Leo Laporte makes a rude, unfunny gay “joke”

Leo Laporte, the ever-expanding bloast (that’s a combo of “bloated” and “host”), makes a truly tasteless gay “joke” on the latest episode of “Windows Weekly” in front of co-hosts Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley.

At this point, we here at TotalDrama HQ are well aware that Leo is a sexist, homophobic, racist fuck. But when he forces his co-hosts to sit there uncomfortably as they pretend that Leo’s failed “jokes” are nothing but thinly-veiled attacks on anyone that is not an old, white male, then that goes too far. And we are duty-bound to expose it to the world.

Please tell us what you think in the comments section: Should Leo apologize to Mary Jo and Paul for this assault on their integrity?

39 thoughts on “Leo Laporte makes a rude, unfunny gay “joke””

  1. HelloWorld, I don’t think this was a gay joke per se, but instead, just another Leo sex joke. And it wasn’t really a sex joke until he pointed it out! ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!

    And you can it in both MJ and Paul’s faces, kind of like disappointed parents. They’re not mad, just disappointed.

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  2. Paul Thurrott runs a very respectable website. It’s too damn bad he still associates with soup.

    Leo better make him a millionaire for having him put up with nonsense on every show.

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  3. Gay joke? What gay joke?

    Are you the type of person who’s offended by the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team? Spotted dick pudding? Mrs Slocombe’s pussy in “Are You Being Served?”? Then you’ll probably be outraged by Leo saying “top” and “bottom” – maybe he was talking about quarks …

    Weak submission ….

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  4. Seeing this through the eyes of loving TWiT and Leo now, this is not so bad. In fact it doesn’t even make sense. I have said before, i have changed my ways, and do not appreciate this kind of mean things you say about Leo.

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  5. Going off topic

    See the CEHo posted this on Twitter

    @lisadlaporte: @FortuneMagazine http://t.co/WkzQWhWcls @twit @leolaporte talk about how http://t.co/po1VklDXS6 does ads

    WTF , I clicked the link expecting to see a full story or at least half,
    scroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll see this incert

    “But podcasters won’t take any ad they can get. In a potentially awkward moment, Leo Laporte, a podcasting pioneer who runs TWiT.tv, a network of technology-focused video and podcast shows, said he he turns down a lot of advertisers that want spots on his show. “Sorry guys,” he said after the audience emitted an audible grimace. Anyone who advertises on his show “has to be someone I consider worthy of our audience,” he explained. “These are hardcore endorsement deals.”


    That’s it, doesn’t even warrant top or middle of the article, it’s almost an after thought to fill the story.

    As for ads Leo claims he “considers worthy”
    they are garbage , almost every tech post cast run the same fucking ads, SquareSpace, NatureBox,Casper and all the Samsung ads Leo has to now include the name Samsung in with the product ;example :
    “Samsung SmartThings”
    so now the MacBreak weekly fans can linch fatfuck after trolling apple most of MBW and then reading a Samsung SmartThings ad
    What an idiot
    Same goes for Spotify and Intel

    The CEOHo and fatfuck are delusional , he’s just a salesman that knows how to blur the line between ads and crap content.

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  6. It’s very telling that he just says this kind of unfunny stuff without a thought before he blurts it out. If He would just do that people wouldn’t think he is a tastless human being.

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  7. Digital Dynamic
    Yup Intel now has ads on Twit, something Leo swore he wouldn’t do
    as well as Samsung ads etc etc etc

    Remember he’s running a business , that said he never owns or admits he’s wrong or when he back peddles ..

    he’s secertly being sponsored by a competitor on podcasts like Apple or Windows he hosts thus his outrages out bursts during the podcast because he knows the competing sponsor is listening creating more ads from them= more monies

    So a takeaway from this is never trust a product reviewer like Leo who uses the words “I love” during his reviews or during his sponsors ads.

    Anyone with min of 10% tech smarts can see right through this “Snake-oil salesman” we call Leo LaCunt

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