Jeff Needles Quits TWiT

Update 2: Jeff Noodles now works for Meerkat, defying #Soup’s “couldn’t handle the heat” asssumption.
Leo has clarified that Jeff Needles “couldn’t take the heat” and that is the reason he quit. He also confirmed that Noodles does not currently have a job lined up. Please see the video below.

Seen here in better days.
Seen here in better days.
Jeff Needles, intrepid producer and head woman-voice impersonator at TWiT, announced last night that he is leaving TWiT. We are grieving with our friends at TWiT over their loss.

No longer were we able to have Noodles snivel in the background of The Giz Wiz once Chad was fired by #Soup. Perhaps Noodles couldn’t bear the memory of Chad when he entered the TWiT shithouse.

Stupid Meerkat Rig (first of many)
Stupid Meerkat Rig (first of many)
We may never know. What we do know is that Jeffrey Noodles seized on the hipster opportunity of a lifetime when Meerkat launched. Unable to contain himself, he outfitted himself with an idiotic iPhone camera rig and began streaming himself 24/7 on Meerkat until #Soup put the kibosh on that in-studio. Perhaps the anger due to the Meerkat limitations pushed Noodles over the edge?

Fare thee well, Hiawatha.
Fare thee well, Hiawatha.
Noodles has been hard at work on his new product, Meerkat Stats, and perhaps he thinks he can monetize it. Meerkat is really stupid, so we won’t bother following that to find out.

Farewell, Noodles! Farewell. We only regret that we never got to see the left side of your head in pictures.

<bamfy86> Hey all, did Jeff_N really quit his job last night?
<&Dan> bamfy86: are you here to start trouble or just be annoying?
<bamfy86> Dan: That seems like a false choice. Just looking for confirmation, but I'll be quiet about it if that's what you want!
<&Dan> yeah, it is what i want.

Extra picture we can't ever use again.
Extra picture we can’t ever use again.
This story was sent in as a tip. Keep them coming. We can’t do it without you. We are all Total Drama.  #IAmTotalDrama

Jeff Needles quit because he couldn’t take the heat

39 thoughts on “Jeff Needles Quits TWiT”

  1. OMG, this is genius. I will love it , i mean looooooooove it if noodles ends up becoming the next silicon valley multi-millionaire after Leo laughed at him over this MeerKat thing.

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  2. It is a shame for TWiT to loose a dedicated and tireless worker like Jeff (those Lego builds were epic), fortunately, TWiT has a long bench and I’m sure the TWiT family will rally behind Lisa and Leo to keep the ‘on air’ quality top notch as always. I don’t expect to see any falloff on The New Screen Savers. Lisa really has had a nice impact on the editing – I didn’t think it could get better after week one! Who knew electroplating was so awesome! TNSS is so now and modern!

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  3. Sail away Noodles, sail away,
    Put your hand into you heart,
    Sail away, Noodles, sail away,
    Falling in and out of bars,
    Sail away, Noodles, sail away

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  4. That fucking Dan Hendricks. Somebody just asking a legit question and he has to go all power hungry. If he acts like a big baby on Twit, imaging the piss poor company he does sys admin on. I think my next summer vacation will be in Minessota

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  5. yeah ill miss the lego stuff that was kinda funny when he started doing that lol. but at the same time he got annoying on giz wiz too. where did he say he quit in chat? i now it was from a tip but just looking for clarification. wow dan what a ass and they say td are bad. this is what i got when i googled dans name lol did he write this crap for himself lol.

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    1. Leo and Lisa would not have hired him if he was annoying. That’s just how TWiT rolls! #LeoRocksLisaRolls (this is ment as a compliment)

      And Dan is just keeping the chat room from being the gutter of the internet, not sure why that bothers you? You still have Tumblr? No?

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      1. I was one of the original Leoville people, and Dan stalked leo on his Message board, and pretty much begged leo to be the chat mod.
        at the time i believe leo only gave him the gig to shut him up.

        I am pretty sure they would rather keep him in the mid west then bring creepy like that to Petaluma.

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    1. Like seriously, get a new insult.

      You probably found this site by searching Leo’s name in combination with one of his disgusting habits like guzzling soup.

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        1. I’m certainly not Lisa. I don’t know why so many of you have it out for her? She is the CEO and the Executive Producer of the amazing new and modern The New Screen Savers show. What more do you want from her? I get upset thinking about TWiT without her. She is like the brick TWiT was built on!

          And I’m fairly certain she is not a man (AKA a tranny and it is sad such things matter 2 so many of you). Leo is such a hound dog with the ladies (and he is so distinguished, portly, and stocky, he certainly is not hurting in the lady department). Why would he marry a dude? Don’t let some bad camera angles fool you. I need a lot more proof then her looking masculine in a number of photographs, you should 2. #Lisa_CEO_Rocks!!!

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  6. “Next time you’re in the chat room, you can say ‘hello’ to Dan!”

    Your bio said to come into the chat room and say Hello to you. So Hello Dan.
    Zon: are you here to start trouble or just be annoying?
    Dan: That seems like a false choice. Just saying hello, but I’ll be quiet about it if that’s what you want!
    yeah, it is what i want.

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  7. The newly posted video of Leo smirking as he explains why Needles quit reminds me a LOT of the on-air comments Leo made when Erik was let go.

    I find it disgusting.

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    1. so let me get this straight if someone goes into twit irc and asks a legitimate question they get told to be quiet yet when its on leo’s show hell respond. same old shit from twit. i like how he said he actually quiet for once lol. oh im excited even though he doesn’t have a job atm. wow what heat couldn’t he take anyways. no meerkating during work time? or maybe it was no one left at twit he could interupt during a show and not get yelled at lol.

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  8. What’s funny is that Leo said on Episode 2 of TNSS that he can’t discuss ex-employees due to legal issues. I know that Jeff is still there, but we have saw multiple instances of where Leo does end up talking over the air. Hate to say it, but he’s shooting himself in the foot.

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