Leo Laporte Deliberately Destroys Brand New $850 Phone and Cracks a Gay Joke

He really doesn't give a shit.
Who the fuck cares? I’ve got 5 more coming tomorrow.
Leo Laporte knew about the Ars Technica story explaining that if you put your stylus in backward it will get stuck and permanently damage the phone upon removal.

He did it anyway. Big surprise right? He doesn’t give a shit because he has 6 phones on 3 carriers and CeHO “makes him” buy all the new phones. We think he destroyed an $850 phone for humor’s sake, and he says he is going to try to make AT&T replace it for him for free.

This is a man who made Chad “OMGchad” Johson drive to the studio, prepare for Giz Wiz, and perform the show, all for a meager $250 weekly. Luckily, Chad is still an off-site producer.

Castro District, an icon for the gay community, and subject of ridicule for bigot Leo Laporte.
Castro District, an icon for the gay community, and subject of ridicule for bigot Leo Laporte.
As an added bonus, the piece of shit cracks a very insensitive gay joke. It’s in the video at the top, but a shorter video is below to make sharing this particular gem easier. He says that the pen sticking out of the bottom of his phone is like “the emergency room in the Castro district“.

We’re not sure that MacBreak Weekly is the best place to joke about gay people going to the emergency room to have things removed from their anuses, but maybe Total Drama is alone in that perception.

Castro photo courtesy Franco Folini on Flickr.

73 thoughts on “Leo Laporte Deliberately Destroys Brand New $850 Phone and Cracks a Gay Joke”

  1. Just a elaborate, stupid stunt he can show off to his Apple Friends..See what snobs we are..? Oh well I got another phone on the way..Dvorak said don’t ever listen to him about advice on a phone..He likes them all! So True

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    1. I’m an Apple user, and I’m offended by what he did. He intentionally squandered $850 just for fun. Isn’t it fun to intentionally destroy something? It’s just like being twelve again.

      And then he tried to get AT&T to pay for it. He’s a fucking millionaire who tried to scam AT&T to save money he wasted. He’s a thief, what a scumbag.

      It’s all about letting everyone know how nouveau riche he is. As if money could somehow make up for his many pathetic inadequacies.

      His mom must sure be proud.

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      1. You mean the mom he didn’t mention his newest marriage to until after the fact?

        He loves Android on every show except MBW anyway. I really do hope AT&T sees this.

        Plus he seems like he’s more familiar with the tenderloin anyway.

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  2. Ars Technica: If you insert the stylist backwards it will get stuck

    Leo: I wonder what happens if I put the Stylist in backwards.
    Leo: …
    Leo: Its stuck!

    Thank you for reading my playlet

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  3. Actually ” A ”
    Not only is the carrier saying their not going to replace it,
    Samsung posted they warned folks in the Note5 manual not to incert it backwards , and they take no responsibility because they warned you.
    See link

    Had this been an Apple problem and reaction
    Fat fuck Leo would be Trolling shit about the company on every social platform he’s on .

    Guess what? he hasn’t trolled Samsung or AT&T yet?? Wonder why???
    Oh wait it’s because he’s getting sponsor monies indirectly from Samsung .
    He’s not going to troll the company that feeds his fat face at this moment

    Biased asshole
    this is why you can’t trust any of his stupid product reviews ever
    he will play mind games with “Twit Sheep” convincing them to buy or use products that line his pockets no matter how bad they are


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    1. Leo thinks Android is superior to iOS, fine. But I’ve never heard him warn Android users on TTG about the security problems, the multiple app stores, nothing.

      If you’re going to recommend a product which carries some risk, TELL someone! It’s not just Stagefright, it’s that the Play store doesn’t curate or check apps. That responsibility is on the customer, and Leo should tell them that.

      When a customer asks me about iOS versus Android, I tell them that Android gives them a larger selection of phones, cameras, features, and prices, but that the security is on them. If they can’t handle that, consider iOS instead.

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  4. I saw that whole segment on MBW, kind of wondering if this is native advertisement for the KY product sheesh with all his talk of porn and gay wise cracks, he mentioned that product several times. So there’s you “tech net casts from people you trust” yeah right!

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    1. Why are we in a universe that has this disgusting fat fuck talking about KY jelly? It must be on his mind from all the pegging he’s getting from the man of the house (Lisa) on their new sex swing.

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    2. I’ve wondered if his gushing over various products was native advertising for a while now. I wonder if they’ve considered Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers as a sponsor…

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  5. A follow up to my last comment,

    Fat fuck Leo has been pushing the IM service called Telegram Messenger for the past few weeks on every fucking podcast he’s been on,
    telling viewers it’s the best and most secure IM messenger available because Steve Gibson endorsed it’s security,
    well if anyone watched SN with Steve Gibsons yesterday when fat fuck lying Leo told Steve he was using Telegram Messenger how great it was and he should friend him on it, Steve pretty much gave Leo a 10 min lecture on how insecure Telegram Messenger was and he wouldn’t recommend to his worst enemy etc etc etc , so fat fuck was caught in a lie using Steve Gibsons name to push that useless app Leo “Loved” because it has a bunch of free stickers( listen asshole!! If a company gives free stickers is enough to lure you in like the witch using her candy house in the Hansel & Gretal story , shows what a tech fraud you are, No wonder Google has you by the little balls just by giving you free picture storage & apps

    What a moron


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  6. EX -Fan

    The Castro District, commonly referenced as The Castro, is a neighborhood in Eureka Valley in San Francisco, California. The Castro was one of the first gay neighborhoods in the United States and has been one of the most lively for several decades.[4] Having transformed from a working-class neighborhood through the 1960s and 1970s, the Castro remains one of the most prominent symbols of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) activism and events in the world.

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  7. Consumer service I call it. He destroyed a iPhone a few years ago testing a bogus water protection product when he dunked the $600+ phone in a water glass.

    Thanks for Leo making the “mistakes” so we don’t have to.

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        1. Yeah, OK. You’re right. People do drop their phones into the toilet. I guess that had some value.

          But wasn’t he testing a waterproofing system for iPhone when he did that? I don’t remember it just being a test of how long the iPhone could survive in water and still work after drying it out.

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    1. The only thing Leo is qualified to test is how many churros he can shove down his gullet before they’re poking out at both ends. He also has a Masters degree in testing the weight capacity of various objects.

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  8. I had MBW in the background yesterday and had to switch it off when the segment went on and on. Ihnatko made the “one in a million, Doc” Seinfeld proctologist episode reference and Guimont giggled with glee. This kind of stuff isn’t what I’m looking for in technology podcasting. Sexuality is a beautiful and sacred thing, not an endless source of cheap laughs by old, out of shape people who think they’re breaking fresh ground. It belongs in private life and internet masquerade situations. The delightful raw energy of sexuality is improved by having a repressed, uptight mainstream culture for contrast. It’s unpleasant and offensive when referenced by crude creeps who lack respect for the audience. If TWiT wants to keep going in their current debased direction, they should rethink broadcasting such commentary in the middle of the day.

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  9. He won’t switch to iPhones – he’d have to wait an entire year to upgrade, whereas he’s accustomed to a new Android every few weeks.

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    1. It’s not about reading the manual. It was just another look at me stunt as everyone else had pointed out.

      He’s a fucking child, he’ll do anything for some attention.

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      1. Right, but there is actual value in that, because nobody reads the manual. If Leo just did THAT, only that, he could glean valuable information that he could pass along to his listeners/viewers.

        Of course, that would require EFFORT: he’d have to illegally order an intern do it so he wouldn’t have to pay them shit.

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  10. So in general I find at least half of your attacks on Leo and his network moronic, the other half seem very spot on…this being of the later variety, and now more than ever I hope he apologizes for his grotesquely offensive and homophobic comments. I’m a big fan of the network and a moderate fan of Leo’s however I often find fault in things he says and does.

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  11. On the Twit podcast download of MBW, @ 1:00:20, Leo says the stylus thing happened on a phone he paid 850.00 for, and extended his contract for 2 years. BS Alert, If he paid full price then there would be no contract extension. Hasn’t he said before that he doesny do contracts because they are scams??? What a fucking liar!!!

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    1. I noticed that too.

      But sometimes the carriers have to be dickwads. Sometimes they won’t sell you a phone full price unless you renew the contract or sign up for a number if you don’t have one already.

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    1. More of a general asshole and terrible human being than anything. Homophobia gets thrown around a lot but I don’t think he has an irrational fear (phobia) of gays, of which I am one.

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  12. People really don’t remember that at one time leo owned shares in google at the same time would cover google on The Tech Guy show and TWIT. He would say he was a google fan boy on MacBreak Weekly. This was before he did This Week in Google.

    But I love when the man says I don’t hold any tech stock but has never said that he sold the google shares he bought long ago. It is documented in old MBW shows of him saying the owned them so he can’t say he did not say it.

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  13. Leo is like the Donald Trump of Podcasting. I honestly do not think Leo is a homophobe. But one thing I have noticed about Leo. He doesn’t seem to see other people as having feelings. This is a common trait with people who have personality disorders. They just cannot see from other peoples point of view.

    For example, when he sit at the table to do a podcast, he seems to see the situation as “These people are here for me” attitude. This is very apparent in the way he disrespects other peoples time.

    He will put people down without even batting an eye. He as made many a gay joke to Dicky D. I have seen him belittle people. The insensitive act of calling Myriam he, over and over. We know that is the worst thing you can do to a trans, is not use their chosen gender.

    It’s not that he doesn’t respect them, it’s that he doesn’t respect anyone at all.

    Another trait I have seen over and over is Leo will bring attention to himself at anyones expense. He will put people down behind their back, like he has been doing lately with Steve Gibson. To Leo Steve is just some overly obsessed silly man too caught up in the details. See Leo likes to frame and define others so that it makes him look superior.

    These podcasts remind me of sitting around a table at a restaurant and just recording the conversation. But it’s a conversation you would hear if a super narcissist asshole boss took his underling employees out for a pizza. Gay jokes, low brow humor etc.

    I feel bad for Leo because he either A. Cannot help himself, or B. Is totally unaware of the severity of his condition, or C. He doesn’t care at all.

    Personally as a listener, I do not want to hear the low brow and insensitive gay jokes.

    But I must say what is telling. What is VERY VERY telling about Leo’s character. He tried to make that clip of him getting the stylus stuck to go viral. Him and Lisa have been tweeting it, and submitting it to reddit. He called it pengahzi to try to make a meme about it. But what is very telling. HE CUT THE GAY JOKE OUT OF HIS CLIP.

    So he is being dishonest about who he really is. If he really wanted the world to see what you get with Leo Laporte, he would of left the insensitive comment in. You see, because that is what you truly get when you listen to Leo Laporte’s content. It’s not family friendly, and it not from People You Can Trust. I have come to learn, you just Can’t trust these people at all.

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    1. I think your sentiments express what almost everyone here feels.

      The worst part of it is that he would flatly deny all of it. He looooves trans people. He looooves Dicky D. You are a troll!

      Has anyone noticed he’s mentioning Lisa even more recently? He needs to grpw some balls, guy hasn’t had an idea of his own in years. I wouldn’t be surprised if the pen fiasco was dreamed up by Lisa to get views by going viral. They’re certainly milking it on all their shows…

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    2. Is there anything more pathetic than a deliberate attempt to “go viral”?

      I think this man is just plan stupid in the simplest sense – he literally and demonstrably doesn’t have the capacity to consider the ramifications of his actions.

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    3. I think it goes further than that.

      Those with malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder pose a very real threat to society. They are predators, and don’t concern themselves with laws or ethics. At their core, they believe that anything they want should be theirs, no matter who gets in the way, no matter who owns whatever they desire.

      Leo is a textbook case. He has very highly developed social skills to mask his inability to feel empathy for another person. Malignant narcissists have to learn to fake empathy and sensitivity so they appear human.

      To Leo, everyone is expendable, if it comes down to him or them. His wife, his children, his employees. If they get in the way of what he wants, they’re discarded like garbage.

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  14. I think we should all send this post and or video to the LGBT Facebook and Twitter accounts. See if they respond to the joke Leo made. Maybe make him apologize.

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    1. This is how the scam goes:
      1. Puts out a call for opinion of hearing aid users.
      2. A few “plants” answer touting how great a certain make/model is.
      3. Maker of said product gets in on conversation asking LL if he needs more info./gift review models
      4. And there you go, you get fair and unbiased reviews from “people you trust”, YEAH RIGHT! LL your been saying your hearing is going out, you also mentioned your DNA profile shows a propensity for copious earwax production, could it be you don’t clean your ears and their just full of earwax? LMAO

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  15. I see TD’s above gay remark video was plastered on Laporte’s twitter wall a few followers have asked him to appologized publicly

    Ya right that’s not going to happen
    he already edited out the gay remarks and will deny the original video , blaming TD ( trolls) for photoshopping or editing the video

    Fucking asshole , not man enough to own his shit
    Reminds me of Bill Cosby

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  16. My god he’s only gotten worse. Ladies and Gentlemen we have a perfect example of how the rich screw over everyone else. He ‘s going to try to get a free $850 phone (to replace the one he broke intentionally) while the rest of us have to pay for it with higher prices and more resistance to legitimate warranty claims.

    How damned stupid do you have to be to do something like this then expect a warranty replacement?

    I suppose if he got drunk one night and totaled his Audi he’d try to say it was a warranty issue and try to get the dealership to replace it for free.

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    1. I knew EXACTLY what would happen and yet went crying to twitter anyway, with presumed privilege, empty threats and some shitty attempt at a hashtag in hand.

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  17. Every has good points on this breaking news.
    Leo answers to no one.
    Everything stupid he does is not accidental.
    Leo is an exhibitionist, from dicpics to destroying new phones.
    Leo’s wife says he “he has no filter”. He does but does not be held accountable.
    Leo is very simply a 12 year old spoiled little prick.

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