimy owner of TWiT can’t even stand up for the hosts he recruited for his shows. He just throws Patrick under the snot-covered, sniffly-nosed bus.

We previously received a tip, but there’s nobody around here making many videos anymore, so please continue sending in videos!

Leo Laporte Doesn’t Pay Jason C. Cleanthes (EffenDunn) Enough

Guest SubmissionThe same guest video maker from our previous video post sent in another video.

In this video, you can witness what might be one of the funniest moments on TWiT.

Scary weirdo, Jason C. Cleanthes
Imagine this guy picking you up on a dark street.

EffenDumb drives for Uber in his spare time because apparently what Leo Laporte pays his flagship show producer is not enough.

Leo approximates a human reaction of embarrassment, but Jason C. Cleanthes (EffenDumb) is too dumb to know that he should be embarrassed or that he is humiliating Leo on-air.

This Bud’s for you, EffenDumb.

Jason Howell Mumbles and Stumbles Through Another Show

Guest Submission

Jason Howell, famous for being stuck working in Petaluma with Leo Laporte after what some could call a productive career at CNET, is really not a good podcast host. He seems like he’s a pretty good guy, but the better talent — Iyaz — left already.

In the video above, created by an anonymous reader and submitted to us, you can watch a compilation of “kindas” strung together, all from a single Tech News Today. It’s a work of art constructed solely of verbal crutches.

Thank you, anonymous contributor, and may you continue making great content.