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We all loooooove catching people in lies and none are more fun to catch than the two masters, Leo and Padre, go on and click the image below to read PSJ’s horse hooey.

Making the world a better place
Making the world a better place (Non-relevant portion is darkened – full conversation is here.)

The church is now an employee leasing service? I liked the old lie better, ‘he is spreading good will for the church by being at TWiT.’

We have been told countless times by Leo that PadreSJ has turned down assignments from the Church to work at TWiT. So why did he say that the church ASKED him to be at TWiT? The church didn’t know shit about TWiT until Padre told them. PSJ has also made references to the church not being happy with him. Why? In his twitter feed the man has said many times he chose to be at TWiT and was asked to do some sort of year long sabbatical he is pushing off. Am I supposed to pretend an arch-bishop or some higher up came up with the idea to put PSJ at TWiT? Come now.

Does he really expect us to believe TWiT’s measly donation pays for his room, board, food, expenses and saving Bolivia?
Why wont he say how much the #guzzler pays the church annually? I am gonna bet that the job Padre stole would have cost #Soup at least 100K in salary, payroll expenses, insurance and benefits if TWiT had to pay a “regular Joe.” TWiT probably pays the church 5K-25K annually tops.


I am not a church guy but I have no animosity towards the church either, Why not just be honest? Don’t try and paint working at TWiT as something you will be canonized for. Stay quiet. Working at TWiT is not god’s work.  Hopefully PSJ fooled himself so he can sleep at night because he doesn’t fool me.

**The blackout was not done to take something out of context or protect PSJs target. Everything  aside from his fib about the Church asking him to be at TWiT was not relevant. The link is in the picture caption**

Lisa Laporte [CEO] Creeping Her Way Across Europe

Guest SubmissionWe all know that legally it is permissible to photograph people in public (in the U.S.) but apparently Lisa Laporte thinks it is A.O.K. to take pictures of innocent strangers and post them on the internet. This from the bogus celebrity couple who can’t even stand to be questioned by the public without going after those inquisitive citizens. Hypocrisy, have you no limit?


It’s the targeting of teenagers that I can’t stomach, Lisa. You know?

Send any further #scoups to us through our feedback system.

Hitler Finds Out About Leo Laporte’s Dick Pics

Guest SubmissionWe didn’t make this, but it was sent in to us using our feedback system, and we thought it deserved to be seen by everyone. Sometimes you need a bit of humor to counteract the depressing cesspool of sitting-around-a-table bullshit TWiT has become.

Credit goes to Leichewow. Check out the other videos in the channel if you have time as well. Lots of good content.


We’ve Been Here Before (Redux of the Forums Shutdown)

Editors Note: This was sent to us by chatter Vincent Ferrari (<vincenzof>) and is unedited by us. Echoes of the threats of a chat and live stream shutdown are obvious.

Forum Moderator Emails
Forum Moderator Emails

It was October(ish) of 2008 and the TWiT forums were the place where viewers could discuss the shows, of course, but mostly we just hung out there and chatted with each other. It was a strange little family of people with diverse interests and the discussions didn’t always center around TWiT. In fact, for the most part, they went all over the place and we liked it that way.

Originally, the forums were for paid subs only. Back in the old days, you could chip in $2 a month and for that sum you gained access to the forums. Eventually, they went full free, and I don’t remember where they were in October 2008. We were having a discussion about a statement Leo made on the forums about “working for free.” Many of us long-time listeners scoffed at the notion that anything he did for TWiT was “for free,” and noted based on many things, that he was not only not “working for free” but he was being paid quite well. Our objection wasn’t that he was making money, but that he continued to perpetuate this crazy idea that he wasn’t being paid for what he did.

The conversation got heated, and divisive with many people throwing names back and forth at each other, and it ended up with a bunch of people throwing up their hands in disgust and leaving the forums altogether. Some stayed, though, and this one thread just kept going on and on. The discussion eventually came down to people arguing that those of us who “don’t like it should just leave” and the ones who were balking at it saying “but we pay for it and this is the place to talk about it.” It got uglier and uglier, and Leo himself stepped in at one point, saying that he had had “enough shit” from the forum, and he isn’t working so hard so that people could make him miserable. He said he would no longer be looking at the forums, and then upgraded the people who disagreed with him the most and had been there the longest to moderator status.

Things settled down for a bit and me, along with a few of the old “regulars” moderated the forums until another tantrum over content, in which Laporte decided that he had enough of us discussing things and that the forums were a “cesspool” (sound familiar? *cough* Twitter *cough*) and needed to go. He then proceeded to ban everyone he made a mod entirely, and later would close the forums down. They would re-appear on another server for awhile, but eventually disappear. The most active and enthusiastic community behind TWiT was not only killed, but it was eviscerated and people were shamed for not just drinking down the Kool-Aid. Incidentally, I still have the emails that say I was upgraded, then banned, lest you think I’m playing games.

Why am I telling you this? Because it shows a pattern. To an extent, Leo is right. It’s his ship and he can run it how he wants. But, when he does that, it really cuts through the happy horsecrap of “we’re all about input” and “we love feedback.” None of the shows have feedback on them any longer (aside from Tech Guy which is heavily moderated), the forums are gone, and any medium on which Twit can catch criticism is frowned upon, dismissed, or utterly demolished (consider how hard Leo is on Facebook and Reddit). He exhibits a total lack of class when anyone dares question him or his decisions, and seeing him lash out at critics over the years has made me less and less inclined to support him and TWiT in any way. I do enjoy the shows. I get a lot out of them, but it seems like, at this point, they’re just coasting and “riding it out.” I should’ve been way more excited about the Screen Savers reboot than I am, but I just see it as an attempt to recapture what was lost a long time ago, but we’ll hear over and over again how this is a sign that he listens to the fans and does what they’ve been asking for.

Only time will tell but the more I read here and on another site about the machinations that go on behind the scenes, the more I think this ship has not only sailed, but hit an iceberg and is on its way down as the violinists play and a woman floats on a door.

What happened to this site? It used to be good

Dearest God in Heaven Above,
Lord of Lords and Host of Hosts (but not Leo)

We beseecheth you to bringeth back ye olde TotalDrama. You know the one where there were constant #scoups and long-form videos?

td-crossWhy hath thou done did and forsaken us in our time of need? Thine “comedy posts” doth rubbeth some readers the wrong way. You know, those readers who don’t pay a dime to this site, who don’t understand that this is a volunteer effort and that it takes time and patience to tendeth to a site like this one. You know, those idiots of the most graceful and tender nature.

So fucketh you all to a violent yet peaceful death and may you live and reign in the kingdom of Drama for evermore.


Is Leo Laporte preparing to boot Sarah Lane out of the Shithouse for good?

Leo Laporte is apparently getting his ducks in a row to kick the lovely and talented Sarah Lane to the curb, le finiti. In this video (above) we see how he warms up his zombie-audience to his reprehensible plot. In the continuing mission to save money, the dysfunctional tag team of Leo ‘n’ Lisa have determined—yet again—that rather than paying broadcasters to host shows, it is more economical to have whomever is around take a shot at it. Based on the public figures spewed on-air by Laporte, it is estimated that Sarah is pulling in a meager $450 per episode for the show she created and built while Leo slurps up the bulk of the profits.

With two idle hosts on staff, either Moronne or Moron (aka Elgum) will be forced into a sad attempt at replacing Sarah in order to save the glutton the $450 per show that is paid to said goddess. Asked for comment, noted Sarah Lane expert Richardya said, “This turn of events could be related to a recent Instagram photo (seen below), which conjured up images of the ‘dark triangle’ [that] Laporte can’t get out of his head. It is also known that TechCrunch is planning to enter the podcasting sphere which could leave the failing TWiT network in ruins.”

Sarah Lane's racy Instagram account may unfortunately be used against her by the piggish Leo Laporte.
Sarah Lane’s racy Instagram account may unfortunately be used against her by the piggish Leo Laporte.

P.S. Nice try – lying once again about this being “abrupt notice.” Sarah informed you about the trip weeks ago. We see the schedule online fat man.

TotalDrama’s first user-submitted #scoup

TotalDrama is proud to present our first long-form user submission from the “Feedback & Tips” button on the right side of this website. We’re not sure if they want credit or not, so we erred on the side of discretion.

If the person responsible for this exclusive interview would indeed like credit we’d be happy to add it!

An exclusive interview with Mike Elgan:

Tell me a little about yourself…
Well hi first of all hi and thanks for that’s a good question thanks for having me M M Mi Mike, thanks for inviting me. I’m I’m um I’m Mike and my name, my name full name is Mike. I’m my in my official title name Mike is Head of Mike Media TWiT inc Mike Media. I married well I did I got I am married to my beauti- my beautiful her name she’s actually my business partner because what I always say and I think it’s really important this is, this, this um what we try to do is start from a fresh page, I think that’s the best the best the, fresh page is how you start each day because when you’re in the fast pace moving of tech world of technology, it’s important to surround yourself with the right technology and in the future I this is I think what exactly we are going to feel and believe much more of them.

What do you do for TWIT?
I’m actually I’m actually I’m actually, a a actually it’s not really about TWiT so much as being the best of way to get what is an increasingly popular form of tech newstertaintment but into out there, and so when Leo asked me I was thrilled, thrilled as you can imagine and I think it’s important to give Leo credit, this is a guy who saw the saw the saw the, who then put his, well excuse my language but he put his mouth right where the future was, as we all try to do in a way but I think leo succeeded, and if there’s really only one way of many ways to answer your question, many ways I think.

What is the next big thing in technology?
I’m asked this question all the time. And I think that if you ask it in that way you are really missing what is the future because as we always say if you don’t look at the past and look future, future is the way to go but you got from there to here, so my my my wife and I were walking on the beach last week and I saw a shell a a shell, and she shed sea shed shell the shell short of shed to me that if you hold a shell to your ear you can hear the ocean and I think that’s a perfect metaphor for the way the future unfolds here at TWIT, and TNT is the perfect place to not only watch the future happen, but to actually make the future – because as the said always said always say, the best way to invent the future is to invent it.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Ha. Sorry for laughing so much I er I because I laughed because you’d have to ask Leo but really it isn’t about Leo it’s bigger than me, bigger than Apple and I think Apple is an interesting case because people are missing the big picture, which is that if you start off by only looking at the mass the mass the massive success of Apple, you start to think that maybe the critics were wrong, but what I think is that we have to look at what happened to the slave market and it was a market even though with the computers not invented, slave owners didn’t have the ability to properly monitor their slaves but with modern tablet devices device, you can manage inventory much more success and Apple really needs to think about working with Microsoft because the partnership with IBM represents everything that’s wrong with the, with the, with the inventory market. You have to remember that Google is not a search company, it’s not an advertising company, it’s actually aimed at children, and if you look you look closely, very closely, you will see the colours which are colours in painting sets for children. When you download a google app.

Do you have any messages for the TWIT audience?

Mike, thanks so…
(interrupting) And the real message is, don’t stop buy believe buy go to buy, but if you believe in what you buy, then consumer market driven.

Mike, thank you.