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BOMBSHELL: Leo Laporte Pays for Teen Porn

Update: In response, Krystal Orchid — Leo Laporte’s apparent favorite teen porn star — says she loves all her fans.

It’s sad we have to warn you, but the TWiT video below is very NSFW.

Déjà Vu de Jour, Leo did it again. We have the footage, thanks to an eagle-eyed viewer who submitted a tip. Thank you!

Take in the view, ladies

Self proclaimed porn aficionado and all out pervert Leo Laporte exposed his watching habits to his latest Triangulation guest. In a lame attempt to show off in front of the guest, his plan spectacularly backfired. Le Fuck wasted the next 5 minutes being red-faced and trying to erase all of his substantial porn history in a rush.

(NSFW) Leo Laporte zooms in on his paid TeenFidelity porn. Click to enlarge.

The guest’s tool indexed Laporte’s laptop, displaying quite the variety of porn sites. Most prominent one was (NSFW) Teen Fidelity that he highlighted himself. If we look closely, he was using the members-only area of the site to visit 21 year-old model (NSFW) Krystal Orchid, which confirms Soup pays for his porn. It sickens us all that the 60 year-old pervert feels the need to pay $29.95 per month to watch porn of someone who is younger than his daughter. This is messed up and wrong. Are these netcasts we love actually coming from people we trust?

(NSFW) Leo Laporte displays his paid TeenFidelity porn, among others. Click to enlarge.

The most baffling part is that he wasn’t embarrassed by the act of showing porn on his family-friendly network. Instead, he placed blame on those who watch his shows, because “people watch him like a hawk, always trying to zoom, enhance” and twist what he is doing. It’s very cute that Leo has Total Drama on his mind and always thinks of #OneAss. We don’t need to try hard; you are doing it to yourself Leo. How about you stop using work laptop for personal pleasures or try using incognito mode next time?

PS: In case anyone is wondering, Total Drama’s Investigation Unit will not be researching other porn sites in question; we feel like it might lead us to a place we don’t want to end up.

Leo Laporte Exposes His Porn Habits Live, Again

Take in the view, ladies
Take in the view, ladies

Leo Laporte has never been shy about his porn habits. He’s told everyone about how he wants to watch VR porn.

Soup shared his JamesDeen.com habit.

He’s even complained that his Samsung phone heats up while he watches porn.

A YouTuber — unrelated to Total Drama — pointed out Leo viewing YouPorn live during TWiT. The dearly departed HelloWorld once postulated that the TWiT Brickhouse is built on a porn star burial ground, so perhaps these issues will go away in June, or is it August 6, or is it August 28th, or is it September.

Leo Laporte shows on-air that he likes viewing Redditors naked and/or having sex. Think about that during his next AMA.
Leo Laporte shows on-air that he likes viewing Redditors naked and/or having sex. Think about that during his next AMA.

Leo must visit r/gonewild pretty frequently for it to show up in his autocomplete for “red” at the top. He spends his spare time creating self-shot pornography with his wife, but strangely he doesn’t post in the community he so often frequents. Unless he uses a throwaway, but that’s unlikely since he can’t even figure out Incognito Mode.

Leo Laporte’s Binder Full of Women

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Welcome to Leo's Sexy Circle
Welcome to Leo’s Sexy Circle

Leo Laporte’s misogynistic ways are well known to regular viewers — especially live viewers — as well as Total Drama staff. Therefore, this post comes as no surprise, but we felt that we should pass along the tip that we received: Leo Laporte maintains a circle named “Sexy” on Google+, the long-abandoned and failed social network for socially inept males on the autism spectrum.

We can only assume Leo has such beauties in his circle such as:

He definitely does not have the following people in the Sexy circle:

Thanks to an anonymous tipster for the episode and timecode for this article. You can submit a tip by using our feedback link. You can join us in our chat room at any time.

Megan Morrone has zero self-respect, is horrible example for her children

Megan Morrone, the sad little dog-faced girl who co-hosts “iOS Today” with the fat pig Leo Laporte, has zero self-respect and his a horrible example for her children.

We dare you to watch this cringeworthy clip of Leo ogling her cleavage and then wheeze-laughing¬†his way to an early grave without wondering why in the world Megan would continue to work there one day longer. One has to ask if¬†the paycheck is really worth the harassment and unpleasant work environment. It can’t be, right? It’s such a shame that talented women in tech refuse to stand up for themselves and just leave these abusive situations.

Megan: Think of what your kids must think of you when you allow yourself to be abused this way. Take a moment to watch the video above two or three times‚ÄĒlook at your face and tell us that you are happy with the direction your life has taken. Is this the way you want to be remembered…as a milquetoast sidekick to a sexual pervert?

The editorial board at TotalDrama of course wishes you well, but you really need to examine what went wrong in your life.

Wake up, Megan! You are better than this.

Leo Laporte shows his bare cock to the TWiT editors; his pixelated dick to viewers

Even as the vast¬†TWiT viewership was spared the unspeakable horror of witnessing Leo Laporte’s naked cock bobbing in the serene but toxic waters of his Japanese soaking tub, the poor editors at the¬†TWiT Shithouse had to pixelate out his bare member before posted to the public. Which means, of course, that they had to see him naked. And that should constitute sexual¬†harassment in anyone’s book‚ÄĒeven by prolific¬†TotalDrama commenter Molly’s standards.

Even the crass Father Robert “Dronefucker” Ballecer cringed after the short segment on “Before You Buy.” How could this video by Leo even be remotely viewed as family-friendly? Leo’s clear intention was to titillate the viewer with the censored version. He literally “got off” on imaging his viewers being forced to think what was under the pixelation. So how is this man even allowed to claim his network is “safe for children?”

Celebrated¬†TotalDrama writer RichardYa says, “This behavior is outrageous and should not be permitted on the network, this is how the #guzzler sees the audience in one video, this is not funny and there is no place for this on¬†TWiT.”

TotalDrama calls upon¬†TWiT’s viewers to boycott the network until Leo publicly apologizes to the parents and children for what he has done.

TotalDrama is also looking into the legal ramifications of Leo using his property to videotape commercial segments for his network, which might violate Petaluma housing codes neighborhood homeowner association rules.

And just in case the official¬†TWiT video is re-edited and uploaded again, here are the screensnap¬†of¬†Leo’s pixelated cock:

NOT family-friendly in the least.

Did Leo Laporte sexually harass Sarah Lane?

In one of the most blatant displays of inappropriate office behavior since Clarence Thomas found a pubic hair on a can of Coke, tech monster Leo Laporte wades into unsavory territory with Sarah Lane on a recent pre-show for ‚ÄúiPad Today.‚ÄĚ Tell us what you think? Do you think Leo is a pig and should mend his ways?

Update: see annotated raw footage of the incident. Thanks to the commenters on this article for putting it together.

In the Wake of Nudes

We don't support hacking
#TotalDrama stands united with naked celebrities

There was a horrible tragedy this past weekend. Many female celebrities’ online accounts were hacked and nude photos (selfies etc) were released to the public. Many of our fellow news outlets have taken it upon themselves to refrain from publishing the photos. #TotalDrama is a respectable site and, we too, will not show the photos except of the girl from Downtown Abbey if anybody can find those. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† (Please link in comment section or email me directly)

Recently, many of the best looking looking internet celebrities have undertaken¬† a campaign to support the hacked celebrities and hopefully stymie cyber crime. Veronica Belmont, Mark Milan, Tom Merritt, Shannon Morse, iJustine,¬† Psy and others have voluntarily released nude selfies in solidarity….

Leo, this article is satire. You’re not funny bro. Seriously, please don’t. There is a time and place for jokes but please don’t. Leo, Veronica did not release photos, no one did, knock it off, #soup there are children on the internet. It was a joke Leo. Dude, you are crossing a line you can not uncross, DUDE. OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG¬† OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG

Is this enough?
Is this enough?

I can not un-see what I just saw. Nice knowing you all.
All the best, tell my wife I love her.

Update: Do not send pictures of Downtown Abbey girl, it is wrong and I  got them myself (finally.)

TWiT watchers clamor for ban on fugly facial hair

A groundswell of protest is rising up from¬†TWiT watchers worldwide ¬†after the appearance of The Next Web writer Josh Ong on a recent episode of the deeply-flawed “Tech News Today” program.

Elgum invited the scraggly-chinned reporter on to talk about some¬†useless iPhone app that nobody cares about and what viewers were treated to was a nearly 12-minute visual eyerape courtesy of Josh’s gross goatee. Please tweet Josh at @beijingdou to tell him to give his nasty facial hair a rest by either shaving, or not appearing on TNT ever again.

Thanks in advance, Josh!

The nastiness on TNT
A close-up of the horror show