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How Low Can TWiT Ratings Go?

As we have seen from other studies YouTube views offers a great insight into the ratings that the TWiT PR department lies to us about. This image shows a sample of the last few episodes of the weekly show TWiT:

JCD = views, Elgum = what else is on
JCD = views, Elgum = what else is on

It looks like when JCD joins the panel there is a 25-percent increase in views. When Padre or Elgum host, the viewers tune out. I know what you’re thinking, it was probably the same when Tom and the lovely and talented Sarah Lane were substitute hosts. Not exactly, see the #truth below.

Tom get over 4,000 views and obviously Sarah topped 5,000
Tom got over 4,000 views and obviously Sarah topped 5,000

So we at #Drama want to know what you think. How many views will this week’s TWiT get with Mike Elgum hosting? It was a big week with Applle news. Remember, Leo could not be happier with the new TWiT. Click the link below and make your voice count.


Finally an answer to why “Security Now” is still on the air

Steve Gibson hosts the indecipherable "Security Now." #TotalDrama suspects that the show is merely an excuse for Leo to squeeze Gibson for info to help hide Leo's sex-related problems.
Steve Gibson hosts the indecipherable “Security Now.” #TotalDrama suspects that the show is merely an excuse for Leo to squeeze Gibson for info to help hide Leo’s sex-related problems.

I just figured out why Leo Laporte continues to air the coma-inducing monologue known as “Security Now,” the seemingly endless one-man diatribe by hosted Tuesdays by Steve Gibson. This show is a near-continuous stream of consciousness; it’s basically just a river of confusing “security-related” news masquerading as valuable tips.

So here’s the rub: Because of Leo’s previous publicly-aired indiscretions, the wife-cheating Laporte is now desperate for any free advice about how to best secure his website, text message programs and other media—anything that has the potential to expose Leo’s legendary philandering.

That has to be the only reason why he lets Gibson blab on ad nauseam until we are all quite literally nauseous.

So let’s just think of “Security Now” as Leo’s personal washing machine for his dirty laundry.

Advertisers demanding more time

Cool it with the advertiser ass-licking Leo.
Cool it with the advertiser ass-licking, Leo.

TWiT viewers have long been accustomed to repetitive ads on the network. We can all recite the offer codes by heart for Audible.com for example. But in recent weeks—after an “Inside TWiT” with Leo ‘n’ Lisa revealed that ad numbers are plummeting—it has become all but unavoidable to notice that the ads are getting loooooooonger and increasingly more desperate and cloying in their presentation.

Recent shameful examples: Leo has taken to shaving on camera; Steve Gibson has resorted to pimping his trumped-up love affair with the orange handle of his Harry’s blade, and I can hardly scrape the image of Padre wearing his puffed up SCOTTeVEST on camera for days. Other ridiculous extensions and intrusions into TWiT editorial are too laborious and ponderous to list here.

I would not presume to speak for everyone at #TotalDrama, but I’m confident that tech news seekers are not tuning in to hear Leo bloviate about the four advertisers that are on constant rotation.
It’s boring, Leo!