Thou Shall Not Lie

I didn't eat the cookie I promise. (I took the cookie.)
I didn’t eat the cookie I promise. (I took the cookie.)

This site has pointed out some of the classic lies told by a man we feel has abandoned the truth for big houses, big vacations and big cars. However, to prove our point, some times we have to grab a video of him saying one thing and then juxtapose it with a video of him saying the opposite. Other times we just point out his promises of things that never happened.

A favorite of ours is when he contradicts himself within the same sentence. i.e. “We do offer equity, right now it’s a sole proprietership so I can’t give people shares, uh ah but at some point soon we are gonna convert it so that….” Idiot, you do not offer equity. This is not complicated Boolean logic.

When watching the video below, try and get inside his head to see why/how this stuff comes out of his mouth. His instinct is to tell people what he wants them to hear and the truth is like an impediment in his way.

“Who do we have? A great Triangulation tomorrow, we have a substitute but it’s exciting.”
[So you don’t know who is on, but it is exciting?]
[Looooong pause as they look it up]
“Ah that’s what it was, the guy who created Apple.”
[No Leo, he passed on]
“Newton. The Newton.”
[No Leo, not him either]
“He was the “Newton marketing guy.”
[That’s it]
“And Lively’s good.”
[OK Leo likes Lively, but he follows it with]
“What is Lively? That’s familiar.”
[and then a lie]
“I like Lively.”
[and truth]
“What is lively?”
[Looooong pause as they look it up]
“So he is rich. He…”

Fair Use Doctrine: (Such as TWiT.TV rebroadcast of Apple Events) In its most general sense, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. In other words, fair use is a defense against a claim of copyright infringement. If your use qualifies as a fair use, then it would not be considered an illegal infringement…

Editors Note: We saw everything with JCD and will work that story but if you think you caught something feel free to let us know.

17 thoughts on “Thou Shall Not Lie”

  1. I was/still pissed..He said earlier durring the end of TTG “JCD will be on next week” so I skipped it..then I tuned in later at the end, and John was there..WTF>>>!!!

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  2. To JCD: “We were worried you might think you were on this week”. What does that tell you about how TWIT is being run?

    Bonus: Leo stuffs his face during the opening of TWIT.

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  3. Seen that fat cunt bullshit his way through the video clip above the other day. What a douch bag

    It’s funny he’s been doing this for years we sort of laughed it off saying to ourselves “that’s just Leo” , but just like an annoying fat perverted uncle you start calling him out on his bullshit and behavior.
    He has no clue when he lies anymore, it just spews out of him without hesitation ,
    But as life is Karma will come back to bite him in his fat ass , listening to him complain about his hearing loss today made me smile 😉
    For a man 2 years junior myself he’s certainly has a long list of ailments , again I smile 🙂

    My weekly Leo salutations: since the real Leo secretly sneaks into TD everyday to read what’s written about him.

    Fuck you !! You fat arrogant cunt,

    Leo continues to eat shit on air asking “this can’t be bad for me can it Dr.Mom?”
    What a dumb fuck, he knows it is..

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  4. If you all hate him so much STOP WATCHING YOU STUPID MISERABLE FUCKS. You spend time bitching and moaning about a free service you get. You people are fucking pathetic.

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  5. I spotted a few things with JCD like his annoyance with Leo going on about Dvorak smelling Leo’s “mother.” Also JCD discussed things like the Pear Network that seemed to have befuddled the other guests who did not seem to know anything about private channels and begged off to talk about phones. I am sure there were more subtle things. Not sure why he is doing the show at all since he appears not to give a crap about phones and wrist bands.

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    1. Phones were an relevant topic of conversation on a weekly tech show maybe five years ago, certainly not now. Leo can talk about phones because buying a new phone every few weeks is the extent of his tech awareness. He’s more interested in ham sandwiches.

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