No respect

Have some respect, it is #Drama. Leaving off the hash-tag is a spit in the face to everyone working so hard.

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    1. I’m listening to yesterday’s Windows Weekly while I code today….and did anyone else realize they now have a MATTRESS COMPANY ADVERTISING ON A TECH SHOW?

      Not only that, but it’s an over 4 minute long ad (no exaggeration) – check it out at 34:05 – ~38:30.

      They are desperate for advertisers at this point. They are selling razor blades, mattresses, trail mix…wow…terrible.

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      1. A lot of the adverts are 4, 5, 6 or more minutes long. They used to be less than 1 minute but they seem to roll on with a more and more desperate, almost begging, theme for people to buy the product and use the TWiT code.

        Like I had said yesterday I got showered after coming back from a contract visit to a quite dirty location and had put the TV on and forgot that I had left it air playing the TWiT app off an old iPhone. I was stunned to see a forehead being shaved by the Priest. At what point will they realize that there is only so much shit people will buy just because it is advertised by that network in support. I am sure that there are some cult members that have now purchase dozens of those mattresses to support their cult leaders lifestyle but there is a limit to the market.

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    1. I always found it odd that before they were a known item, he would refer to Lisa as his “business partner.” I assumed she had some investment in twit but now I no more about her that doesn’t seem possible.

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      1. Yes, I remember “business partner” being said a lot. Honestly I just went back to this video today and she literally hit me in the face, didn’t even notice at the time.. It’s really sad, but now it all makes sense. I guess Leo always had it in him.

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    2. I remember this watching this (like many others I’m sure) I even got stuck watching it for longer than I expected. It was charming, warm, wanted to see the future. Now it’s just nostalgia and I have better things to do. :/

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    3. Remember when Leo first put forward the brickhouse plans, it was to be several hundred thousand $$$ and completed by April, both of which never happened. Was Lisa really running the project??, I think so in light of recent and now not so recent past events. I remember when Leo discovered the “brick” scam, he could hardly contain himself at the thought of sucking $$$ out of his clueless listeners. I think if the “TWiT” platoon had really known he was screwing Lisa, his construction boss, that brick wall would have never sold.

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  1. Hasn’t he “deleted” or sworn off Facebook several times now?

    Then he goes back, claiming, “I [NEED] Facebook for my job.”

    No, you need it for your ego – like that nutjob Robert Scoble.

    Leo is just upset that his days of getting nothing but praise from most people are over. People who listen to TWiT aren’t stupid and know the writings on the wall – the “network” is on a downward spiral.

    And who can be thanked? Mr. Leo Laporte – the guy who fires everyone he considers a threat of any kind.

    Also, the Lisa lady reminds me of the typical middle-aged lady working in any given Marketing dept. – not actually talented at anything, but slimy and manipulative enough to weasel her way into a management role so she can protect herself from the chopping block – by lopping off others’ heads.

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    1. He merely tells people that, he is too scared that something will be said that he will miss out on it and then he puts it back on. Then whines about being trolled.

      In fact he whines about people trolling, or rather not agreeing with, him yet if he kept ‘blocking’ like he claims then it would dwindle down to nothing on all the social sites he frequents. He doesn’t block people because he is too scared that he will not see what is being said and he likes attention even if it negative attention.

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      1. Yup. A week or two ago when Ello first hit it big, he was yapping about it and how he can’t really use it because there’s no blocking yet.

        The service just started! It is literally MONTHS OLD! That is not a huge feature when compared to so many other things that need work.

        Maybe if you didn’t piss off so many people Leo, you wouldn’t have to need a “block” feature day 1 of a new service. If you have that problem so quickly, it probably means YOU are the problem, not the people you’re trying to block.

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  2. Wow… Ignoring what’s going on Mr. Laporte. I have tons of respect for you, not!

    What’s next, eliminating any criticism and corrections from the chatroom, adding more moderators, becoming a dictatorship where we’re not allowed to spit opinions?

    With Leo, it’s all possible!

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  3. No no no, the tweet has been misunderstood. What’s ironic is Theeeeeee Tech Guy can’t handle the phones, too much drama too much trouble too difficult. It’s a sign of aging, darn these new fangled phones!

    Cuz everyone knows #drama doesn’t just occur on mobile devices!

    Or does it… O.o

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    1. Considering 95% of his podcasts’ content is only about smartphones nowadays, I bet he can use a phone.

      Remember when covering “tech” meant something BEYOND discussing the latest LG phone, the design of mobile UI icons or the thickness of the latest iPad? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

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      1. I remember when tech was interesting to learn about. When people talked about interesting things. Oh the halcyon days of tech, where art thou?

        And kudos to the button of your post there, I spent a couple minutes thinking of how to one up that and it failed me.

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  4. Aaawww, that’s ok #soup, I wasn’t followinf you on my facebook account before i deleted it and you’re not and never have been on my list of people i’m following on twitter.

    It’s enough to listen to your utter BS on your shows, without more of your BS showing up in my social feeds as well.

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    1. I still keep the multiple devices pulling feed from the high quality feed going 24/7 to push up the cost of use for #Soup and his bint #Slop.

      I urge everyone to use the Flosoft stream to push their cost of streaming up. It’s the only one that the cheap bastard pays for!

      I don’t watch the stream all the time but I like it to run on muted volume devices because I know that #Soup in particular goes into distress just knowing that it is being used instead of just saying, “It’s a cost of doing business”, rather than doing that though he blurts out on air with a horrified look and says that they might have to shut down live streaming! LOL

      Right now I am not watching TWiT but it is running 6 streams through Flosoft! I don’t sell my devices on Gazelle I have a better use for those devices and perfectly legal and more distressing than even trolling that fat bastard!

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  5. I will pulling the Game On episodes before Donkey Dick Breath realizes that it is still there at TWiT and that vanishes too when I came to the following conclusion!

    For a “Tech” person he is remarkably stupid! So he removed the app’s from his mobile devices? Yet he keeps them on his desktop devices? How is that eradicating all the #Drama?????

    Is it some special non-#Drama-tic experience when done on a Desktop? My experience is not much different when I go on Social Media whether it is on Desktop or Mobile!

    This is yet another bullshit Tweet by the gluttonous monster. In fact does this mean that he had decided that Google+ is the only safe place as suggested by the Google Trolls (or is that advocates) JarPiss and Gum.

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  6. This couple hasn’t been credible for some time now – Leo spits and sputters ‘troll’ and other insipid cliches & now LK likens her treatment to the felonious harassment of Kathy Sierra/ diminishing Kathy and what she has gone through – ingenuous self aggrandizement – they have ruined their content, credibility and product

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    1. In fact it is even more monstrous that they think it is okay to cry foul while their News Director posted on Twitter and Google+ images that came from a fake Facebook account made by the DEA of a woman without her permission and felt it okay to publish this woman’s name all over Twitter and Google+ with the image being rather risqué! albeit pixelated out but you knew exactly what the subject matter was.

      Are they no better than the DEA? or are they any less Troll than the people they allude to being trolls. Certainly by allowing their News Director to publish these pictures to promote their Tech News Today podcast they seem to happy to operate a double standard. Hypocrisy rules at TWiT!

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