Leo Laporte to Do Fake AMA for Sycophants After Receiving an Unwarm Welcome on Reddit

Following the colossally-epic pounding that Leo Laporte took during his “Ask Me Anything” appearance on Reddit a few months back, the fatass netcaster has  apparently learned his lesson and is heading back into the choppy waters of the Internet for another AMA—but this time the creepy fatass fuck is going to do his appearance in the safe harbor of ProductHunt.com. The stupid site is run by a friend of Jeff Needles and most of the embarrassing questions for Leo will most assuredly be moderated out of existence. But we’re hoping that a few real-world questions get through.

Highest rated question on Leo's last real AMA
Highest rated question on Leo’s last real AMA

Founder of Prada Cunt, approximating human form
Founder of Prada Cunt, approximating human form
It hasn’t escaped the editorial board here at TotalDrama that ProductHunt is such a horrible name for a website that it stands to reason that, of course, Leo would choose to go on there. Prada Cunt and Product Cunt are just two of the names that spring to mind.

So best of luck, Leo, on your appearance on Product Cunt. We’ll be watching for your lies and can’t wait to share them with our readers.

BREAKING: TWiT Can’t Afford Video Bandwidth Anymore for Downloads

We suspected long-ago that Cachefly gave free bandwidth to TWiT in exchange for the stupid “Bandwidth for [dumb show] is provided by Cachefly, at C-A-C-H-E, F-L-Y dot com” mention. Patrick Delahanty confirmed that for us on April 7, 2015.

Patrick admits TWiT pays nothing to Cachefly for hosting
Patrick admits TWiT pays nothing to Cachefly for hosting

Guess this didn't work out so well for Cachefly
Guess this didn’t work out so well for Cachefly
However, we figured something might be going on behind the scenes with that relationship, because recently, TWiT tested promo codes with Cachefly at the beginning of some of the episode downloads, instead of the normal domain name spelling promo. This change signaled to us that Cachefly might be seeking more from the arrangement.

This new promo ran on shows from July 21-28, 2015 including MacBreak Weekly, Security Now, The New Screen Savers, and This Week in Tech, the most popular shows. Interestingly, this new promo billboard strategy was not extended to the less popular shows such as This Week in Google or the ones that FMCP hosts.

Hilton Goring could not be reached for comment about the possibility of cutting his on-screen hours.
Hilton Goring could not be reached for comment about the possibility of cutting his on-screen hours.
It appears that’s the case now, and Leo Laporte may have to actually use some of his money from the business to pay for something business-related for once. That leads up to where we are now. The “million-dollar studio” that he built may soon be mostly used for audio podcasts, and when he’s out on his ass, he may not have to set up as much equipment in his new church.

We would also assume this means less work and possibly fewer hours for Technical Directors, since they will only need to mix audio.

If live video stays around, you can watch recordings for the last 2 weeks (as of the time of this posting) on our DVR feature of the website. We hope we will not be crushed by the additional bandwidth required to serve TWiT’s loyal sycophants when Leo no longer foots the bill.

So did his influence and host talent.
So did his influence and host talent.

You can join us in our chat room at any time to discuss the faltering TWiT network without the censorship of #twitlive.

Thou Shall Not Lie

I didn't eat the cookie I promise. (I took the cookie.)
I didn’t eat the cookie I promise. (I took the cookie.)

This site has pointed out some of the classic lies told by a man we feel has abandoned the truth for big houses, big vacations and big cars. However, to prove our point, some times we have to grab a video of him saying one thing and then juxtapose it with a video of him saying the opposite. Other times we just point out his promises of things that never happened.

A favorite of ours is when he contradicts himself within the same sentence. i.e. “We do offer equity, right now it’s a sole proprietership so I can’t give people shares, uh ah but at some point soon we are gonna convert it so that….” Idiot, you do not offer equity. This is not complicated Boolean logic.

When watching the video below, try and get inside his head to see why/how this stuff comes out of his mouth. His instinct is to tell people what he wants them to hear and the truth is like an impediment in his way.

“Who do we have? A great Triangulation tomorrow, we have a substitute but it’s exciting.”
[So you don’t know who is on, but it is exciting?]
[Looooong pause as they look it up]
“Ah that’s what it was, the guy who created Apple.”
[No Leo, he passed on]
“Newton. The Newton.”
[No Leo, not him either]
“He was the “Newton marketing guy.”
[That’s it]
“And Lively’s good.”
[OK Leo likes Lively, but he follows it with]
“What is Lively? That’s familiar.”
[and then a lie]
“I like Lively.”
[and truth]
“What is lively?”
[Looooong pause as they look it up]
“So he is rich. He…”

Fair Use Doctrine: (Such as TWiT.TV rebroadcast of Apple Events) In its most general sense, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. In other words, fair use is a defense against a claim of copyright infringement. If your use qualifies as a fair use, then it would not be considered an illegal infringement…

Editors Note: We saw everything with JCD and will work that story but if you think you caught something feel free to let us know.


guest-submission3The screenshot below was submitted by a fan without comment. I am not sure if the comment was lost or what happened. Our IT department is on it. I personally don’t see the relevance of this tweet but I will post it.

A great CEO, tough but fair.
A great CEO, tough but fair.

UPDATE: Accusations that this was a photoshop mounted, so I will include a link.

Where’s Iyaz?

I have a question: Why has Iyaz never been invited back on TWiT?

He was a nice guy.
He was a nice guy. This pic was obviously photo-shopped.

Leo has told the fans that sometimes they take things too much to heart. Fans need to understand this is a business he is running.
For example: Not rehiring Tom Merritt, cancelling Amber and Dickie D et al, poaching Chad from Brian then subsequently firing Chad. Again, TWiT is a business and in business, decisions need to be made and sometimes difficult decisions. They are not personal.

I wonder why it doesn’t work the other way.

Sarah Lane was too busy to comment
Sarah Lane was too busy to comment

I wonder why Iyaz quitting was such a crime that it really set Leo off. #Soup made many comments about it, usually without naming names but we knew who he meant. So why is every Tom, Dick and Lyndsey from CNeT a frequent guest of TWiT, barring one Iyaz Akhtar. I Wonder.

Bye Bye Brickhouse

A commenter on the last post asked…

"I thought he isn’t staying once the lease is up anyway, why is he so bitter towards new tenant?"
How much for the rafters?
$80 for the mic stand, do i hear $85? OK $85 from Scooter do I hear $90? $85 going once…..

My diagnosis is that he is coming to grips with reality. The last four years were an important time for TWiT.  As Lisa alluded to in her CEO blog, it was about metaphorically growing twit to fit the brickhouse. They were launching new shows and trying to build a network. They failed.

(L to R) CEO/Wife Lisa Kentzel, Founder Leo Laporte, Malformed creature Ozzie

Now the millions of greenbacks put into the rented brickhouse are gone. They got 4 or 5 years out of that money. Due to bad decisions they lost all talent. Elgin has launched zero shows. Megan has no time to launch a show. Each show Padre has launched would be cancelled if not for the free labor cost. Thank god for Gazelle because they don’t even entertain new show ideas anymore after the TNSS disaster.
An expensive video show for a podcast network, sheesh.

The new people have not had one new show and are struggling to maintain the foundation from crumbling. Leo is well aware that when the next phase comes it will be about squeezing everything he can out of what is left of twit and not growth.

123 in tech can not be good
123 in tech can not be good

The next studio will be smaller. They will retain Jason for AAA and editing with one other editor and one IT guy. Everyone else will have to be let go. TNT will end and Padre will begin his sabbatical. They will cut more costs and try and preserve revenue from the people not updating RSS feeds in iTunes and Stitcher. The days when shows brought viewers to other shows is turning into days where defections cause defections on other programs.

Getting back to the original question of the commenter, Leo knows when the brickhouse closes the final chapter begins. He would probably rather pay high rent for another year or two than admit the truth. This is a sad time and calls for a classic sad video.

Why You Should Advertise With TWiT

Total Drama is not afraid of our community and if we have something positive to say about TWiT we say it. Do not adjust your monitor. Buying ads on TWiT is a good business decision and here is why…

God don't lie.
God don’t lie.

If your company is looking for an edge and you’re thinking  about advertising on TV or radio—think again. When you pay for an ad in old media you don’t get anything close to what you get if you advertise on the TWiT network. Most companies in old media are bogged down with “standards and practices” and  even cumbersome “morality,” but not everyone has this dilemma. When you buy an ad with TWiT you don’t just buy a commercial, you buy the man: the news and the content. It’s all included for one low, low price. Any broadcaster can simply endorse a product, but I challenge you to find one network that loooooooooooves the sponsors like TWiT does; on and on they go.

You should borrow money and not from a bank
You should borrow money and not from a bank

They will clarify to the imbecilic fans that it’s real opinion which they are spewing and not just an ad. They accomplish this by mandating that every advertiser receives one personal anecdote per ad, whenever possible. For example: Leo’s son and his Casper mattress, Padre recalling the days when he was hiring tons of employees. With Zip Recruiter it’s so easy. Mike and his (really super easy) Blue Apron meals. Has an actual policy been instituted ensuring that they all prostitute themselves and their lives into the ads with these honest tales? They will never just read an ad, all employees will use and love the products.

There’s another gem included in the ad package: Most every unsuspecting guest on their shows will be thrust under the spotlight and asked to chip in to the ad with a story of their own. They will literally put guests on the spot—live—for the sponsor. And fret not about the listeners, ads can take up to eight minutes—it’s all o.k. But you get even more than that, you can become the content, too!

Trust is bond between me and Leo
Trust is a bond between me and Leo, trust me on this.

Remember when Ford was a sponsor? Every other week Leo would talk about Allan Mullalay (his great friend) and quote him and talk about Ford in technology. Yes, he recites his disclaimer but then proceeds to give Ford air time on Premier and TWiT as coverage. Now that Ford is no longer a sponsor they have become just another irrelevant car company? And remember Carbonite? At least once a week a “Tech Guy” caller would serendipitously get through to tell a story about his woes of not backing-up and (disclaimer they’re a sponsor) #Soup would mention Carbonite. Does no one need to back up anymore?

If you’re a really big sponsor you may even be interviewed on “Triangulation.”

I loooooooooove this company
I loooooooooove this company

{Prosper and Harry’s shaving stuff are Silicon Valley companies} you get stuff like that said if you advertise with TWiT, they’ll say anything. They blur the line between content and paid commercial all the time. ‘Smooth transitions’ they call the blur. As the CEO of a sponsoring company, you also get to be a good friend of Leo; Lynda, Joe and Steve from ITP, Bill Harris, the great guys from Warber Parky, Carbonite founder etc etc etc etc. The fans eat that shit up. They will whore it all for you, if you buy ads..

I don't lie.
Do I look like a liar?

Do you want an endorsement from Kevin Rose for Legal Zoom or from Amber MacArthur for Freshbooks? No problemo, he will throw that in free and you don’t have to pay them. Do you want the hosts to love and use your product? Easy, it’s part of every host’s job description, they have to use them. They’ll make wills, they’ll eat NatureBox nuts, they’ll install doorbells, they’ll do anything. And it’s legit, they really, really looooooove it all. Leave your dignity at the door please.

Technology maven and sponsor
Technology maven and sponsor

One employee dared to have an opinion against a sponsor and he no longer works at TWiT. Presently, all employees shave with Harry’s, all of them, they love it. And don’t worry, even if it’s old salami and a cracker for your pet (delivered once a month by barkbox) Ozzie the putrid pooch will love it. That’s right, Ozzie’s endorsement is for sale too. Oh, and if you want the ultimate sellout, we have one pitch man in a priest outfit telling you how great ProXpn is and how everyone loves it. TWiT has never hired anyone with Zip Recruiter, ever, never ever. But who cares? They list a job there so they can say to the catatonic fan base that they use Ziprecruiter. Would it kill them to just do the ad without the misrepresentations? BUT ALAS, I LOVE IT. Barbados vacation, here I come.

Did you ever wonder why they don’t prerecord ads? Think about it and you’ll know why sponsors prefer live. It’s all for sale if you got money. So call or e-mail TWiT and place an ad today!

Note* Paul Thurott doesn’t put up with this shit and will not be a part of the shenanigans. [Per commentor except audible]
Note* Much of this sponsor story was based on other stories found here and here.

Note* I have no problems with ad reads or advertising in general. It is easily and often done with integrity.

Leo Laporte Complains About His Phone Heating Up While He Watches Pornos

We feel really bad for Paul Thurrott and Mary J. Foley for having to listen to Soup talk about his porn-watching habits during their show. They’re both respectable journalists (Paul more than Mary), and they have to sit through this piece of shit’s interruptions every single week just to try to disseminate a tiny bit of news and information. The show is better every single time he goes on vacation, even if FMCP is hosting.

If you want to hear Paul weekly without having to sit through the porn-obsessed Leo Laporte’s ramblings and stupidity (the man couldn’t even figure out creating a Windows installation USB stick even with Paul’s help), check out What The Tech on Andrew Zarian’s network, GFQ. GFQ has a live stream that’s just as good during the shows, and Paul and Andrew have an aftershow you can watch live (free) or download later (donation through Patreon).

Thanks to commenter DramaDude for pointing out this clip to us.

Please keep the suggestions and story tips coming as we value reader input. Thank you! You can also join us in our chat room at any time.