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TWiT’s Attention to Detail is Stunning

“FredtheDorfman” pointed out that this exact misspelling happened before. We can’t even keep up. Thanks Fred!
Cheif TWiT Leo Laporte, before the move to the shoebox
Cheif TWiT Leo Laporte, before the move to the shoebox, 02:10 from TNSS 67

Guest Submission

An eagle-eyed reader — who can still manage to watch The New Screen Savers — wrote in to make us aware that TWiT misspelled Leo’s “title” in the last episode in the Brickhouse.

They are big fans of misspelling lower-thirds on landmark episodes. Bryan Burnett — aka Male Snubs — managed to misspell Peatluma on the first episode of The New Screen Savers, and they previously misspelled this same word.

Maybe Yoko needs to allocate her resources toward correct spelling?

“That’s great, but who are the Chefs?”

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