Leo Laporte Delays iOS Today and Disgusts Viewers

From the unpublished archives, circa January 2016.

Dance, you glorious monkey.
Dance, you glorious monkey.
Leo Laporte is chronically late for every show, including the only one where someone else is his boss. Seething disrespect for his audience comes through quite clearly in the clip above.

Even though his “interview” show Triangulation finished on-time and he was already in the studio, he didn’t want to set a precedent and have people start expecting him to be on-time for any shows.

Leo Laporte, one minute before his next show was scheduled to start, left the studio, claiming to be back in 10 minutes. You can find out for yourself in the video above if that happened. You can also judge his sense of urgency and respect for his viewers.

In addition to being late for iOS Today on purpose, he made more inappropriate sexual jokes in front of and to his employee Megan Morrone, saying “a man would just stick it in.” Disgusting, Leo. Disgusting.

30 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Delays iOS Today and Disgusts Viewers”

  1. Today he played with his latest toy. A Linux laptop. While Paul Thurrott and MaryJo Foley waited. I mean, he pays them. They can wait. Leo needs to apt-get install random crap to verify his tech cred.

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    1. Hee Hee Hoo said:
      Today he played with his latest toy.A Linux laptop. While Paul Thurrott and MaryJo Foley waited.I mean, he pays them. They can wait. Leo needs to apt-get install random crap to verify his tech cred.

      And completely made an ass of himself in the process.

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      1. I stopped watching WW. That’s the only way to get the point across is to not view. I watch What The Tech. I’m hoping Andrew, Paul, & MJ will make a Windows show.

        The funny thing is that you can see in the comments on Thurrott.com that a ton of people feel this way. Maybe they will get the point and go the way of a Patreon.

        Even Padre’ does a FAR superior job to Leo on that show. Back in the day, I used to look forward to Iyaz guest hosting it.

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    2. Eh who cares.

      Windows Weekly might as well be called the show of 3 L’s
      The Lewd, The Lush and the Lousy

      You figure out who’s who in that lineup…

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  2. Yup fatfuck Leo continues to push his sexual abuse with every female he works with
    if they laugh or joke along with him its the pass he needs to take it further and creepier the next time
    what a douche
    he must think to himself “I’m a god to this poor woman who begged me for a job”

    question Leo?
    when is your arm candy (cough)
    aka CeHo
    aka ManTranny
    getting her dick & balls removal surgery ?

    Fuck you creep!!!

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      1. Must be an slow news day to dredge up stuff from January. Leo still considers Twit.tv to be an hobby his real job at Premier Networks subsidies the podcast network and he gives distribution boosts to any new podcast he likes like hosting ditnyc for Jeff Jarvis his current bromance he left his last one with jcd for. His dumbest move was doing an open floor plan with the brick house with back office staff being stuck on camera witch no tv news does any more. He runs his video feed like an radio show putting his personal accounts up on live feed so his private pics show up on air and have to be edited out of the final podcast. And it’s unlikely he can do anything more offensive than the rest of premier networks host of talent in talk radio they still syndicate rush and Glenn beck

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    1. No, EffenDunn is EffenDone at TWiT.

      He tried to play it cool but we all know he is EffenDumb for quitting his previous job where he was a few years from getting a sweet pension to go work at TWiT for a day and a half. Schmuck.

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  3. I doubt Megan is really bothered …

    Megan is an obsessive flirter, watching her is like watching Superman III where there is an inner battle between the good and bad sides of Superman’s personality.

    Her natural inclination is to start flirting and joking around and then suddenly you can see a switch click in her head and she remembers she’s an “adult” and a “responsible mother” and she immediately attempts to regain her self control.

    If unsuspecting TWiT staff one day find themselves super glued to the seats in the restroom Morrone should be suspect number one.

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    1. Megan is boring and tired.

      I expected her to loosen up after a few months but she still looks like a scared little kid whenever she looks into the camera, sounds that way too… especially on TNT.

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    1. I think what killed TD was the over dramatic exit of The New Jeff Jarvis, he should’ve just left like HelloWorld did if that was his goal.

      But yeah, the fact that the writers of this place constantly refer to themselves like they’re a real journalistic outfit with their “editorial team here at TD” and “unpublished archives” have always been lame. At this point either just post Leo’s stupid behaviour verbatim or stop posting news stories pretending you didn’t kill this place on purpose.

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      1. Why not turn TD into a forum since the articles aren’t really serving a purpose. They just state the obvious and rehash old jokes.

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          1. Imagine Leo, his minions and sycophants wasting all their time on Leogab. TWiT’s content would become even more diluted. Leo would continue to balloon; but maybe at a greater rate. FMCP would continue to laugh about fiddling around with morally corrupt practices.

            Yes. There may need to be a Leogab.

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      2. Right, but really how is that any different from every random blogger on the Internet claiming they’re also journalists? This is all the result of having an open platform where anyone and everyone can type their opinions.

        Read it for the humor, or don’t.

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      3. They are clearly being sarcastic when they say “Editorial Team here at TD.” I guess you don’t understand sarcasm.

        Yes, traffic is down but we all have busy lives outside of TD. It will return.

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      1. Hahahaha. TFYC.

        In other news, some major JCD bashing on the last TWiT pre-show. Now I hate Becky Worley too, leave it to Soup to bring out the worst even in decent people.

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