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GO BACK TO SAN FRANCISCO UBER, no one likes you in NY

Take those stars and shove them...
Take those stars and shove them…
A healthy yellow stream
A healthy yellow stream

Moron driver does not know how to use the app and the estimated arrival time of 2 minutes turns into 4 then 2 then 5 minutes. It is not fun watching him drive in circles. But, no big deal even though I had a reservation to get to. Idiot doesn’t bother using the navigation to get to me-whatever.

Out of the kindness of my heart when we were half way to the destination I tell the driver to make sure he logged the pickup into the app  because my app was showing him still “on the way.” The rest of the ride my headphones were on and i was quiet as a cup. Although, I was amazed his app was not showing a route to the destination, so he took the wrong avenue and didnt know which streets trafficked West and which traveled East.

The lovely & talented & happy Sarah Lane
The lovely & talented & happy Sarah Lane

How does he give me 3 stars. I am the most bestest passenger. I have never given a driver less then 5 stars in my life. This guy I gave 1 to. This retaliatory rating thing is so childish. If you want to gamify travel make it fair. I forgot to mention that he didn’t look that much like his picture yet I didn’t ask for identity proof.   The same bad rating happened to the lovely and talented Sarah Lane although she probably doesn’t stop correcting driver routes.

Sorry, Jeff

I am sorry, Jeff Jarvis. I rewatched your speech on trolling and realized that even a joke can be taken too far. #TotalDrama should be silenced for their jokes.

Also, your rape joke cracked me up. On behalf of women and children whose lives and innocence were ripped from them, on behalf of the victims of brutal rapes throughout history, on behalf of the women whose lives were ruined after suffering date rape, I say to you, Jeff, lol great joke, +1.

Rape LOL?
Rape LOL?

PS. Congrats to #Soup on the Kevin Spacey win. I can’t believe the prick didn’t thank his very, very good friend. Who will win best #drama?

Exclusive Interview With Sarah Lane

The lovely & talented & happy Sarah Lane
The lovely & talented & happy Sarah Lane

#TotalDrama knows what the fans want and we went after it: The exclusive one on one interview with the wonderful Sarah Lane. And we delivered, the only negative is we could not actually get Sarah Lane, but we did not let that stop us. Here is how the interview would have transpired. It is a long piece so we put in a ‘Continue reading’ button you will need to click to expand the page for the entire interview:

Sightclass Coffee, Where SF players drink green tea
Sightclass Coffee, Where SF players drink green tea

I sat at Sightglass Coffee nervously awaiting her arrival. The world was spinning in anticipation. I fought my nerves and poured over my notes, I was looking up every thirty seconds to see if she was here. Then it happened, the door opened. The room brightened and a smell of spring flowers overtook the SF watering hole. Her hair flowed down the side of her face like spun gold and her eyes danced making the afternoon sun shimmer in jealousy. She walked toward my small table and eased herself into the seat opposite myself. I was a wreck until a warm hand rested on mine and she said her first words, “chill dog.”

TD: Oh my god, I love your hair, Sara

SL: It’s Sarah with an “H” and thank you

TD: Before we talk about the big news and your future plans we have to ask some questions about the past. Tell me about the past year.

SL: [Grumbles] It was difficult. When #Soup threw away TNT it was a real slap in the face to everyone working there. TNT was the best thing to come out of the network that was separate from #Soup. All the speeches about how he wanted to make TWiT less about him now rang hollow. It was clear he would never get over his narcissism.

TD: Was that the moment you sent out your resumes or was it when he accused you of sabotage?

SL: Look; I knew what was up when he made Elgum “a star.” He lost touch with reality, but the thing that set me off was the Richardyea incident. If you watch the video and focus on me you can see my heart breaking, after that there was nothing left at TWiT. After that, the show cancellations, the treatment of Amber and Shannon, none of it meant much because TWiT was already dead.

A young girl came by asking Sarah for her autograph and Sarah graciously asked if she could pause the interview and spend a few minutes with the fan. Since it augmented my time with her I agreed.

TD: Why was that incident so difficult?
Continue reading Exclusive Interview With Sarah Lane

TotalDrama is a Global Site

When #TotalDrama.org was christened we really hoped it would grow to be a global website. Too much of the internet is U.S. centric like Tom Merritt’s shows. We wanted to be global in the vain of eLgum. If there is a flood in Thailand, #TotalDrama is going to report from Thailand.

Here now is a little progress report on the reach of #truth, A.K.A. our website, courtesy of Google-analytics. The growth in just a few short months is off-the-hook. The #drama movement is shaking our planet like the floor of the SHiThouse when Padre walks through.

Welcome Mother Russia  *no Google glass or G+ was used in obtaining this data
Welcome Mother Russia! *no Google glass or G+ was used in obtaining this data

And it looks like most of the cowboys in the USA are on board except for three of the stupidest states that no one ever heard of, looking at you Indiana or Montana, or whatever is out there. Dearest Alaska; snow is no excuse to hide from the #truth.

Better late than never Louisiana
Better late than never Louisiana!

See ya Monday!

Greetings #TotalDrama!
Just a quick note to let you know that I’ll be back on Monday, just headin’ out for a bit of R&R.

vacationAfter today’s attack on all of us as mindless “trolls” by the ridiculous Jeff Jarvis and the even more annoying Madge Elgum, I thought it best that you heard it directly from me: Leo’s goons have not taken me away. I will never surrender—even if I have to create a thousand parody accounts. So keep the faith, #TotalDrama. The truth shall set us free.