TWiT Technical Directors Still Can’t Spell

Cheif TWiT
Leo Laporte can’t be blamed for everything at TWiT. Sometimes the technical directors (the bumbling oafs sitting behind the TriCaster) must bear the blame for being unable to spell.

Much like the prior misspelling on the flagship show The New Screen Savers, they can’t even spell the word chief.

You may watch yourself, if you don’t mind adding to his view count for the flagging flagship show. We are constantly accused of photoshopping, yet no proof ever emerges.

As always, thanks to one of our loyal readers for submitting this in our feedback link. You can join us in our chat room at any time to talk about #Soup and TWiT’s failings.

58 thoughts on “TWiT Technical Directors Still Can’t Spell”

  1. So what’s the best (or least sucky) show on TWiT right now? Is it WW? I know MJF is not a fav of TD but at least that show (when not talking about beer) had some good information coming out from people that actually report on the good and bad a company does.

    I used to watch MBW but damn, between Rene and Alex, I mean just go to Tim Cook and blow him already, Alex even mentioned years ago how Apple should do a bank, and their own car, and refrigerators and all sorts of none sense.

    I watch AAA but that show is really just Jason semi reading the news. Myriam Joire (sp?) was good I thik but obviously she was kicked off for being too trans. The girl that’s there now is just completely clueless, just a dumb woman. Ron I man, damn, that guy is just a cheerleader for everything Google (paging that other idiot from TWiG).

    So what’s the least suck your soul show on the network?

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    1. WW is fine, but since Microsoft is usually boring the show can drag a bit. Plus Leo is on it which is a definite negative.

      I enjoy AAA but mostly because I like Android. Jason is cool but borders on the boring side.

      Miriam was on recently, last week I think – I’d say she was PMSing pretty hard but we know she can’t. I think usually she’s informative but sometimes can be full of herself.

      Flomaxx isn’t that dumb considering she’s a woman, but she needs to quit the fucking millennial schtick, not only does she not need to excuse every weird thing she says, I don’t quit think she’s a millennial. Millennials are kids who are becoming adults now, not someone who was probably 15 or 16, i.e. a young adult in the year 2000. Ronxoxoxo is a fucking dumb human being. I could tolerate him if he didn’t finish every sentence with a lame ‘so’ and I find adults comic books guys fucking weird.

      The funniest shit is still the in between stuff because Leo never learns. During the last TWiT pre-show he threw a pretty major hissy fit because there was too much TFMP and not enough Leo in the previous week’s recap video.

      Speaking of which, nothing on that blow up? It’s seems more interesting than another spelling fuckup. One day Kiki Stockhammer will get around to adding spell check on the mighty Tricaster, not to worry.

      P.S. What kind of narcotic is Jim Dalrymple hooked on? I don’t care how into Tim Cook’s jizz fest inside circle he is, how does it excuse the fact that he always Skypes in from a loud ass construction site? Doesn’t he own a house? Is he actually homeless? Go inside next time you stupid Hells Angel lookin’ mofo.

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      1. If you are going to crap on girls for being female, then at least get your facts right. A millennial is someone born between 1980 and 2000. The very last millennials are in their Varsity high school years right now.

        Millennials are anyone who got the internet growing up (at least had it in high school). Those born after 2000 are the new generation, which have had the Internet since they were babies. I have heard them called Generation Like.

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    2. Its gotta be WW, but MJF and the beer stchick ran out of steam and stopped being cutesy 2 years ago… Now all I can picture is a sad, chubby, lonely lesbian sitting in the dark in her over-priced manhattan apartment drinking over-priced beers all by herself.

      And MBW is shite now, but I choose to hate RR and Andy instead of HelpMeOut’s dynamic dou…. I can’t stand both of those know-it-alls, and Andy has to be the cheapest middle aged single gay man I have ever seen.

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      1. MBW is almost entirely pointless(and I say that as someone who’s spent thousands of dollars on Apple computers).

        The OS wars are over Windows is fine, Linux is often fine, OS X is fine but has an irrelevant market share. Promoting Apple is not thinking differently it is locking yourself into a proprietary ecosystem for no good reason.

        Apple is a boring phone/consumer electronics company. Boring. Boring. Boring. If they disappeared in a puff of smoke tomorrow the only difference it would make to the world is that their dimwitted fanboys/girls would save themselves some money.

        MBW is a group of very silly adults rubbing each others erogenous Apple zones for absolutely no sensible reason – they are almost as sycophantic as Jeff Jarvis on Google.

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    3. HelpMeOut: The least sucky show on TWiT is the show that plays the split-second before I close my browser screen. I’m not sure the name of this show, but the main plot point is that whatever fat fuck from TWiT was on the screen at the time just simply disappears into nothingness.

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    4. Windows Weekly and Security Now are the only ones I even bother going to the site to watch now. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I still enjoy them and get some info from.

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    5. Since I can’t stand any show with Leo, The Priest, Mike or Megan, that leaves AAA and Ham Nation as the only two shows I sometimes watch.

      I don’t bother with TWiCH because PCPer covers the same shit and is so much better.

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    1. Take a look at the youtube views.

      They started out better but have plateaued to around 4000-6000 views per episode.

      TNSS channel has less than 14,000 subs. That is NOTHING for a flagship show.

      For comparison, MKBHD has nearly 3 MILLION subs, no employees and he isn’t an obese clown who is about to have a heart attack or die in his sleep from apnea.

      As the time of this post MKBHD’s most recent video was posted 9 hours ago and has over 170,000 views.

      I understand TWiT publishes their content through a number of ways. But if youtube is any indication, TNSS is sucking balls and not growing it’s viewership.

      I would seriously doubt if through all publication channels any single TWiT show gets 170,000 views within 9 hours outside of an Apple announcement/keynote show.

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      1. It’s been a few months since the new website launched – I think a good story for TD to report on would be how many (or few) developers are taking advantage of the Content as a Service being offered. My guess would be zero, if you don’t count the people who already had TWiT apps out there.

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  2. The New York Times makes spelling and grammatical errors every day. All media outlets make typos. Is this the best you got? One lousy typo?

    OTOH, at least the post is not of the smelly vagina variety. So there’s that. Speaking of smelly vaginas, has HelloNausea finally been shitcanned?

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    1. Elgort: The NY Times publishes at least 100 pages per day, probably 200+ on Sunday. So let’s say at a minimum they publish 800+ per week.

      How many lower thirds does #soup’s staff create in a given week? 50? 60?

      That’s why this error is significant.

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    2. Yeah but a lower third is a couple of lines of characters. The New York Times have pages and pages filled with content. I’m not going to criticise a typo though as everyone makes them. You’d think though it would have been picked up on though. It stands out a mile.

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      1. Lower thirds on cable news make typos on a regular basis. The Times makes multiple typos in every issue, not one in 800 pages, and they have copy editors who are supposed to catch them. Online, several articles a day carry corrections to careless errors in the print version of the story. Rush transcripts of speeches or press conferences are always full of typos. Typos are everywhere.

        This blogpost says nothing of any importance about TWiT, but making a federal case about a typo says a great deal about how TotalDrama is running on fumes.

        Probably, TD should get back to what it does best: Making fun of what people look like.

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        1. Elgert: I’m a NYTimes subscriber ad cannot remember the last time I saw a Typo. I’m sure they run it through spellcheck. Copy editors typically look at grammar, etc.

          Twat’s spelling error is emblematic of that network. Leo doesn’t give a shit about twit and he hires idiots and interns to do stuf like lower thirds.

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          1. “I’m a NYTimes subscriber ad cannot remember the last time I saw a Typo.”

            Why does that not surprise me? ROFL.

            1. You left out the “d” in “and.”

            2. You misspelled “stuff.”

            1. The word “typo” should not be capitalized.

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  3. Let’s face it, Leo isn’t paying anyone enough money to attract any real talent to do any of this. He keeps the money. He is preoccupied with keeping the money. There can be no “best” show.

    Who said Andy was gay? Acting like a giddy know-it-all chatterbox 14 year old boy does not make you gay.

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  4. I don’t care about the typo. I do care very deeply about Leo’s wardrobe choices. These are clearly the fashion ‘don’ts’ of a man with a tenuous grip on reality!

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    1. Leo hasn’t grown up…yet. He acts like his AM radio days, over the top and dumbed down for the teenybobbers. Leo hasn’t provided intelligent content since Ray,Erik and Tom were jettisoned. Lisa has now set up a ad agency to fruther insulate Leo from his flubbed ad reads, now complaints will go directly to Lisa with Leo even more jammed up her wet spot

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  5. I wish the guy would just go off the air entirely at this point. The Tech Guy is a worthless show for anyone but total tech idiots. The New ScreenSavers sucks big time. Retire and GTFO already. The economy for most people is imploding and people don’t have money for new tech shit that is not all that anyway,.

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    1. What does he pull in from the Tech Guy? $300,000/annum? For 6 hours work a week? He appears to find his radio show about as stressful as a massage so he’d be silly not to take the money.

      As for TWiT that actually looks, at times, like a time consuming and stressful occupation. Personally, if I were his age, I’d dump it, do the Tech Guy at the weekend, and enjoy my retirement. I can only assume TWiT pays well.

      TWiT output is mostly generalist tech news without huge depth, if someone wants to specialise there will be better resources elsewhere on the net. There’s a market for TWiT but it’s in the mould of “tech elevator music” or “easy listening”, passable but unsatisfying in the long term.

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      1. Keeping TWIT running might be stressful for “someone”, but that someone certainly isn’t Leo.

        Unless standing up to hit the NatureBox ™ stash is considered an arduous task.

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      2. From what Leo says from time to time, it seems that TWIT pays for everything (as in fraudulent expenses) rather than necessarily paying anything.

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  6. Clearly Leo isn’t interested in making TWiT a family friendly “tech news” network. It’s neither family friendly nor does it have any resemblance of a news network with amateurs running the boards who are too lazy to spell check. I’m still amazed that people actually watch/listen to these shows. Shows that offer absolutely nothing but soul sucking life force draining mind numbing pointless content. These are horrible humans who enable psychopaths like Leo to make bank from advertising revenue that could have been spend on more deserving podcasts.

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  7. Twit shows are just one big fucking ad, tried to listen to the Tech guy radio show for 15 min and had 2 ads going on the 3rd before I logged out.
    WTF Leo LaCunt??
    please rename your radio show, you are not a “tech guy” nor will you ever be.
    You are a scam and should be exposed as such.
    You give real IT guys a bad name .
    You should have an entertainment disclaimer at the beginning of each podcast!!!!
    What a fat Putz, u think your a tech guy because you waste money on a new phone every week and giving biased reviews starting off by saying “I Lovvvve this android phone” u fat fucking piece of shit.
    Nobody listens to your fucking advice, matter of fact on your Twitter account your fans wrote
    ” if Leo lovvvvesss something he’s reviewing then I know the product is shity and I won’t buy it, if Leo says he hates the product then I’ll go buy it”

    What a douche bag u r LeCunt
    can’t believe your younger than myself, I thought you were 65-70 years old, what the fuck happened to you????

    I’m starting “RIP” pool ,
    I’ve got Sept 17 2017
    anyone else in when the fat fuck will kick the bucket??

    I’m pretty sure Leo doesn’t mind the “RIP”pool about him , after seeing that YouTube clip of Leo telling John C Devork “I wish that Steve Jobs was Dead ” etc a few months before Steve passed away I call it Karma!!!!!

    So here’s to popping the cork after I win the RIP pool.

    Oh by the way Leo , FUCK YOU !!!!

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  8. He will die when I am good and ready.

    If he stops breathing before I’m ready then I’ll tie him to a broomstick and sit him down in front of the camera. The quality of the tech advice should remain the same I am thinking.


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