TWiT Morons Misspell Their Own City in the First Episode of The New Screen Savers

Incompetent buffoons Leo and Lisa can’t manage a new flagship show debut without misspelling the first lower third on the screen. Did they have EffenDumb (Jason C. Cleanthes) on the job?

Possibly homeless man announcing the first episode of "The New Screen Savers"
Possibly homeless man announcing the first episode of “The New Screen Savers”

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Our tipster writes:

In literally the first scene of the first episode of TNSS, they misspelled Petaluma in the lower third…. Off to a great start.

When this show is a HUMONGOUS success and historians look back on the first episode, I’m sure they will be nothing but impressed.

In case you think we’re liars like Leo Laporte, it’s still in the posted episode as of the posting of this article, but we suspect they will fix it after this post (at least in the download version).

24 thoughts on “TWiT Morons Misspell Their Own City in the First Episode of The New Screen Savers”

  1. From reading the other posts on here it looks like EffinDumb is even dumber than Chad but at least he had a somewhat likeable personality. The LaPorte’s must be getting him on the cheap.

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  2. That’s so very very sad. All the promotion and pomp of a television show but none of the attention to detail.

    ….except the soup order, I’m sure the soup order was right.

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  3. This is the type of sloppy work we are used to fro TWiT. Yet you would think with all the people involved in their operation, (five guys always standing around doing nothing for example), TDs continuity department and so on that someone just one person would take the time to check the setup of the lower thirds. But no this is TWiT.

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  4. While I don’t personally know Gary, I can tell you one or more of the following is true:
    1) He was a member of the aryan brotherhood during his time behind bars.
    2) He is a wife beater, always was, always will.
    3) His last name is Kentzell.
    4) He isn’t embarrassed to pay for sex.
    5) He Is from Peatluma, CA.

    Why is Leo having such a sorted character opening his debut nostalgia act, the New Screen Savers?

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  5. Hahaha possibly homeless man!

    He did look like a vagrant. Keep up the good work, TWiT is busting at the seams much like the wardrobe of its owner.

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  6. During the early years of Letterman, Chris Elliott was the guy who lived under the seats. Always wondered what happened to him. But Elliott was actually funny.

    Just rememberin’ and best regards

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      1. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Sounds like your a raging bigot to boot. Good job, you’ve made it.

        It doesn’t matter where the screen shot was pulled, It can still be fixed in post – but that wasn’t the point of my post [you fucking moron 😉 ]

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  7. Just watching it now. Noticed right away that the isolation shot of Leo as the start had the camera too low and part of his head was cut off instead of having his face centered in the shot. Minor detail, but unfortunately another example of the lack of production talent working at TWiT causing little details like that being missed.

    Hopefully I can stay awake.

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  8. I think the blame should fall squarely on the executive producer for not putting in place adequate quality controls (among many other faults). The typo is just a symptom of a show that really needs some work…

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  9. The New Screen Savers was awesome. Looks like you needed to dig pretty deep to find ‘dirt’ to throw in Leo’s face. Grow up.

    I thought the show was even better than I expected. Watching Leo and Patrick is like magic, they just know what the other is going to say, do, react, not in a bad way like its boring or something, but like to old friends! Can’t wait for new host each week!

    And stop making fun of Gary, he is not homeless or a sexual deviant, he’s actually a huge apple fanboy, so there.

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    1. I will say this about it. It wasn’t The Screen Savers.

      Sure, bringing Pat in is great, but I was really let down by the lack of TWiT talent involved. The original screen savers had a cast, and this is exactly how Leo marketed The New Screen Savers, but none of those people on Segways actually made an appearance. That’s what gave The Screen Savers life, the variety of talent in the room at any given time. This however was just a shell on skeleton crew.

      I’m sorry, but Leo can’t hold my interest by composing a variety show based on all the other shows on TWiT I already don’t care enough to watch out of respect for not wasting my time.

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      1. You just can’t admit that The New Screen Savers hit it out of the park. It’s new, fresh, and modern. My only complaint is that it’s only on once a week! I’m excited to get the whole TWiT crew on! The format really allows Leo to shine. #Leo_Techtastic!

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  10. I’m watching this episode now. All throughout the show all you can hear is someone rubbing against a microphone. It’s very unprofessional. Leo try listening to your shows on a home theater system with a woofer. It’s rediculous that a network that has been around for 10 years still doesn’t have audio down packed. Really??.

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